Ghanaian app that has made going to church easy

Julia Majale 4 hours ago 2527
– A team in Ghana has developed an application which ‘goes to church’ on your behalf.
– The app connects people with their churches digitally, one can watch live church service, download preaching sermons and even pay tithe.
– The app Asoriba can be downloaded on android smartphones has signed up over 381 churches in Ghana
With the digital world, comes some crazy some crazy innovations in this case touching on Godly matters.
There are so many applications on religions, devotions, sermons and all, but this new app trounces all the others.
If you don’t feel like going to church or fail to make it to church, you do not need a television set, just use your phone.
The Asoriba app available on Android phones goes to church literally for you , whether you want to watch the pastor’s sermon, or get the bible readings or pay your offerings you can do all that through the app.
You can as well tithe using the application.
Ghanaian app that has made going to church easy
An interface of the Asoriba app created in Ghana
Talk of innovation, in the world where everyone is busy, going to church is proving a hassle and innovators are coming up with to ways to make your life easier.
Asoriba which means ‘church member’ in a local Ghanaian language has already signed up over 380 churches in a country which has around 700 Christian sects according to the World Christian Database.
The innovators tapped into the market due to the many churchgoers in the country.
Ghanaian app that has made going to church easy
The Ghanaian team behind Asoriba app
The app users say it’s very convenient for them especially when paying tithes and making donations.It has been embraced by young churchgoers who see the convenience it offers. They can connect with the church without being there physically. The app which can be personalized to a church or minister will soon be available in  an iOS version for those without android phones.


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