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Palmerston: The island at the end of the earth

Main street, Palmerston

It is one of the most isolated island communities in the world. The tiny Pacific island of Palmerston is visited by a supply ship twice a year - at most - and the long and hazardous journey deters all but the most intrepid visitors. What's more, most of its 62 inhabitants are descended from one man - an Englishman who

Adam Pickup: Missing boy's 'body' found in Manchester

Adam PickupAdam Pickup had been missing since Saturday

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Police searching for a teenager who went missing in Manchester on Saturday say they believe they have found his body.
Adam Pickup, 17, from Bramhall, Stockport, was last seen in the city centre at about 03:20 GMT.
Two men arrested in connection with his disappearance have been released without charge, police said.
Ch Supt Nick Adderley said the death was no longer being treated as suspicious.
A tribute posted by his mother, Chantal, on Facebook said: "It is with the greatest sadness that we have to tell you all that our beloved son Adam was found passed away...
"We are devastated but so grateful to everybody who has helped search for Adam and given us their love and support."
The body, which has not been formally identified, was found at about 15:30 GMT near Deansgate railway station, just over a mile from where he was last seen.
Ch Supt Adderley said: "While formal identification has not taken place, we believe this is the body of missing Adam Pickup.
"This is a heartbreaking time for Adam's family and our thoughts are with them."

Cash machines robbed with infected USB sticks

Woman at cash machineThe thieves focused on high value notes to minimise the time they were exposed

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Researchers have revealed how cyber-thieves sliced into cash machines in order to infect them with malware earlier this year.
The criminals cut the holes in order to plug in USB drives that installed their code onto the ATMs.
Details of the attacks on an unnamed European bank's cash dispensers were presented at the hacker-themed Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg, Germany.
The crimes also appear to indicate the thieves mistrusted each other.
The two researchers who detailed the attacks have asked for their names not to be published
Access code
The thefts came to light in July after the lender involved noticed several its ATMs were being emptied despite their use of safes to protect the cash inside.
After surveillance was increased, the bank discovered the criminals were vandalising the machines to use the infected USB sticks.
USB stickThe malware was installed onto the ATMs via USB sticks
Once the malware had been transferred they patched the holes up. This allowed the same machines to be targeted several times without the hack being discovered.
To activate the code at the time of their choosing the thieves typed in a 12-digit code that launched a special interface.
Analysis of software installed onto four of the affected machines demonstrated that it displayed the amount of money available in each denomination of note and presented a series of menu options on the ATM's screen to release each kind.
The researchers said this allowed the attackers to focus on the highest value banknotes in order to minimise the amount of time they were exposed.
But the crimes' masterminds appeared to be concerned that some of their gang might take the drives and go solo.
To counter this risk the software required the thief to enter a second code in response to numbers shown on the ATM's screen before they could release the money.
The correct response varied each time and the thief could only obtain the right code by phoning another gang member and telling them the numbers displayed.
If they did nothing the machine would return to its normal state after three minutes.
The researchers added the organisers displayed "profound knowledge of the target ATMs" and had gone to great lengths to make their malware code hard to analyse.
However, they added that the approach did not extend to the software's filenames - the key one was called hack.bat.

Michael Schumacher 'fighting for life' after ski accident

Doctors told journalists that they could not predict what would happen

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Michael Schumacher, the seven-time Formula 1 champion, is "fighting for his life" after a ski accident in the French Alps, his doctors say.
The driver remains in a critical condition in hospital in Grenoble with head injuries suffered on Sunday morning at the resort of Meribel.
"We cannot tell you what the outcome will be yet," the team treating him told a news conference on Monday morning.
His family are at his bedside.
Schumacher underwent surgery on arrival at the University Hospital in Grenoble.
He remains in a coma and the medical team treating him said that they are working "hour by hour".
"All we can do is wait," they added.
map of piste
Prof Jean-Francois Payen told reporters that if Schumacher had not been wearing a protective helmet "he wouldn't be here now".
"We had to operate urgently to release some pressure in his head," the anaesthetist said.
Neurosurgeon Stephan Chabardes said that a post-operative scan had shown "diffuse haemorrhagic lesions" on both sides of Schumacher's brain.
The doctors refused to comment on his prognosis.
Photo dated January 14, 2005 shows German former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher skiing in the northern Italian resort of Madonna di CampiglioThe German racing champion is a keen skier
The 44-year-old German was skiing off-piste with his teenage son when he fell and hit his head on a rock.
Following the accident, Schumacher was evacuated to the hospital in the nearby town of Moutiers.
Prof Chabardes said the driver was in an "agitated condition" on arrival in Moutiers and his neurological condition "deteriorated rapidly".
He was taken from Moutiers to the larger facility in Grenoble.


