Wednesday, 30 June 2010

DEG DEG: Xisbiga UDUB oo Qaadacay Doorashadii Ka Dhacday Somaliland, Digniina Soo Saaray

Hargeysa (RBC) Shir jaraa’id oo ay goor dhoweyd si wadajir ah u qabteen xoghayaha guud ee xisbiga UDUB iyo gudoomiyaha ololaha ee xisbigaasi ayey kaga digeen in guddiga doorashadu uu ku dhawaaqo wax natiijo ah. Labadan masuul ee ka tirsan UDUB ayaa si kulul u sheegay inaysan ku qanci doonin natiijada doorashada haddii uu ku dhawaaqo guddigu, ka dib markiii ay ku doodeen in doorashadii Sabtida ee 26-ka June uu ku shubtay xisbiga Kulmiye ee mucaaradka ah.
Jaamac Yaasiin Faarax oo ah xoghayaha guud ee UDUB oo ka hadlay shirka jaraa’id ayaa sheegay in warqad cabasho ah ay u gudbiyeen masuuliyiinta komishanka doorashada una sheegeen in afar gobol oo ka mid ah lixda gobol ee Somaliland lagu shubtay. Waxayna goboladaasi ku sheegeen Hargeysa, Togdheer, Sool iyo Sanaag.

Somaliland’s Quest for International Recognition and the HBM-SSC Factor

Somaliland is situated in Somalia’s northwest. It declared unilateral independence from the rest of the Somali state in 1991 and has since been campaigning for international recognition. Somaliland’s functional administration is limited principally to the Western part of the former British protectorate as the Eastern part has been a disputed area between Puntland and Somaliland regional states for a good time. It is also worth to mention that a third group under the name of  HBM-SSC (Hoggaanka Badbaadada iyo Mideynta SSC) that is campaigning from a  unionist platform and whose goal is the creation of their own regional adminstration (Sool, Sanaag & Cayn) in their own land to counterbalance what they see as a domination of their homeland by alien clans- Somaliland and Puntland- has further mudded up the already murky politics of the region. See the size of the disputed area.

HBM-SSC and Puntland state share among other things the unionist platform and to some degree clan affiliations. The possibility of them ironing their difference in a short time appears to be within reach as the point of contention is limited only to the establishment of SSC (Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions) administrative region.  HBM and Somaliland have no common ground to negotiate about because of the obsession of the latter on a secessionist agenda that has a minority audience in the Somali political circles.
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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

International Encyclopedia of Islamic Caliphate

Enjoy the Book

SYL Letters

SYL Letters 16 May 2010
In the 1940s, SYL leaders addressed their grievances and plans to the Media...
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UN Envoy: Fare Thee Welll Somalia

Press Release

In a few days’ time I will end my mission in Somalia and will join UN Headquarters for other activities. I have spent nearly three years working on your country with various national, regional and international brothers and colleagues. It has been a most interesting, intense period of my professional life and has helped me to know East Africa, the Horn and your country a little better. Today I retain the same enthusiasm as on my first day about my mission.

When I arrived to begin my work I had three things in mind. To start with, I felt, and I still feel, many affinities with the Somali people as I share various aspects of your background including an understanding of camels. On a personal basis, one of my best Mauritanian friends, who was also a school mate, married a Somali when they were both students in France. Finally, from my previous experience, I knew of the terrible impact along civil war can have on people’s culture and behaviour, but also their strong desire to survive to see peace return which generates sympathy for the concerned populations. Read More

Israeli indicted in U.S. for smuggling arms to Somalia

Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry sources adamantly denied yesterday that they were in any way involved in arms shipments to Somalia.

Spokesmen for both ministries were responding to news of the arrest in the U.S. of Hanoch Miller, an Israeli arms merchant, for allegedly illegal arms sales to Somalia, forging documents, money laundering and violating the UN arms embargo on Somalia.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said there is a ban on arms sales to Somalia and Miller did not have permission to sell arms there, and even if he had asked in Israel he would not have received such permission

.Read More

Sunday, 27 June 2010

50th Somalia Independence day

The Somalis were ever they are they were united in the commomeration of 26th Jun's 50th independence day. It was marked by funfares and patriotic speechesall over the globe to an extent not seen before. The Somali Websites were over flooded with the celebrtion of 26th June  but surprisingly only foreign media devoted time to cover the self declared presidential election -
Please watch 50th Somali Independence Day in Minneapolis

Xisiga Kulmiye oo maanta ka yaabiyey shacabka Somaliland

Xisbiga Kulmiye oo ka yaabiyey shacabka Somaliland ka dib markii Laba wasiir oo ay Silaanyo xigto yihiini ay maanta iscasileen Hargeysa( labada wasiir ee Beesha Habarjeclo waxay xisbiga Kulmiye ku noqotey madfac lagu burburiyey xisbiga Kulmiye . Mid ka mida labadan wasiir ayaa laba casho kahor cidaacada BBCda u waramay isagoo sheegay in uu ku kalsoon yahay xisbiga UDUB inuu ku guulaysan doono doorashada somaliland. Hadalkii wasiirka intiinii dhagaysatey waxa uu yidhi” xisbiga UDUB waa xisbi qaran kan Kulmiyena waa xisbi qabyaaladi ka buuxdo markaa Jamuuriyada Somaliland uma baahna qabyaalad wakhtigeedii laga soo gudbay” Hadaba maxaa qaatey wasiirka ayey dadweynaha somaliland ee ku kala dhaqan gobolada dalka iyo dibaduba maanta isweydiinayeen.SII Akhri

Somaliland Administrative Regions

Somaliland administrations uses granting Adminstrative region status to undeserving places to appease the different subclans - it is the only currency the administration can use. Out of the recognised five regions the somaliland administration made 13 regions of which nearly half of them is out of its jurisdiction. The district status lost meaning to an extent that every little village of 30 people calls itself a district.
Key Region Capital Area
1 Salal Zeila n/a n/ahe
2 Awdal Borama n/a n/a
3 Gabiley Gabiley n/a n/a
4 Gaaroodi Salahley n/a n/a
5 Sahil Berbera n/a n/a
6 Odweyne Odweyne n/a n/a
7 Togdheer Burao n/a n/a
8 Cayn Buuhoodle n/a n/a
9 Sarar Caynaba n/a n/a
10 Sool Las Anod n/a n/a
11 Sanaag Erigavo n/a n/a
12 Maakhir Badhan n/a n/a
13 Hawd Baligubadle n/a n/a
14 Maroodi Jeex Hargeisa n/a n/a

Somaliland-Puntland boarder dispute(nulifies the Somaliland Election's aim)

 By the look of the size of the area engulfed by the dispute between Puntland and Somaliland one can easily see that the presidential poll which was concluded today is confined only to the western part of somaliland and as such the question of international recognition is off the table.

