Saudi - 33 spies working for Iran and Israel held

Among those arrested are 30 Saudis, an Iranian, Afghan and a Jordanian. (SPA)
JEDDAH: Saudi intelligence authorities have arrested 33 spies with links to Iran and Israel in the last three years and referred them to investigation and judicial authorities.
Among those arrested are 30 Saudis, an Iranian, Afghan and a Jordanian, a local publication reported.
The Jordanian was found to be working for Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency while the others were in touch with Iran’s SAVAK (Organization of Intelligence and National Security).
The spies were providing sensitive information to their handlers in Iran and Israel in exchange of money, the report said, adding that some of them had received training to achieve their goals. 
According to the report, the spies communicated with senior officials in Iran and Israel. It was also proved that the Jordanian was communicating with the Israeli prime minister while the others had met Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh sent the Jordanian to nine years of imprisonment, following which he will be deported.
The other suspects are being tried by the Specialized Criminal Court.


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