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Raila tells Ababu Namwamba to respect the party or leave

Edward Chweya 3 hours ago 15417
– The ODM Central Committee met Wednesday, June 29, to discuss the grievances raised by Ababu Namwamba
– At the committee chaired by Raila Odinga, Ababu was given a two-week ultimatum to table his grievances or quit the party
– Raila expressed his displeasure at the media outburst Ababu and his colleagues made two weeks ago
– He read out the Riot Act to the secretary general and told him he is free to leave if he cant follow the procedures
– Raila also castigated Ababu for missing key party events notably the anti-IEBC demos
Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has given embattled Budalangi MP and the party’s Secretary General Ababu Namwamba two weeks to mend his mess or leave the party.
Sources privy to the party’s Central Committee meeting that took place on Wednesday, June 29, at Orange House indicate that Raila took issue with the media outburst by Ababu, party deputy chairman Paul Otwoma and a number of other leaders from Western Kenya.
The opposition leader took Ababu to task to explain why he chose to address the media when he felt aggrieved and sidelined in the party instead of following the laid down procedures which include presenting his grievances to the committee.
Raila tells Ababu Namwamba to respect the party or leave
Ababu Namwamba chats with Raila Odinga before addressing the media following a meeting of the ODM Central Committee. Raila told Ababu to mend his mess in two weeks or leave the party. Photo: Raila Odinga/Facebook.
Raila also blasted the secretary general for his continued absence from the party affairs, notably the anti-IEBC protests and the media briefings when businessman Jacob Juma was murdered.
Efforts by Ababu to reach out to Raila in person and hand in his grievances proved futile as the former prime minister gave him and his rebel MPs a two-week ultimatum to put them together and present them in the next meeting or just quit the party.
This was followed by Raila reading out a Riot Act to the legislators in a bid to remind them the stipulated measures to be taken should they not follow the right procedures.
However, Raila also acknowledged that Ababu’s grievances are genuine and should be looked into and solved amicably.
He then allowed him to address the media after the five-hour meeting.
Two weeks ago, Ababu and nine other Western Kenya MPs called a press conference and threatened to look for another option should the sidelining continue in the ODM.
The legislators castigated Raila and party Chairman John Mbadi for ignoring them during their visits to Western Kenya, something they said they did not take lightly.
“As ODM leaders from Western Kenya, we reject the persistent habit in our party to treat us as second rate members. Certain forces within ODM have formed this habit of bullying, intimidating and wrongly profiling us for no good reason,” the statement read in part.
Raila tells Ababu Namwamba to respect the party or leave
Ababu Namwamba addresses the media after attending the ODM Central Committee meeting that was deliberating his recent fallout with the party leaders. Ababu was told to mend the mess or quit. Photo: Raila Odinga/Facebook.
“Only last weekend the party leader was in Kakamega and Vihiga without notifying area MPs Wilbur Ottichilo and Chris Omulele. Last month the chairman was in Khwisero purportedly unveiling the party branch leadership without the area MP Andola. We do not take this disrespect kindly,” they said further.
A section of the ODM has accused Ababu of going to bed with the Jubilee coalition and planning to ditch the opposition ahead of the 2017 polls.
However, he has denied the claims saying he is in ODM to stay.
Raila had early only defended Ababu in a rally in Busia by saying he still remains ODM’s secretary general despite attempts to oust him.
Meanwhile, former Lugari MP Justus Kizito has urged Ababu and his colleagues to leave ODM and join Jubilee.
Kizito said that the writing is on the wall that ODM does not want leaders from the Luhya community and went on to cite the cases of Musalia Mudavadi and DP William Ruto.
“Ababu and Otuoma ought to have known by now that ODM leader Raila Odinga does not have any respect for Luhya leaders and this started way back with the late Wamalwa Kijana,” Kizito said as quoted by Star.
Image: Raila Odinga/Facebook

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

192kgs and only 10 years old: Meet world's most obese boy

Curated by Sarakshi Rai
Filed on June 29, 2016

(Wartakota tribune news facebook)

He eats five meals a day consisting of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and a traditional soy patty which alone is enough to feed two adults.