Friday, 25 June 2010

DEG DEG: Ciidamada Puntland oo La Wareegay Sanaadiiqda Doorashada Somaliland oo La Geeyey Degmada Hadaaftimo

Dhahar (RBC) War goor dhow naga soo gaaray degmada Hadaftimo oo ka tirsan Bariga gobolka Sanaag ayaa sheegaya in ciidamo ka tirsan kuwa gobolka oo taabacsan maamulka Puntland ay la wareegeen goob lagu hayey sanaadiiqda doorashada Somaliland oo la doonayey in berito lagu codeeyo. Qaar ka mid ah odayaasha degaanka iyo wariyaal degaanka ku sugan ayaa goor dhoweyd RBC u xaqiijiyey in ciidamada Puntland oo waa gaadiidka dagaalka oo ka soo ambabaxay degmooyinka Dhahar iyo Baran ay galabta gaareen degmada Hadaftimo oo ay joogeen qaar ka mid ah hawlwadeenada doorashada Somaliland.

Inside Story - Somaliland VS Somalia

Watch Al - Jazira

In Somalia, watching the World Cup can get you shot

NAIROBI // When Asamoah Gyan shot a penalty kick high and into the back of the net to give Ghana a 1-0 lead late in its World Cup match this month against Serbia, all of Africa let out a collective vuvuzela blast.

In Nairobi, the noise from the colourful plastic horns could be heard blaring from sports bars across the city. The final whistle blew a few minutes later and Ghana’s lead held up giving the underdog side the first African victory at the world’s largest football tournament in South Africa.

Fans from Cape Town to Cairo celebrated the success of Ghana – the only African team to win its opening match.Read More

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Somali MPs aim to change clan power-sharing law.

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A group of 176 Somali legislators is pushing for changes to the law that dictates how power is shared between the country's clans because they believe it is discriminatory, a former deputy speaker said on Tuesday.

Mohamed Omar Dalha, a member of the newly-formed Umbrella for Guidance and Rescuing the Nation, told Reuters the group would seek to abolish Article 29 of the Transitional Federal Charter that institutes a power-sharing governance structure for Somalia's clan-based politics.  Read More

Somalia: Political Reconciliation and Basic Security the Priorities for Country, New UN Envoy Says

Encouraging reconciliation between warring political groups and boosting basic public security are critical to stabilizing Somalia, the incoming United Nations envoy to the troubled Horn of Africa country said today.
Augustine Mahiga, the Secretary-General's Special Representative and the head of the UN Political Office for Somalia (UNPOS), told UN Radio that promoting reconciliation and a more inclusive political process must be a priority in a country that has not had a functioning national government in two decades.Read More

Uganda: UPDF to Leave Somalia When Peace Returns

Kampala — The Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) will leave Somalia once stability returns, the land forces commander, Lt. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, said last week.
Katumba made the remarks while receiving a batch of UPDF peace-keepers at the Entebbe International Airport.
The troops from Somalia headed to Singo military base. Wamala said they would stay there for a week before getting a pass for one-month's leave.Read More

Open Letter to H.E. Amb. Ahmed Ould-Abadallah outgoing UN Special Envoy for Somalia

As a concerned Somali-African citizen that know  you have served my people and my country well,  I take this opportunity to thank you, on behalf of the Somali intellectual community for the extraordinary role , tireless efforts and tremendous sacrifices during your tenure as United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Somalia.  The statesmanship, courage as well as determinations and indeed outstanding skills and leadership you had demonstrated in trying your very best to help establish a Somali government that is sovereign and one that should come back to the family of nations are commendable.
Ahmed Ould
Augustine Mahiga
Unfortunately the forces against your efforts and the very momentum and level of advanced conspiracies and sophisticated and well orchestrated manipulation to keep Somalia and Somalis in the dark were indeed beyond your control thus the unfortunate fate of Somalia as we see and know it today.  And status quo that succeeded in keeping the situation worse every day. Needless to mention, one of the most destructive institutions that had and have no interest in changing the status quo for the better is non but personalities and management of some of the United Nations organizations, Read More

Waa maxay SSC? (VIDEO)

ssc waa maxayWax badan ayaad is weydiiseen waa maxay SSC maxaase laga wadaa S S C?. Cabdimalik Askar ayaa kaaga jawaabaya kuuna faahfaahinaya waxa laga wado iyo halka ay ka timid.

Somalia: Stealing kidneys from patients begins in Medina Hospital, RBC learns

Mogadishu (RBC) In an exclusive RBC interview with Mahamed Abdalla Isaq confirmed his right kidney was stolen in Medina hospital, one of Mogadishu’s main hospitals after he was rushed to it so as to treat him from bullet injury.
Mahamed Abdalla Isaq hit by bullet April 10th 2010.
Mahamed Abdalla Isaq, 20 has been rushed to the hospital after he was hit by stray bullet in Mogadishu and he has been operated instantly and his right kidney was picked up.
He has been taken instantly to operation theatre of the hospital and he had been made surgeon telling to no one of his family.Read More

Boqor Buurmadow: UDUB Aragnaye Bal Aynu Markan Tijaabino Kulmiye

“Waxaan dadweynaha leeyahay codkiina dhiibta si nabadgelyo oo deganaan leh, ka fogaada dhibaato. Mida kale waxaan ku boorinayaa war UDUB aynu aragnaye bal markan aan Kulmye ku fiirino”, ayuu yiri Boqor Buurmadow.

Hargeysa (RBC) Boqor Cismaan Maxamud Buurmadow oo ka mid ah odayaasha dhaqanka Somliland ayaa ugu baaqay dadweynaha inay ka qeybgalaan doorashada dhawaan ka dhacaysa Somaliland si nabadgelyo iyo deganaan ah.
Boqor Buurmadow ayaa shaley dadweyne ka mid ah taageerayaasha xisbiga mucaaradka ee Kulmiye kula hadlay fagaare ku yaalla magaalada Ceynaba, halkaasi oo masuuliyiin ka tirsan Kulmiye ay khudbado ka jeediyeen iyadoo ay ahayd maalintii ugu dambeysay ee ololaha xisbigaasi.
Sii Akhri 

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

“Horn of Africa: Current Conditions and US Policy”

Congressman Payne, sub-committee chairman, and Congressman Smith, ranking
member, I thank you both for the opportunity to share my assessment of the situation in
the Horn of Africa and its implications for US policy.
I would like to focus my remarks primarily on the crisis in Somalia, which at present is
the most worrisome of the region’s many troubles. My remarks will mainly address
challenges of state-building and the Transitional Federal Government, and will only make
brief reference to other urgent policy issues in Somalia related to the humanitarian crisis
and security threats. I would like to underscore at the outset that Somalia’s crisis is very
much a part of a regional conflict complex. US policies aimed at resolving the Somali
crisis must be based on a regional strategy or they will not succeed.Read the full Report

NSUM NSUM When SNM terrorist occupiers call their victims names

NSUMThe self-styled foreign minister of the one-clan secessionist enclave calling itself Somaliland, otherwise the NW region of Somalia, is a charlatan who distinguished himself  only for his ludicrous utterances. Among his baseless but laughable mantra is his claim that Somaliland was recognized on independence by the United Nations and numerous countries when no country did anything of the sort and the UN itself has no power to recognise any country; A second assertion of his, which is raving bonkers, is that the area's former colonial borders are still valid and recognised by the African Union when that is only a figment of his own imagination. The AU cannot recognise borders that ceased to exist when the territory concerned united with Italian Somaliland on the first July 1960. It only recognizes those of Somalia    Read M ore.

