Kenyan girl accidentally sends her naked photos to a church whatsapp group Gossip Blogger Yesterday 33042
– A Kenyan girl has become the subject of ridicule after she accidentally sent her naked photos to her church’s whatsapp group
– After realising her mistake the girl wrote an apology and explained that her friend who was using her phone had sent the photos to the prayer cell 
Ooops! Wrong text.
You remember Ocholla? Bro Ocholla? The guy who sent a sexually explicit message to his church’s Whatsapp group?  Now, Ocholla has a female equivalent.
Her flimsy attempts to explain that a malicious neighbor borrowed her phone and sent to the photos to the church group were frowned upon. Why was she taking naked photos of herself to begin with?
The girl who was identified as Christina is part of a prayer cell  in Embakasi. A group where participants pray together as part of an extension from their church.
If you remember correctly, it was from Embakasi that we first saw Ocholla send and racy text means for a third party to his church group. In later deliberations, it was revealed that he was texting his wife.  Or we were made to believe so.
Bro Ocholla was apparently in a not so brotherly conversation with one of his contacts and the text unfortunately landed in the church group.
“You seem to love my voice. This voice will whisper asking how you are feeling when you will be having your **** at cloud nine,” Bro Ocholla’s message reads.
One of the members then took a screenshot of the conversation and shared it with the world subsequently sparking a debate on social media on Tuesday, October 27.
On Wednesday, June 1, a man from Nyandarua leaked his sex tape after alleging that his partner was lazy in bed.  He shot into sudden infamy despite threats from his ex-lover who vowed to take him to court for exposing her indecently.
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