Couple stuck on each other for eight hours before police arrive

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– Police were forced to teargas a crowd that had gathered to view a couple stuck on each other
– This was after a blogger posted that a senior Kilifi county officer was having an affair with another woman
– The crowd had gathered for eight hours before the blogger posted that it had been a hoax to expose Kilifi’s development lag
A blogger exposed Kilifi residents for their love of gossip after he posted an online hoax that led to the tear gassing of the same people.
Samir Nyundo, the blogger, posted that a senior Kilifi county officer had been bewitched to get stuck in a woman with whom he was engaging in with illicit sexual affairs.
“One of the county chief officers ameshikwa na ‘tego’ akila uroda na bibi ya mwenyewe, Mganga ameitwa saa hii (one of the county government chief officers was found stuck having a sexual affair with somebody’s wife. A witch doctor has been called now),” the read post.
According to the Star, the story went viral and made a crowd gather at the location Nyundo had saif the pair were on Thursday, June 9, 2016.
In their excitement to witness the spectacle, the crowd got out of hand forcing police to disperse the crowd which had camped outside the house for eight hours.
The police, however, did not find anyone in the said house after a thorough search.
Nyundo then went back to his blog after much speculation and prodding from curious people to post the truth about what had occurred.
“I have noted that people in Kilifi are not pro-development. Since morning I have received over 200 inboxes asking about this sex thing,“ When a constructive debate is going on everyone keeps off, but if it is a non-issue like this, they all run to witness it. Kilifi haitaendelea hata kwa dawa(Kilifi will never develop),” he posted as quoted in the Star.
Witchcraft in Kenya has been one for tales.
Practitioners of the dark magic are known to advertise their services on every lamp post or blank wall offering services such as finding lost love, enlarging men’s reproductive organs, assist those seeking jobs and money and so forth.
Some of their clientele include politicians seeking power, wealthy people seeking more money and protection for what they already have, and the most popular, jilted lovers.
The government had at one time planned to tax them but the plan was shelved due to the nature of their mysterious locations as well as inability to get them to consistently pay tax.
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