Reconciliation for Sool, Sanaag and Cayn stakeholders matters


Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) of Somalia are three regions claimed by both Somaliland and Puntland administrations. Somaliland’s claim is based on shared colonial experience whereas that of Puntland is based on shared genealogy. In this paper, my aim is to contribute ideas towards creating an atmosphere in which people from SSC(1) ( i.e. Dhulbahante) can reconcile their differences so that their input in any administration can bear fruit. The starting of this paper is that unionists in SSC who were not traditional supporters of the former armed opposition group, Somali National Movement, outnumber by far their pro-Somaliland cousins. The challenge for SSC unionists is to clarify if, by supporting Somali unity, they want to persuade other SSC pro-Somalilanders with whom they do not share clan affiliation to give up on secession and or if their unionism reflects the views of SSC clansmen and clanswomen.  Read More

Somalia:Revered Somali cleric calls war against AMISOM �un-Islamic�

renowned Somali cleric Sheikh Omar Faruk has strongly condemned insurgent attacks against African Union peacekeepers and Somali government forces saying that war against them is illegal in Islamic principles.
In a telephone interview from the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday, the highly-respected cleric described the war against AMISOM un-Islamic.
"No matter whether they are infidels or not, but what we know is that the AU peacekeepers have come to Somalia under international agreement signed by the United Nations and the African Union and with the allowance of the Somali government, so fighting against them is illegal in accordance with the Sharia," the cleric said.
"The AU forces were called and hosted by the legitimate Somali government and we know that since their arrival they have been helping the Somali people. They are working to pacify the war-ravaged country so they must be supported," he added.
He called on the Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab militants and Hezbal Islam to lay down their arms and negotiate with the Somali government and its people.
"Somalis are war-weary and they don�t need prolonged fighting and instead they want peace and stability," the cleric stated.
"I am one of the great Somali clerics and I don�t support the continuation of the war in the country. The rebels must stop violence and the people must work with the Islamic government in Somalia which is working to implement Islamic law in the country," he added.
The call from the cleric comes as the leader of Hezbal Islam rebels Sheikh Hassan Dahri Aweys this week declared a long time war against AU peacekeepers in Somalia (AMISOM) and the country�s internationally-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG).
The militants have been fighting the TFG and AMISOM for the past three years and as a result, at least 22,000 Somali civilians were killed in the restive capital Mogadishu alone, where more than 1.5 million others have fled from their homes in the city.

ONLF rebel faction signs ceasefire deal with Ethiopia

Top officials of Ethiopian rebel group Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) have reportedly entered into a ceasefire agreement with Addis Ababa, Radio Garowe reports.
Mr. Salahudin Haji Abdirahman Maow, Chairman of one of the ONLF factions told reporters in Nairobi that the aim of the agreement which was signed in Germany was to benefit the population they represent.
“Our aim for this agreement is to elevate the suffering from the Somali people in Ethiopia, who have been oppressed for the last twenty seven years. The ceasefire would continue for three months,” he said.
Hussein Matan, the group’s army commander said they have informed their fighters to cease from any fire in respect to the agreement. 
The agreement comes at the backdrop of denial by Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who said on May that his government has not inked any agreement with the ONLF, but pointed out that the said agreement was between the administration in Ethiopian-controlled Somali region and the group.
Admiral Mohammed Omar Osman, a senior ONLF leader has previously announced that his group would not ceasefire until the region is liberated from Ethiopian occupation.
The ONLF group, which was founded in 1984, is fighting to make the oil-rich Somali region of Ogaden in eastern Ethiopia an independent state and has warned foreign oil explorers against prospecting on its land.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Somalia: the number of incoming voters of Somaliland presentational election is announced to day.

Hargeysa (RBC) electoral commission of Somaliland presentational election to day presented the number of people hold the voting cards.
In a press conference, electoral commission of Somaliland presentational election held in Hargeysa the capital of self declared republic said the registration made to somalilan civilians who want to vote for Somaliland presentational election 26 of June 2010 indicates above 1 million eligible voters.
The report from electoral commission of Somaliland presentational election comes six days before the election time which three parties are competing.
The three parties campaigning for Somaliland presentational election refused before former numbers of election voter which was 1,300,000 but it is not know how this presented number of voters could satisfy all the parties.
The campaigning of the election is its final face and every party tries to persuade the civilians to support and all parties pledged reformation.

What is the difference between Shia and Sunni Muslims?

recent question from a highly intelligent tdaxp reader made me think about the arrogance of much of the blogosphere. Many of us bloggers have been dismissive of politicians who confuse Shia and Sunni, but we never take the take to actually lay-out those differences. The difference between Sunni and Shia is the difference between the Holy Roman Empire and the Priori of Sion (from The DaVinci Code). Like the Holy Roman Empire, the Sunni Caliphate was determinedby “elections” which were designed to make sure that powerful elements in the community were OK with the new leader. This may have lasted for a short while, but quickly it became a title that was passed, father-to-son, in some family. In the Holy Roman Empire the family were the Habsburgs, and in the Sunni Caliphate the last family to own the title were the Ottomans. Humorously, just as the Holy Roman Empire ended life as a secular German confederacy during the Napoleonic Wars, the Sunni Caliphate ended its life in in the secular Turkish republic following World War I. After the fall of the last Caliph, some individuals tried to revive the title (for themselves), but nothing came up this. So there is no current Caliph, just as there is no current Holy Roman Emperor.Read More

Chinese takeover of Ethiopian railways project

ndia has lost out to China in the race to build several Ethiopian railways, including the strategically important line to Djibouti that allows land-locked Ethiopia access to the sea. The struggle between the two countries for influence in Africa is really hotting up.
For India, this looked like a done deal. In January this year the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zanawi, tackled the project with the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor, at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa. He asked for specific Indian funding for the various projects.
But the charismatic Tharoor is gone – he resigned after the IPL scandal – and India has dithered on funding the construction of railway lines to stretch 5,000 kilometres from Addis Ababa into various regions of Ethiopia. Consequently, China has stepped in and granted the country a multi-million pound loan… And, let’s be clear, the resulting goodwill likely to be shown to China will be vast.
At present (and I went there yesterday) the beautiful century-old railway station in Addis Ababa is covered in weeds after lying inactive for several years, and is also under threat because of a local street project
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Somalia tops 'Failed States Index'

Somalia tops the list of so-called failed states, based on factors including its economy, human rights record and security, a new survey says.