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A ten-year-old boy from an obscure Indonesian village in the West Java province now, sadly, has the distinction of being the world's fattest boy.
Arya Permana, has been put on an emergency diet of brown rice by his parents after doctors warned that his extreme obesity is life-threatening.
Due to his weight, he can only walk a few steps before he is breathless, because of which he has stopped attending school. He is clothed in only a sarong as his parents can no longer find clothes that fit him. 
According to local reports, he eats five meals a day consisting of rice, fish, beef, vegetable soup and a traditional soy patty which alone is enough to feed two adults.
When Arya was born, he weighed a normal 3.2kg and it was only after he turned two that his weight gained increased to an abnormal amount.
According to the Daily Mail, his parents, Rokayah and Ade, took Arya to several doctors in their village in Cipurwasari in West Java, Indonesia, but the doctors did not find anything abnormal about his alarming weight. 
During Ramadan, Arya has been fasting for the first half of each day like many children his age. His attempts to fast until sunset were abandoned early in the holy month when he started experiencing stomach pains, reported the Telegraph.
Childhood obesity is now a major problem, according to health experts. An Australian study shows that many parents do not realise when their kids are overweight, thus fail to prevent obesity, and find hard to shed some excess pounds.

Husband pushed his wife aside to escape from a sinking ship. The reason will bring you into tears

Loise.Wepukhulu 3 hours ago 9814
Husband pushed his wife aside to escape from a sinking ship. The reason will bring you into tears
A teacher told her class the story about a cruise ship which had a sea accident.
“There was one couple on that ship that managed to reach a lifeboat, but unfortunately there was a room for one person only. Then, the man pushed his wife aside and jumped into the boat. The woman shouted him one sentence before her death.”
Husband pushed his wife aside to escape from a sinking ship. The reason will bring you into tears
The teacher stopped and asked, “How do you think what she shouted him?”
Most of the students readily answered, “I hate you!” or “I was so blind!”
The teacher noticed a boy who didn’t say a word all that time.
“And what do you think about this?”
“I believe she said, “Take care of our child!”
The teacher was surprised, “Do you know this story?”
“No, but that was what my mom told my dad before she died,” answered the boy.
The teacher hoped nobody saw that her eyes got wet. “You’re right.”
So, the ship sank. The man got home and brought up their daughter alone. Many years later after the death of her father, the girl found his diary while sorting his stuff, and read the following record:
“When we went for our journey, she had a severe illness. She didn’t have much time. I would have gladly sunk instead of her, but for the sake of our daughter I had to live. I could only leave her alone in the middle of the ocean.”
The story was over, and the class was silent.
The teacher knew that the students were deeply touched by the story and understood that right doesn’t always mean good, and bad doesn’t always mean betrayal. This is why you shouldn’t tell a book by its cover, as there may be much you don’t know about.

Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped

Abdikarim Hussein 3 hours ago 18715
Ruthless thugs gang rape woman and urinate in husband’s mouth
– 12 thugs armed with rungus attacked a home in Kakamega and raped a woman as her husband watched 
– The thugs also stole valuables from the family 
– The merciless thugs also urinated on the man’s mouth before taking off with their loot
A group of 12 vicious thugs on Tuesday, June 28, attacked a couple in their home in Kakamega County gang raping the woman as her husband watched.
The gang armed with rungus forced themselves into the home and tied up the husband then forced him to watch as they raped his wife in turns.
“They forced me to watch as they raped my wife in turns until she was gasping for breath,
“It was a horrible sight, seeing the men rough up my wife and rape her,” the man is quoted by the Standard.
Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped
A group 12 thugs raped a woman and urinated in the mouth of the husband.
The man said the thugs demanded  KSh 300,000 or they would kill him and his wife if they did not surrender the money.
“They claimed to have been sent to collect the cash from me but the robbers could not spare us of the agony we went through despite stealing KSh52, 000 we had kept in the house,” the man said.
Kakamega man's life in danger after wife is gang raped
The thugs numbering 12 were armed with rungus and forced the man to watch as they raped his wife in turns.
According to the Standard report, the thugs forced the man to open wide his mouth as they urinated on him forcing him to drink the disgusting stuff.
“They forced me to swallow the urine and told my wife to start licking my manhood after which they hit me hard with a blunt object in my genitals and fled immediately,” the shaken man said.
The man said his family now fears to stay in the area and are now planning to leave as it will haunt them.
The area police commander Louis Ronoh said investigations have started in finding culprits behind the vicious act.
Cover photo: Pakistan Today