After an operation to reduce swelling of the brain, we would place a monitor inside the brain to measure the pressure.
The induced coma Michael Schumacher is in is to try to stabilise the pressure within the brain, to try to prevent secondary brain damage from occurring.
It's likely he will remain in an induced coma for several days, and really the outcome is very, very unclear at this stage.
The agitation suggests that his conscious level when he first came in was deteriorating.
Schumacher is being kept in a coma at a low temperature to facilitate his recovery, Prof Payen said.
The medical team said that the driver's relative youth and the fact that he was operated on without delay count in his favour.
'Good visibility'
Tim Wall, who produces a snow conditions report for La Tania, a neighbouring village to Meribel, told the BBC that visibility was good in the area on Sunday.
"There was about 20cm of snow late on Saturday and overnight.
"On Sunday morning the snow was very light and the skies were clear - perfect skiing conditions."
But despite this and a similar snowfall earlier in the week, off-piste snow cover was patchy, he said.
"There have been quite high winds, so there are areas with good snow cover, but where it's exposed there's not much snow."
'Fighting spirit'

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher
  • Born: 3 January 1969
  • First GP win: Belgium 1992
  • Last GP win: China 2006
  • Races started: 303
  • Wins: 91 (155 podium finishes)
  • Championships: 7 (1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
Schumacher, who turns 45 on 3 January, retired from F1 for a second time in 2012.
He won seven world championships and secured 91 race victories during his 19-year career.
The driver won two titles with Benetton, in 1994 and 1995, before switching to Ferrari in 1996 and going on to win five straight titles from 2000.
He retired in 2006, and was seriously hurt in a motorcycling accident in Spain three years later, during which he suffered neck and spine injuries.
Schumacher managed to recover and made a comeback in F1 with Mercedes in 2010.
After three seasons which yielded just one podium finish, he quit the sport at the end of last year.
The Mercedes F1 team said their thoughts and prayers were with Schumacher and his family.
The team tweeted that the driver had "amazing fighting spirit".
British retired F1 driver David Coulthard said that "if anyone knows how to muster inner strength and determination then there's no doubt in my mind Michael Schumacher is the man to do it".
He told BBC News that Schumacher was "risk averse" as an F1 competitor, like other drivers - contrary to the popular image of the sport.
"It's all about finding the limits of your car, and staying within the limits," he said.
A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she and her government were, like millions of Germans, "extremely shocked".
"We hope, with Michael Schumacher and with his family, that he can overcome and recover from his injuries," the spokesman said.
BBC map showing location of Meribel and Grenoble

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Daawo: Musharaxiinta Puntland oo Bayaan ka soo saaray Kulan ay ku yesheen Garoowe

Musharaxiinta Maamulka Puntland ayaa maanta Kulan ay ku yeeshen Magaalasda Garoowe ee Xarunta Puntlad waxaa ay ku soo saareen Bayaan ku aadan Doorashada dhaawan ka dhici doonto Magaalada Garoowe halkan sii Akhriso :Musharaxiinta Puntland oo Bayaan ka soo saaray Kulan ay ku yesheen Garoowe