The Fund for Peace and Foreign Policy Magazine released their 2010 "Failed States Index", on Monday, ranking 177 countries to determine those most at risk of failure.
The annual reportuses 12 metrics including security threats, economic implosion, human rights violations and refugee flows.Read More

Sheekh Xasan Daahir Aweys oo Baadi Goobaya Wadan uu Ku Noolaado (Xog Hoose)

Sarkaal ka tirsan saraakiisha sare ee sida aadka ah ugu dhow Sheekh Xasan ayaa u sheegay RBC in toddobaadkii u dambeeyey Sheekh Xasan Daahir Aweys uu xiriiro dibada ah la lahaa rag ay ehelo yihiin iyo kuwa taageera siyaasada Xisbiga kuwaasi oo ku kala nool wadamo ay ka mid yihiin Imaaraadka Carabta, Yemen iyo Masar, Wuxuuna Sheekhu si aad ah ugala hadlay damaciisa ku saabsan inuu doonayo in ogolaansho looga soo raadiyo wadamada Carbeed.

Muqdisho (RBC) Ilo xog ogaal ah oo aad ugu dhow hogaamiyaha ururka Xisbul Islaam Sheekh Xasan Daahir Aweys ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in Sheekh Xasan uu baadi goobayo wadan uu ka helo deganaansho siyaasadeed si uu uga dhoofo magaalada Muqdisho oo uu hadda ku sugan yahay. Sarkaalkaasi oo naga codsaday inaan la magacaabin amaankiisa darteed ayaa intaa ku daray in Sheekh Xasan uu waday illaa labo usbuuc wada tashiyo hoose oo madaxda ururkiisu uu kula lahaa magaalada Muqdisho kuwaasi oo diirada lagu saaray culeyska siyaasadeed iyo midka militari ee isa soo taraya ee soo wajahay Xisbiga iyo siyaasada Sheekh Aweys.Sii Akhri

Home > International Does U.S. Aid Support Somalia's Child Soldiers?

The United States this week joined other members of the United Nations Security Council in condemning the growing use of children in conflict – as soldiers, bomb makers, cooks, and sex slaves – by rebel groups and governments alike. Read More


OFFICE OF U.S. FOREIGN DISASTER ASSISTANCE (OFDA) Note: The last situation report was dated May 14, 2010.
Since 1991, widespread violence, endemic poverty, recurrent droughts, and floods have generated a complex emergency in Somalia. From December 2006 to January 2009, fighting between the Somalia Transitional Federal Government (TFG), backed by Ethiopian forces, and armed militias opposed to the TFG led to further deterioration in humanitarian conditions. Following January 2009 Ethiopian troop withdrawals, conflict between armed militia groups in Somalia continues to displace populations and limit access to affected areas. As a result, more than 594,000 Somali refugees have fled the country, and approximately 1.4 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), including long-term IDPs and individuals displaced by increased fighting since February 2007, remain uprooted within Somalia. Read More

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Reflections on HOL and TFG Alleged violation of Journalism Code of Ethics

Wardheernews ‘s news commentary analysis posted under the heading Bad Bedfellows and corruption of Journalism has hit the headlines as it put in the public domain the unrelenting  suspected sleaze accusations that for a long time linked Hiiraan to the warlords and  politicians in Mogadishu since the website went live a decade ago.  The response from the TFG’s presidential office Got it Wrong raises more questions than answers as the gist of the communication is concentrated on technicalities of the leaked document  Authorizing Letter – the shape of the presidential seal, the telephone number and the likes – rather on the contents of the letter.Read More

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

3000 Somalia to get Tanzania citizenship

About 3,000 newly naturalized and Somali bantu refugees living in Chogo settlements in Tanga region will soon be granted Tanzanian citizenship, the refugees agency said yesterday.
Speaking at the press conference to mark the world refugee’s day on June 20, The United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR) country representative, Mr. Oluseyi Bajulaiye, said since 2005, the government offered Tanzanian citizenship to a small group of Somalis who fled in the country in the 1990s.
Read More

Somalia: Ahlu Sunna faction appoints new militia commander

Somalia's pro-government militia, Ahlu-suna Wal-Jamaa in the central region of Galgadud has appointed a new commander, Radio Garowe reports.
A statement from the group explained that the administration has appointed Ali Igal as the new commander who will be leading the group’s militia in the fight against rival Islamist groups.
“From today henceforth, Ali Igal is the general commander of Ahlu Sunnah fighters. He is the man who would lead in the fight against our rivals,” said Sheikh Mohammed Yussuf Hefow while reading the statement.Read More

Somalia's Child Soldiers(TFG)

 Please watch this video which puts on the spotlight how the American tax payers train, arm children as young as nine years old in the name of defending the puppet Transitional Federal Government of somalia - 
!US Funded Child Slodiers VIDEO

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Somaliland and Puntland collude to discredit the leaders of SSC regions by associating them with terrorist organizations

We have a popular saying in Somali “Been fakatay, runi ma gaadho” which means “It is difficult for the truth to catch up with a widespread lie”.  Come to think of it, this is the principal of character assassination, the deliberate spread of misinformation about a real or perceived enemy. Hopefully this time, the truth will overtake the lies being spread by some Somali websites in their smear campaign against the leadership of the Sool, Sanaag and Ayn regions of Somalia, SSC.
Read More 
Hoggaanka Badbaadada iyo Mideynta SSC
Mohamed Ali Mire

Monday, 14 June 2010

Somalia’s Hizbu Islam may be nearing its end

A landmark ceremony took place in Beledweyne town, the capital of Hiran region, 335 km north of Mogadishu yesterday, where the regional authority of Hizbu Islam, one of the Islamist organizations opposing the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia, merged with Al-Shabaab, the top militant group in Somalia.

Sheikh Abdulkadir Haji Ahmed, the Chief of Hizbu Islam’s Mobilisation Officer in Beledweyne town, announced that his group resolved to join Al-Shabaab.

Talking to an audience, the sheikh recited verses of the Holy Koran, pointing to the need to unite the insurgents in Somalia.

“We are hereby declaring our resolve to unite with our fellow jihadists (holy warriors) in this strategic Hiran region,” said Sheikh Ahmed.

“Unity is certain to arouse strength.”

He urged other Islamists to take their example and join Al-Shabaab. “I am an elder and the sheikh of Hizbu Islam in this territory and I am leading you to unite with your fellow jihadists,” remarked Sheikh Ahmed amid chants of Allahu Akbar (God is Great) by those present at the ceremony.


Somalia: Hizbul Islam leader of Hiran region denies the claims their administration united with Al shabab.

