KDF ranked eleventh most powerful military in Africa

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– Kenya military is the most powerful in East Africa, according to Global Firepower
– KDF are the eleventh most powerful in Africa and 75 in the world
– This is a slight dropped from a previous ranking that placed Kenya at number six in Africa and 68 globally
Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have been ranked among the most powerful military forces in Africa.
According to Global Firepower 2016 ranking, KDF are the eleventh most powerful in the continent and 75 in the world in terms of manpower, equipment and resources.
“Going beyond equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military. War of attrition favour those with more,” the report reads.
Global Firepower states that Kenya has about 24,150 active front line personnel and 5,000 active reserve personnel. 12.5 million Kenyans are fit to serve in the military as 840,000 people reach military age annually.
KDF ranked eleventh most powerful military in Africa
Kenya Defence Forces recruits undertaking Assault course training at the Recruits Training School, Eldoret. Image: MOD
Kenya army is said to have 76 battle tanks, 591 armoured fighting vehicles, 30 self-propelled guns and 25 towed artillery.
The air force has a total of 132 aircraft; 17 fighter jets, 62 helicopters, 17 fixed-wing attack aircraft, 41 transport aircraft and 33 trainer planes.
KDF ranked eleventh most powerful military in Africa
A KDF fighter jet on a mission. Image: KDF
Kenya also has 6 coastal defense crafts for the navy.
However, KDF has slightly dropped in the list of most power military both in the continent and globally. An earlier report by Global Firepower placed Kenya at number six in Africa and 68 in the world.
Countries ranked more powerful than Kenya in the listed 30 African nations are: Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa.
Others are: Angola, Morocco, Sudan, Libya and Democratic Republic of Congo.
Uganda, the second most powerful military force in East Africa, is at position 16 immediately followed by Tanzania at 17.


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