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Huh! Why is everybody in the party so arrogant now?

Ethiopia: The Atlanta Meeting – G7′s Lost Opportunity?

Somaliland official among three wounded in northern Somalia attack

Somalia: Al Shabaab vacated strategic districts

US Senator makes rare visit to Somalia, in semiautonomous northern region of Puntland

Afghanistan: Taliban announce spring offensive

Yemen unrest: Doubts over deal as Saleh fails to sign

Missing Iran leader Ahmadinejad under pressure from MPs

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood sets up new party

UK ambassador gives Bolivian couple a royal wedding

Uganda Besigye arrest: Call for talks to end unrest

French Football suspends official over 'race quota'

Mugabe in Rome for beatification of Pope John Paul II

Royal wedding: Official photographs

Syria: 'Six killed' in Deraa as troops seize key mosque

Nato strike 'kills Saif al-Arab Gaddafi', Libya says

Pakistan tests ballistic missile

Israel rejects Palestinian unity government with Hamas

Germany arrests three al-Qaeda suspects

Australia defence sex scandal cadets charged

Libya: Nato says Gaddafi tried to mine Misrata harbour

Uganda riots over Kizza Besigye's arrest

Djibouti profile

Djibouti profile

The question is not “Dam building” but Grave digging for Tyranny: By WEGESHAW