Sheikh Shuriye Faarah Sabriye, the leader of Hizbul Islam in Hiran region, rejects the reports saying his administration joined to Alshabab administration in the region.
Sabriye told RBC his administration is still working and will work.
The denial from the leader of Hizbul Islam in Hiran region came hours after one of officials of Hizbul Islam in Hiran region came said they joined to Al shabab after meeting discussed the unity of two administrations in the region.
Sheikh Shuriye Faarah Sabriye said it is possible that a person could join every group he prefers but he reiterates no unity between the two administrations in the region is there.
He added the move taken by one of their officials in the region will not affect administration of Hizbul Islam in Hiran region

Mogadishu Memoir (Part VII): The Cultural Milieu

Pres. Aden Abdulle Osman "Adan Adde"
Presidents Adan Abdulle Osman (1960 - 1967 (top)) and Abdirashid Ali Sharma'arke (1967 - 1969 (bottom))
Pres. Abdelrashid Ali Sharma'arke
I would hear from neighbors what party won or which one was robbed from votes. Years later, my mother would tell me how I used to play with toys and make them fight with one another. Often, one of the toys represented Adan Abdille Osman ‘Adan Adde’ (the first president of the country) and the other Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke (Adan Adde’s successor). After what appeared to be a tough fight, I would make the Sharmarke toy win over the Osman one. Of course, Sharmarke belonged to the same sub-clan my mother did.  My mother always told this story in order to show off my political, and definitely, clan ‘acumen’; my toy-fights were the essence of political acculturation. I wonder how my mother would have reacted if I had made the Adan Adde toy win. I had positive feeling toward Sharmarke while growing up because he seemed to me a decent human being and a popular leader.   Read More

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Somalia:Bomb wounds four people in central town

GURIEL, June 12, 2010 (Mareeg)—At least four people have been injured in Guriel town in central Somalia after unknown assailants throw a hand grenade bomb to a house of Ahlu Suuna Waljama’a chairman in the town, witnesses and officials said on Saturday.
The assailants attacked a hand grenade to the house of Sheikh Mohamed Yusuf Xeefoow, the chairman of the executive committee of Ahlu Sunna Waljam’a moderate Islamist group. Read More

Somalia: Ahlu Sunna imposes night curfew in central town

GURIEL, June 13, 2010 (Mareeg)—Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a moderate Islamist group that controls several towns in central Somalia has imposed a night curfew in Guriel town in Galgadud region, an official said on Sunday.
Mohamed Shidane, a commander of the security forces in the district said they imposed a night curfew in the town.Read more

Meles Zenawi's forces massacred 71 civilians in Ogaden

Rebels in Ethiopia's eastern Ogaden region have accused the government of killing 71 civilians in a military operation since May 18.
The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), which says it is fighting for autonomy for ethnic Somalis in the region on the border with Somalia, said the operation against them started on May 18.
It said in a statement on Friday that the offensive was launched in retaliation for a raid during which ONLF claimed to have captured a town previously controlled by the government.R ead More

War degdeg ag: Dagaal Burco ka qarxay

Burco – June 10, 2010 – khasaaraha ay geysten dagaladii ugu dambeeyey ee ka dhacay magaalada Burco ee gobalka Togdheer oo udhaxeeyay qaar ka mid ah taageerayaasha Islaamiyiinta Soomaaliya ee gobalkaas iyo ciidamada Maamulka Somaliland, oo isku dayay in ay awood ku caabiyaan taageerayaashaas.Sii Akhri

Maamulkii Xisbul-islaam ee G/ Hiiraan oo ku Biiray Al-Shabaab

Muqdisho(RBC)Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Beled weeyne ee gobolka Hiiraan ayaa sheegaya in Maanta kulan ballaaran ay isugu yimaadeen mas’uuliyiin ka kala scotay Ururka Xisbul Islaam iyo Al-shabaab. kulankaas ayaa ahaa mid uu al baadada u xirnaa laakiin markii uu soo gabagaboobay ayaa waxaa saxaafadda la hadlay madaxa arrimaha Garsoorka ee Ururka Xisbul Islaam ee magaalada Beledweyne Shiikh Cabdulqaadir Axmed Xaaji oo sheegey in kulankii ay lahaayeen labada dhinac uu ka soo baxay heshiis ay u dhan yihiin.
Read More

Dowladda Soomaaliya oo heshiis qarsoodi ah kula gashay wadanka Holland in si qasab ah Muqdisho loogu celiyo qaxooti Soomaaliyeed oo ku sugan dalkeeda Holand

(Dukumintiga heshiiska iyo Wargeys ka hadlay) Dowladda Soomaaliya ee uu madaxweynaha ka yahay Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa heshiis kula gashay dowladda Nederland in ay iska kaashaadaan sidii si qasab ah dib loogu celin lahaa qaxooti Soomaaliyeed oo ku jira kaamamka dib u celinta, iyadoo halka dib loogu celinayo qaxootigaasina ay tahay magaalada Muqdisho ee caasimada Soomaaliya, waxaana tallaabadaasi cambaareeyey hayàdda qaxootiga u qaabilsan UN-ka ee UNHCR iyo hayàdda dib u celinta qaxootiga IMO oo ku tilmaamay tallaabadaasi mid haddii lagu dhaqaaqo ka dhigan in dulmi weyn laga galay nafta biniàadamka, maadaama dowladda Soomaaliya ay tahay magac u yaal oo keliya oo maamulkeedu aanu ku firirsaneyn magaalada oo idil.Sii Akhri

Clash between Somalia police and soldiers kills 13

Fighting between Somali government troops and police has killed at least 13 people in Mogadishu and gunmen killed a judiciary official in semi-autonomous Puntland, police said.
The clash, in the Hamarjajab district in the south of the capital, wounded 14.
"The clashes came after some of the government troops started to rob a civilian car and the police were trying to stop it," Abdullahi Moalim Kerow, a police officer, told reporters.Read More


K'Naanost Somalis around the world have joyously watched FIFA's World cup Kick off where the Somali singer, Keynaan Abdi Warsame, known as K’naan, has opened the musical concert with his worldwide famous song "Waving the Flag." K’naan was holding, higher-and-higher, the Somali Flag, our beloved Blugley. Somalia is soon approaching its 50th anniversary of independence, it would have been a significant milestone, if it wouldn’t be for the tears and toils that our people have endured undeserving in the past two decades, a painful humiliation inflicted by its own sons. To add an insult to the injury, the shameful invasion of Ethiopia and the subsequent occupation of Mogadishu, the capital city, left an awful stain on the annals of Somali history.