Qaraxyo Khasaaro Ba’an geystay oo Ka dhacay Shabeelaha Hoose

Wararka ka imaanaya Degmada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose ayaa ku soo warramaya in Qarax Miino oo Khasaaro Geystay Ciidamo ka tirirsan kuwa doowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya halkaasi lagula eegtay.
Gaariga Qaraxa lala Bartilmaamsaday ayaa waxaa Saarnaa Ciidamo iyo Saraakiil Dowladda Soomaaliya ka tirsan kuwaasi oo ay ka mid yihiin Taliyaha Guutada 5aad ee Ciidanka dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya Xasan Dheere iyo Taliyaha Ururka Labaad ee Guutada 5aad C/llaahi Cali Hurdaaye.
Goob Joogayaalm Shabelle la hadlay ayaa sheegay in Gaariga Khasaaro xoog leh uu gaarsiiyay Qaraxaasi inkastoo aan la ogeyn Xaddiga Khasaaraha uu geystay Qaraxaasi.
Dhanka kale War naga soo gaaray Deegaanka Janaale ee Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose yaa tilmaamaya inb qarax Miino uu ka dhacay Meel ay fariisan jireen Ciidamo ka tirsan kuwa dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya.
Inta la xaqiijiyay Ku dhawaad 10 Askari ayaa la xaqiijiyay In Qaraxaasi ay ku dhinteen tiro kalena ay ku dhaawacmeen.

Si kastab Maalmihii dambe aya Xaaladda Ammaan ee Gobolka Shabeelah Hoose waxa ay aheyd mid aan caga badan ku taagneen iyadoo Maamulka Gobolkaasina uu dhawaan quus ka muujiyay Nabad Gelyada Gobolka.

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Deg Deg - Weerar Lagu Qaadey gegadda Dayuuradaha ee Guri Ceel

Guriceel (Caasimada Online) Inta la ogyahay labo qof ayaa ku dhaawacantay weerar saakay aroortii kooxo hubeysan ay ku qaadeen garoonka diyaaradaha magaalada Guriceel ee gobalka Galgaduud.
Weerarka ayaa la sheegay in uu yimid markii la isku qabsaday lacag canshuur ah oo laga qaado diyaaradaha qaadka keena, sida ay lee yihiin goobjoogayaasha.
Dadka dhaawacmay ayaa la sheegay in uu ku jiro mid ka mid ah kooxda weerarka soo qaaday, halka qof kalena uu ahaa qof garoonka ku sugnaa.
Waxaa istaagay dhmmaan howsha garoonka markii is-rasaaseenta ay billaabatay, waxaana kooxda weerarka soo qaaday ay weli ku sugan gudaha garoonka.
Arrintan ayaa maalmahan soo taagneyd, waxaana ay keentay in garoonka shaley oo dhan uu xayirnaa oo wax duyuurad ah aysan ka soo dagin.
Ma jirto wax waan ah oo hadda socota oo ku aadan in howshii garoonka ay dib u soo laabato, waxaana garoonka ku go’doonsan dad doonayay in aadaan gobalada dalka.
Faah-faahin kala soco wararka soo socda
Caasimada Online
Xafiiska Wararka Muqdisho

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Maleeshiyaad ku dhex dagaalamay Caasimada Liibiya ee Tripoli

NOVEMBER 8, 2013

Dad ku dhaw 10 qof ayaa ku dhaawacmay, ugu yaraana waxaa ku dhintay hal qof iska horimaadyo ku dhexmaray magaalada Tripoli caasimada dalka Liibiya maleeshiyaad iska soo horjeeda.
Dagaalada u dhaxeeya maleeshiyaadka hubeysan ayaa sii xoogeysanayey muddooyinkii danbe iyadoo inta badan maleeshiyaadka kasoo qeyb qaatay kacdoonkii xukunka looga tuuray Col.Qadaafi ay diideen inay hubkooda ku wareejiyaan dowlada Liibiya.
Dagaalka xalay ayaa la isu adeegsaday hubka tiknikada soomaalida u taqaan iyo waliba lidka diyaaradaha.
Mas’uuliyiinta u hadashay dowlada Liibiya ayaa ugu baaqay maleeshiyaadka hubeysan inay hubkooda soo wareejiyaan, iyagoo ka digay hadii aysan taasi dhicin in dalka Liibiya isu bedali doono sida dalka Soomaaliya, waa sida ay hadalka u dhigeenee.
Horseed Media 2013

Garoowe:- Akhri Qodobo muhiim u ah Doorashada Puntland oo Isimadu soo saareen

28. december 2013 Allpuntland
isimada Puntland ayaa Maanta soo saaray go'aan kasoo saaray arimaha doorashada Puntland.

