Indian PM Modi mocked over Kerala-Somalia comparison

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he prepares to address an election rally of Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)supporters at The YMCA Grounds in Chennai on May 6, 2016, ahead of voting in state assembly elections in the southern Indian state of Tamil NaduImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comparison of southern Kerala state with Somalia has angered politicians and social media users.
Mr Modi on Sunday said at an election rally that the "infant mortality rate among the scheduled tribe community in Kerala is worse than Somalia".
Twitter users have responded with hashtag #PoMoneModi (Go Off Modi) and Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said Mr Modi's remarks were "baseless".
The state will vote on 16 May.
Mr Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been trying to get a foothold in the state which has been traditionally ruled by either the Congress or a coalition of left parties.
But his recent statement to win Kerala's voters seems to have backfired.
Somalia has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition and infant mortality in the world, while Kerala state has lowest infant mortality rates in India. Scheduled tribes are among India's most underprivileged citizens.
Mr Chandy on Tuesday wrote a letter to Mr Modi and sought an apology from him.
"You made statements that had nothing to do with reality and likened Kerala to Somalia. This is unbecoming of a prime minister and has created a great deal of agony," Mr Chandy wrote.
And on Wednesday, #PoMoneModi became one of the top trending topics on Twitter with people using memes, cartoons and jokes to express their anger.
CartoonImage copyrightBANDHU PRASAD
As a Keralite, With due respect, I am saying being an elected PM, it was really disgraceful to cmpare Kerala with Somalia 😞😞Image copyrightPIYU NAIR
Don't make #PoMoneModi hashtag viral bcos modi will take it as a challenge and he will go fr an another tour 😜Image copyrightJITHIN GEORGE
Modi ji next time prepare well before u come to kerala #PoMoneModiImage copyrightANVARKA
Keralites have a very high self esteem. Modiji has swayed away most of the neutral voters with his irresponsible statements.Image copyrightSAJITH NAIR
We have nothing against Somalia. We only say #PoMoneModi to show our anger against the wrong portrayal of Kerala.Image copyrightJAY AMBADI
Meanwhile, some users urged people to use their anger during the voting day and not insult Somalia in their tweets.
Every Malayali indignant about the somalia remark,vote your opinion, that's how Kerala has always answered! #PoMoneModiImage copyrightPHILIP MATHEN
Please make sure you don't demean people of Somalia or make fun of Somalia while condemning the statement of our PM. #PoMoneModiImage copyrightAAKASH CHANDRAN
And some others defended Mr Modi.
Sorry, did I hear you saying #PoMoneModi when he brought nurses back or visited temple tragedy victimsImage copyrightA RICHA
Image captionThis tweet praises Mr Modi's visit to the state immediately after a fire accident in a temple killed more than 100 people

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