.Angry woman beats, strips husband's mistress in public

Julia Majale 2 hours ago 12137
– A video of a woman beating up her alleged husbands’ mistress has gone viral
– The video shows the middle aged woman and her friends shouting and hitting the mistress 
– The alleged mistress can be heard screaming on the floor with part of her top torn off
A Chinese woman has beeen caught on camera beating up another woman in public with the help of her friends
In the video the women shout and beat up the other woman who is believed to be her husband’s side dish.
Angry woman beats, strips husband's mistress in public
The friends claim the alleged mistress was spotted with the woman’s husband as reported by Daily Mail
Onlookers watch from the side walks with a few barely trying to help.
The top of the alleged mistress on the floor appears torn as the angry woman pulls her hair slapping and kicking her to the floor.
Scroll down to watch video
Angry woman beats, strips husband's mistress in public
Moments later, an elderly woman steps in attempting to rescue the poor woman but is quickly shoved aside.
The scorned woman with her friends then continue shouting and hitting her on the head before trying to get off her clothes.
Angry woman beats, strips husband's mistress in publicThe woman can be seen, seated in a foetal position with her back facing the camera struggling to cover herself while crying.
Several people have commented on the video saying the woman’s anger was misdirected. Some faulting her action urging her to instead deal with the philandering husband.
Angry woman beats, strips husband's mistress in public
Women are known to go to crazy lengths when their relationships get threatened.

Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya oo daah-furay Barnaamijka Qorshaha Horumarinta Qaranka

Muqdisho (RBC Radio) Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya, Mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa maanta daah-furay Barnaamijka Qorshaha Horumarinta Qaranka (National Development Plan), kaas oo noqonayaa midkii ugu horeeyay ee ay Soomaaliya yeelato muddo haatan laga joogo 30 sanno.
“Waa maalin taariikhi ah inaan maanta daah-furno barnaamijkan muhiimka ah. Tani waxay muujineysaa in dowladnimadeena ay xoogsaneyso. Dalna ma shaqeyn karo haddii uusan lahayn qorshe cad oo qeexaya hawlaha uu qabanayo. Sidaad la socotaan xilligiii ay dowladdan xafiiska timid waxaa mar walba ka go’nayd inay sameyso qorshe lagu hawlgalo, inagoo ka bilowney miisaaniyaad ku meel gaar ah oo aan dejinay dhammaadkii 2012-ka’’.
Madaxweynaha ayaa sheegay in dukumentigan kooban uu yahay dhaxal loogu talagaley jiilka hadda jooga iyo kuwa soo socda, sidaa darteedna loo baahan yahay in wax walba oo ku jira si taxaddar leh loo fuliyo.
“Soomaaliya baahiyo badan ayay leedahay oo ay tahay inay buuxiso. Kaabeyaasheena dhaqaalaha iyo adeegyada kale oo dhan ayaa u baahan in si hufan loo dhiso. Barnaamijkan waxaa lagu jaangooyay baahida maanta ee jirta, waxaana lagu beegay waqtigii ugu habboonaa. Si tartiib tartiib ah ayaan ula jaanqaadi doona hadba sida ay baahiyada u kala muhiimsan yihiin’’.
Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa sheegay in si barnaamijkan uu dhaqangal u noqdo loo baahan yahay in la helo hannaan lagu qiimeeyo qorshaha ku xusan, isla markaana lala yimaado isla xisaabtan iyo isa sixid.
Qorshaha Horumarinta Qaranka oo socon doona muddo 3 sanno ah ayaa waxaa soo diyaarisay Wasaaradda Qorsheynta Qaranka, waxaana arrimaha ugu waaweyn ee uu diiradda saarayo ka mid ah dhimista fakhriga, dib u habeynta kaabeyaasha dhaqaalaha, tayeynta hay’adaha dowliga , hirgelinta nidaam siyaasadeed loo dhan yahay xoojinta sharciga, garsoorka iyo amniga.
Munaasabaddan waxaa sidoo kale hadalo ka jeediyay Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Federaalka, Mudane Maxamed Cusmaan Jawaari, Ra’iisul Wasaare Cumar Cabdirashiid Sharma’arke iyo Wasiirka Qorsheynta Qaranka , Cabdiraxmaan Caynte.
RBC Radio