After the long and persistent outcry of the Somali flag to her sons and daughters fell onto deaf ears, the scream for resurrection and the destiny- call of the quasi-moribund flag, our “Blugley,” was finally answered by an unexpected brave young man called K’naan. K’nan, unfortunately was pushed out of his country of birth at early age, as such, he did not experience the opportunity to enjoy the fervor and Read More

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

AF Hayeenka SSC oo u Jawaabey Faroole

  • Afhayeenka ku dhaqanka shareecada islaamka beelaha daarood sh,axmed c/laahi shanle ayaa ku tilmaamay hadalkii kasoo baxay madaxweynaha maamul goboleedka puntland c/raxmaan faroole mid ah nin daad qaaday xunbo Cuskay . Sh axmed shanle oo manta shir jaraa,id ku qabtay magaalada muqdisho ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in cadowga koowaad ee umada reer SSC uu yahay faroole iyo inta raacsan islamrkaana loo baahan yahay in dhab ah loola dagaalamo ,waa siduu hadalka u dhigaye 
  • Sii Akhri

Somaliland Election: A choice between a Continuation of an Ineffective Government and a Beginning of an Era of Hope and Opportunity

As the Somaliland electorate prepare to cast their vote to choose the next president on the 26th June  – the same day the old Somaliland gained its independence from Britain fifty years ago - the choice the electorate has to make this time around has never been easier. The choice is between hanging on with a government that has proven time and again as the most corrupted, most ineffective and most divisive ever in Somaliland and a new beginning of hope, opportunity, fairness and justice. Rayaale’s government has been in power for the best part of the last decade. UDUB led government has promised the earth and delivered none. Yes none. They may say we keep the peace, but peace was always kept by the people who was tired of fighting and civil wars. For most of the Somaliland people, it was indeed eight long years of wasted opportunity. The country was largely peaceful during this period and as such it was indeed a great opportunity for any government to take full advantage of the situation by embarking on development projects and improving the living standards of its poor people.  Instead, the leadership of this government has concentrated all their efforts and energy to amass a fortune and left the majority of its impoverished citizens in abject poverty. They also made one thing certain, and that is when the inevitability comes and they are voted out of office in three week’s time, they will not be out of pocket. Sure they did that. Read More

Dear Tagai Merga

From: Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
To: Merga Bekana, Charmian, National Election Board of Ethiopia
Re: Troubling 2010 Election results
Dear Tagai Merga,
I wanted to wait until the final counts were all in before sending this memo and I must say I've been troubled since we passed that 91% mark. I know I said that we need to win by an overwhelming majority. I know I said the numbers need to make a statement. But what the hell Mergish, 100%? Do I need to point out this puts us at an untenable position? Think of our supporters, both paid and unpaid. Have you thought about how difficult it will be for them to profess we won fair and square with a straight face? Don't get me wrong, I admire the execution of our strategy, but the results just stripped us off of the illusion of fairness we have so successfully demonstrated in the past. All that work is now gone to waste. I called Bereket to relate this concern. He is beside himself with surprise and joy and sounded dumbfounded when I expressed irritation at his jubilation. He is minister of Information for MedhaniAlem's sake . . . of propaganda no less. Must I break this down for him? Douche bag! This is why he can't replace me when I retire at the end of my term; wink, wink.Read More

Nabadoon Yaasiin C/samad: Dhulka Daarood Maxaa Duulaanka Loogu Yahay.

Gaalkacyo (RBC Radio):- Nabadoon Yaasiin Cabdi Samad oo ka tirsan Issimada Gobolka Mudug ayaa si kulul uga hadley arimaha la xiriira dhul balaarsiga ay wadaan qaar ka mid ah maamulada ka jira dalka Soomaaliya. Nabadoon Yaasiin oo ka qeyb galay kulan maanta ay yeesheen ergo ka socota SSC iyo Waxgaradka gobolka Mudug oo ka dhacay Hotelka Al-xuseyn ee magaalada Gaalkacyo ayaa ka dhawaajiyey in duulaan lagu soo yahay dhul badan oo ah kuwa ay degaan beesha Daarood.
“Waxaa la yaab leh, in duulaan iyo boob lagu hayo dhulka Daarood, waad ogtihiin saaka anagu Burco duulaan kuma nihin, Hargeysana duulaan kuma nihin, dhinacan kale ee Mudug, Dagaari duulaan kuma nihin, Hobyana sidoo kale, ee maxay tahay sababta dhulkanaga duulaanka loogu soo yahay”. ayuu yiri Nabadoon Yaasiin Cabdi Samad.


Somalia: Al Shabaab issues fatwa about TV

MOGADISHU, June 9, 2010 (Mareeg)—al Shabaab militants have issued Wednesday “Islamic Fatwa” about Universal TV and its staff.
Al Shabaab accused the London-based Somali language broadcaster of showing clips of cartoons allegedly offending Prophet Muhammed.Read More

Somalia: Al Shabaab leader injured in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU June 8, 2010 (Mareeg)—Sheikh Mukhtar Robow Ali Abu Mansoor, former spokesman of al Shabaab and the current deputy leader of the group has been reportedly wounded in Mogadishu, sources said on Tuesday.
The sources say Sheikh Mukhtar was injured in the fighting which occurred in the capital Mogadishu on Thursday.Read More

Main News Somalia: Two more ministers resign

MOGADISHU, June 8, 2010 (Mareeg)—Two other ministers of the Somali government announced their resignation from the cabinet of Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Omar Ali Sharmarke on Tuesday.
Higher Education Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar and State Minister for the Presidency Hassan Moalim Mohamud resigned following the resignation of State Minister for Defense Yusuf Mohamed Siad Indha Ade.Read More

Taageerayaasha UDUB oo Maanta Fagaaraha Beerta Xoriyada Uga Dareeray Xoghayaha UDUB Jaamac Yaasiin (Warbixin & Sawiro)

Hargaysa (RBC Radio) Maanta ayaa waxay ahayd maalintii sadexaad ee xisbiga UDUb iskugu soo baxo fagaaraha Beerta xoriyada taas oo ay taageerayaashu ku muujiyaan taageerada ay u hayaa xisbiga tallada haya ee UDUB, kaas oo haatan wakhtigii uu xilka hayeey gabaabsi ku dhawdahay .

