Somalia’s Hizbu Islam may be nearing its end

A landmark ceremony took place in Beledweyne town, the capital of Hiran region, 335 km north of Mogadishu yesterday, where the regional authority of Hizbu Islam, one of the Islamist organizations opposing the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia, merged with Al-Shabaab, the top militant group in Somalia.

Sheikh Abdulkadir Haji Ahmed, the Chief of Hizbu Islam’s Mobilisation Officer in Beledweyne town, announced that his group resolved to join Al-Shabaab.

Talking to an audience, the sheikh recited verses of the Holy Koran, pointing to the need to unite the insurgents in Somalia.

“We are hereby declaring our resolve to unite with our fellow jihadists (holy warriors) in this strategic Hiran region,” said Sheikh Ahmed.

“Unity is certain to arouse strength.”

He urged other Islamists to take their example and join Al-Shabaab. “I am an elder and the sheikh of Hizbu Islam in this territory and I am leading you to unite with your fellow jihadists,” remarked Sheikh Ahmed amid chants of Allahu Akbar (God is Great) by those present at the ceremony.



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