DUBAI - Hunt on for Marina murder suspects

Amira Agarib/Dubai
Filed on May 11, 2016 | Last updated on May 11, 2016 at 08.15 am

Victim was shot seven times using two weapons

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Two suspects in the May 4 Dubai Marina murder case are still on the run, a top official has told the Federal National Council (FNC) meeting.
Speaking at the FNC meeting in Abu Dhabi, Major-General Khamis Matar Al Mazeina, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, said that the victim - an Iranian with a Turkish passport - was shot seven times using two separate firearms made in Russia and Austria.
The Dubai Police are still on the hunt for the suspects - two Asians with Canadian passports - who were believed to have fled to Canada.
Meanwhile, two others - who allegedly provided logistics help - are in the police custody and have been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution.
The two suspects managed to flee the country before they were identified by the authorities.
Al Mazeina added that the Ministry of the Interior has collected necessary evidences and will present them to Canadian authorities so that they can take action.
Khaleej Times has learned that police were informed about the murder on May 4. The incident occurred in the Al Fairooz building of Dubai Marina.
The police immediately rushed to the scene, where they found a bullet-riddled car with the engine on, as well as the body of the Turkish victyim identified as 50-year old S.K., who was shot in the head, chest and hand.
The police investigation showed that the culprits planned the murder, and ensured that nobody was in the parking lot when they shot him.
A resident - S.A. - said that a security guard at the building came to the parking lot at 3:30am and spotted the victim bleeding heavily and losing consciousness.
He also noted that shell casing were on the floor, and said that the victim has a trading company in Souq Mushed in Dubai and was studying business.
Khaleej Times has also learned that the victim has been involved in drug cases and had a dispute with the suspects.


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