Subaxnimadii hore ee saaka ayaa taageerayaashu is kugu soo baxeen goobaha loogu talo galay isku soo baxyada, waxaana saaka dadweynahaas kala hadlay fagaaraha Beerta xoriyada wasiiro ay ka mid yihiin wasiirka Duulista iyo hawada Cali Maxamed Warancade iyo Wasiirka Maaliyada Mr:- Cawil iyo waliba xog hayaha guud ee xisbiga UDUB Jaamac Yaasiin sidoo kale waxaa isna halkaasi ka hadlay gudoomiyaha ololaha doorashooyinka Cismaan Hindi.
Sii Akhri 

Monday, 7 June 2010

The muggery that was named Election in Ethiopia

If you define election to mean what it means – freely choosing between choices, and tell me that there was an election in Ethiopia on May 23, 2010, you must either be crazy or think I am crazy to believe you. The whole charade, people going to the polls, the choreographed celebration and condemnation of Human rights Watch and “foreign forces” and the craftily worded statements of the election monitorspeople by and the “concern” expressed by donor country officials about the uneven playing field, is therefore simply a massive pile of joke on a captive population. The praise profusely showered on the Ethiopian the officials of donor countries about holding a peaceful election, as if election day under dictatorships is always a day of violence, is an insulting patronization to people who have been mugged of their basic rights. Read More

Next target: Eritrea

Now that Ethiopia's ruling junta has successfully decimated Ethiopian opposition inside the country, it is setting its sight on removing the Government of Isaias Afwerki in Eritrea. Meles Zenawi's intention is clear: To install a puppet regime in Asmara, as it did in Somalia. In a significant step towards that goal, Meles has set up an Eritrean transitional government with its temporary headquarters in Tigray region's capital, Mekele. Meles is also deploying additional troops on the border with Eritrea. There are already over 80,000 troops on the border. Informed sources tell Ethiopian Review that the Meles regime has already briefed the U.S. Government about its invasion plan and is awaiting a green light. Today the 8 Eritrean opposition groups that Meles is arming and funding have announced that they have created a new military front, as reported by Sudan Tribune below:
Read More 

Sunday, 6 June 2010 Got it Wrong: President Sharif Did not Hire Hiiraan Online or Ahmed Gure Got it Wrong:
President Sharif Did not Hire Hiiraan Online or Ahmed Gure

June 06, 2010

It is unfortunate that a respected website such as writes a haste and supportive commentary about pure lies that claim the TFG or President Sharif hired Hiiraan Online to disseminate government views.
By glancing the fictitious letter a mere five minutes, even a grade six student would have figured out the forgery nature of the letter that wardheernews blesses with a biased commentary. Read More

Bad Bedfellows and corruption of Journalism

Bad Bedfellows and corruption of Journalism
WardheerNews commentary
June 05 , 2010

Is Hiiranonline sleeping with the TFG, or it is a hearsay?
Just like many of you, we at WardheerNews have learned recently the attached confidential letter, signed by Sheikh Sharif, is believed to be a directive to hire Hiraanonline's Ahmed Gure, so that he could serve at the pleasure of the Sharif-led Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.  This directive, which is intentionally kept vague in terms of who is hired (Gure or the Website), is tantamount to a significant coup on the part of Sheikh Sherif's government and its dealings with the Diaspora community. 
If this letter, which purportedly established presidential authority to hire Ahmed Gure and his service, is authentic (we say authentic, because there is a non-committal, or weak disclaimer from the government of Sheikh Sharif alleging that the letter was a forgery document doctored by the TFG archrival, the Al-Shabab), then it is an unprecedented move by a Somali state to try to control for the first time what our people in the Diaspora, in the land of free, read and write. This move is tantamount to Siyyadism all over again.Read More

Al Shabaab Threats Against the United States?

Right Side News
Written by Scott Stewart

Sunday, June 06, 2010
On the afternoon of Sunday, May 30, an Aeromexico flight from Paris to Mexico City was forced to land in Montreal after authorities discovered that a man who was on the U.S. no-fly list was aboard. The aircraft was denied permission to enter U.S. airspace, and the aircraft was diverted to Trudeau International Airport in Montreal. The man, a Somali named Abdirahman Ali Gaall, was removed from the plane and arrested by Canadian authorities on an outstanding U.S. warrant. After a search of all the remaining passengers and their baggage, the flight was allowed to continue to its original destination.

Gaall reportedly has U.S. resident-alien status and is apparently married to an American or Canadian woman. Media reports also suggest that he is connected with the Somali jihadist group al Shabaab. Gaall was reportedly deported from Canada to the United States on June 1, and we are unsure of the precise charges brought against him by the U.S. government, but more information should be forthcoming once he has his detention hearing. From the facts at hand, however, it appears likely that he has been charged for his connection with al Shabaab, perhaps with a crime such as material support to a designated terrorist organization.
Last week, the Department of Homeland Security issued a lookout to authorities in Texas, warning that another Somali purportedly linked to al Shabaab was believed to be in Mexico and was allegedly planning to attempt to cross the border into the United States. This lookout appears to be linked to a U.S. indictment in March charging another Somali man with running a large-scale smuggling ring bringing Somalis into the United States through Latin America.Read More

Somalia: Islamists cut telecommunication in central region

Main News

Somalia: Islamists cut telecommunication in central region

DHUSAMAREB, June 6, 2010 (Mareeg)—Alhu Suna Waljama’a moderate Islamist group has cut the telecommunications of Dhusamareb, the provincial capital of Galgadud region in central Somali, witnesses said on Sunday.
The telecommunication of some districts in the region is also not working. The people in the region have expressed concern about the move.Read more

Main News Somalia: Parliament elects deputy speaker in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, June 5, 2010 (Mareeg)—Somali parliament has elected Abdiwali Sheikh Ibrahim as the deputy speaker of the Somali parliament on Saturday.
The legislators met in Golaha Shacabka building in the capital Mogadishu and Mr. Ibrahim got 192 votes out of 322.Read More

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Somali troops free pirate-held cargo ship

MV QSM DubaiSoldiers from Somalia's semi-autonomous Puntland region have stormed a Panama-flagged cargo vessel held by pirates, a Puntland minister has said.
The pirates, who refused to surrender, killed the captain of the ship, he said.
There was a brief shoot-out with the seven pirates before they were captured, he added.
The pirates seized the 15,000-tonne ship, MV QSM Dubai, in the Gulf of Aden in the early hours of Wednesday. Read More

Ethiopia's ruling junta will remain UK's #1 aid recipient

By Sally Healy
Ethiopia's ruling party has already staged a victory rally in Addis Ababa to mark their satisfaction with the elections held last Sunday. The official results will not be announced until 21 June. But it is already clear that Meles Zenawi's Ethiopian People's Democratic Revolutionary Party (EPRDF) has seen off the opposition parties in no uncertain terms.
The shock of 2005
Is this a surprise? Not really. The big surprise occurred five years ago when the Ethiopian electorate threw caution to the wind and voted in their millions for a change of government. But they did not secure victory and the bold democratic experiment ended in violent protests and bloodshed. Opposition supporters were harassed and intimidated. Amongst opposition politicians there were bitter recriminations. Many endured imprisonment. Some chose exile. Judging from the results of the latest contest, it was not an experience that many wanted to repeat.Read More

U.S. trading silence for military cooperation in Ethiopia?

On May 23, Ethiopia's incumbent Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was reelected in a landslide. Despite claims of fraud and coercion, Zenawi said: "We have no regrets and we offer no apologies."
Ethiopian journalist and democracy activist Abebe Gellaw has worked for the Ethiopian Herald, the only English daily in the country, and is a founding editor of Addis Voice, an online journal in English and Amharic that focuses on Ethiopia. The visiting scholar at Stanford is currently working on a book, Ethiopia Under Meles: Why the Transition from Military Rule to Democracy Failed.
He has an op-ed piece, "Ethiopia's Embarrassing Elections," in Monday's Wall Street Journal.
He spoke to the Stanford News Service about the election.
What are the implications of Meles Zenawi's win for human rights in Ethiopia?
Read More 

Ethiopia: A country of grey and gold – Economist

ADDIS ABABA (The Economist) — THERE are two colours I associate with Ethiopia. Grey for the dust, the bare hills, stony soil and donkeys. Grey for the Soviet-era buildings in the towns and the fumes of ancient Lada cars. Then there is gold, in the fields at harvest time, in the sunshine at that lung-busting altitude, and the heavy jewellery worn by women. Gold especially for the churches, the icons, the luminous curls in the crosses and staves, and in the golden plumage of archangels who many Ethiopians believe overlook the inner workings of their lives.
Religion is central to life in Ethiopia, as it is in the rest of Africa. But it is of a very different type. Neighbouring Kenya became Christian just over a century ago. Its Christianity still has a stripped-down missionary flavour. The Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia, by contrast, were Christian long before St Augustine of Canterbury landed in England. The Band Aid anthem to raise money for Ethiopian famine victims in 1984 was in some ways ill-judged: of course they knew it was Christmastime.Read More

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Istanbuul Conference on Somalia


US court rules ex-Somali PM can be sued over torture

US Supreme Court in Washington, DC The US Supreme Court ruled former foreign officials do not have immunity
he US Supreme Court has ruled that it will not halt a lawsuit by alleged torture victims against former Somali Prime Minister Mahamed Ali Samantar. The original lawsuit was filed by Somalis living in the US under 1991's Torture Victim Protection Act.
A federal judge had originally ruled that Mr Samantar was entitled to diplomatic immunity. Read More

O.N.L.F Statement In Response To Melez Zenawis Press Conference Remarks

A claim made by Ethiopian Prime Minister, Melez Zenawi at his most recent
press conference that his regime will "soon sign an agreement" with the
Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has no basis in reality and is
intended to mislead the international community in general and foreign oil
firms in particular.  The ONLF wishes to make clear that we have not been,
and currently are not, in discussions with this regime. The ONLF has
maintained a principled position that any negotiations with this regime
can only take place under the auspices of the international community in a Read More

Somalia: Famous radio station moved from insurgent area in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, June 1, 2010 (Mareeg)—Shabelle Radio also known as Shabelle Media Network has been moved from its headquarters in Bakaro market in Mogadishu, sources said on Tuesday.
Shabelle Media Network which broadcasts its news and programmes through FM radio and television in the capital, Mogadishu has been operating in Bakro market for the last eight years.
Sources say the management of radio decided to move from its headquarters in Bakaro to a building near Aden Adde international airport in Mogadishu under the control of the Somali government.

Somalia: Bari elders call Ethiopian government to respect Somalia’s territorial integrity

Abdi Nor
Radio RBC, Mogadishu
Bossaso (Radio RBC )-Elders of Bari region in Puntland state have condemned yesterday the offensive which Ethiopian troops have taken last week to Buhodle district and killed many Somali innocent people .
The elders held yesterday press conference in Bossaso, the capital Bari region and said that they call Ethiopian government to stop interfering Somali internal affairs and also to keep the existence of Somali border.
Abdi Asis Afgudud, one of the elders who spoke to the reporters in the place they held the press conference have said what makes peace is good neighborhood and added that they again are calling Ethiopian government to keep good neighborhood. Read More

Somali government criticizes Ethiopian government of interfering its internal affairs

Abdirashid Hidig
Somali transitional federal government has first time spoken about today the fighting which happened recently Buhodle district and between Ethiopian troops and Buhodle residents.
The fighting caused more casualties reached to Somali civilians in the area.
Somali transitional federal interior junior minister, A/rashid Mahamed Hiddig, has held press conference in Djibouti, the capital of Djibouti republic, and condemned Ethiopian government that its troops entered Somali territory aggressively and added that Ethiopia has broken the law of borders and has done more operations inside Somalia having no permission.
Read More 

Somalia: Ahlu Sunna and Al-shabab fight in Dusamareb townMogadishu (RBC Radio)-Fighters loyal to Al-shabab clashed with other Fighters belong to Ahlusunna in some of Dusamareb town, the capital of galgadud region.

Mogadishu (RBC Radio)-Fighters loyal to Al-shabab clashed with other Fighters belong to Ahlusunna in some of Dusamareb town, the capital of galgadud region.
The clashes happened in the residents known as Mareer guur and Godoon which lie about 45km to Dusamareb town.
The reports say that the fighting caused many innocent people dead thought it is not clear how many people have died. Read More

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Buhodleh and Widhwidh Massacre: an opportunity for peace and stability

The concurrent disparaging incursion of the Ethiopian forces – the overlords of Somalia – in to the peaceful town of Buhodle that resulted in an all out massacre of multitude of innocent civilians and Somaliland militia’s savage hammering of Widh-Widh district with the sole aim of forcing unwilling people to vote for the ruling party (UDUB) has come at the least desirable time. This military action is ill-timed as the region is in the run up to the long awaited election and thus can neither afford to give any ropes to the weak and bewildered opposition that has no viable agenda, nor to disappoint the international community that invested heavily on the election project, who are watching from afar. In times of confusion and civil war, history teaches us that the extremist ride on the back of the society and if this policy of belligerence is not tamed rapidly it will certainly backfire to UDUB who so far glided Somaliland through perilous times in which the opposition were prepared to stage pointless civil wars. Attention of the leaders should always focus on the fact that Somaliland’s fragile economy can’t sustain an open ended war of aggression against the SSC – the SSC is the third administrative region in Northern Somalia besides Somaliland and Puntland.
It is very plausible that the opposition will use this unfortunate aimless militarism to their advantage if they play their cards right. The opposition is bound to depict (UDUB) as undemocratic and corrupt  administration that is using- the funds the international community donated to Somaliland’s administration to conduct safe, fair and peaceful election - to start wars in the neighbourhood to uproot civilians from their towns. The current policy of militarism has the potentiality of tainting the success UDUB party is expected to reap from the ballot box which is due to take place very soon as the opposition is in no position to throw out a significant challenge other than to cry foul and claim the vote was rigged. To score few political points, against the insane and far right opposition that live in the days of the now defunct and controversial SNM that has no relevance to the current situation except in the minds of the out-of-touch opposition, isn’t worth derailing the centrist UDUB party.Read the whole

How Somalia Was Made ‘Great Again’

AFRICA How Somalia Was Made ‘Great Again’ 0 Comments Published   22 hours ago   on   August 23, 2020 By   Abukar Arman In recent weeks the c...