Isimada Puntland ayaa go' aankooda ku cadeeyay in doorashada Puntland ay dhacayso xiligeedii.

Hoos ka akhri Qodobada.

1:- Isimadu waxay isla qaateen in doorshada puntland ay dhacdo xilligii loogu talagalay ee 8-deeda janaayo sanadka 2014-ka aysana ka dib dhici dooni.

2- :Isimada Puntland Waxay go’aamiyeen in aysan guddiga xalinta khilaafaadka iyo xulida xildhibaanada aysan shaacin Karin kuna dhawaaqi karin xubnaha golaha wakiilada ee cusub ilaa Isimadu ay ka turxaan bixinayaan waxyaabaha la isku haysto.

3 - :Waxay isimada Puntland u diyaaryihiin in ay xaliyaan wax walba oo la isku hayo, khilaafna uu ka jiro si doorasho xalaal ay wadanka uga dhacod

shirka maanta go'aanka ay kasoo saareen isimada Puntland ayaa mudooyinkaan ka socday caasimada Puntland ee Garoowe.

Xafiiska Wararka Allpuntland, Garoowe

DEG DEG: Isimada Puntand oo isku khilaafsan Go’nkii soo baxay.

Garoowe (RBC RADIO) isimada Puntland Go’aankii ay maanta soo saareen waxaa ka maqnaa oo aan ku sugnayn Islaan Ciise Islaan Maxamed Islaan Muuse iyo Suldaan Siciid Maxamed garaase oo Isimadii nugaaleed ah iyadoo la sheegayo in Isimo kale ay maqan yihiin, lamana garanayo wax yaabaha dhabta ah oo ay isimadu isku khilaafsan yihiin iyadoo horay loo ogaa in khilaafku uu u dhexeeyey Musharaxiinta iyo Madaxweynaha hadase ay isimadii u Gudubtay.
2da Isin iyo Salaadiin kale ayaan Goob joog ahayn Kulankii Shalayto galab Isimadu yeesheen iyo kii maanta Go’aanka laga soo saaray iyadoo aysan jirin cid wali wax war ah Saxaafada ka siisay Khilaafka Isimada u dhexeeya iyo waxyaabaha is diidan oo ay isku mari la’yihiin, dadka Qaarkii ayaa hadal haya In isimadu ay la kala Safteen Musharaxinta halka warar kale ay sheegayaan in Isimada qaar ay isku khliaafeen Shir gudoominta oo Burhaan boqor Muuse uu isagu isu soo taagay halka mar walba shir gudoonka uu ahaan jiray Islaan Ciise Islaan Maxamed, waxaa kaloo la sheegaya in uu qayb ka yahay khilaafku arimaha soo xulista Xildhibaanada qaasatan Gobolka Nugaal gaar ahaan Burtinle oo midba uu gaarkii u sheegtay in uu isaga soo xulidoono Islaan Ciise iyo Islaan Bashiir.
Si Kastaba ha ahaatee. Qaramada Midoobay  ayaa ku riixaysa isimada in ay Go’aan deg deg ah qaataan waqtiga doorashooyinkana aan laga dib dhicin inkastoo waqtigu uu aad u yaryahay Walina aan la shaacin Xildhibaanada lana kala hufin Musharaxiinta badan ee xilka Puntland isu soo taagay.
Wixii warar ah ee kusoo kordha kala soco Raxanreeb Online.
Xafiiska Wararka Garoowe.

Faah faahin: Maamulka Guriceel oo ka hadlay Weerar lagu qaaday Garoonka Diyaaradaha

Guriceel (Sh M Network)– waxaa Maanta Weerar Xoogan, Halkan ka sii Akhriso Faah faahin: Maamulka Guriceel oo ka hadlay Weerar lagu qaaday Garoonka Diyaaradaha

isbaarooyin markale la soo dhigay Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose

Wararka ka imaanaya Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose ayaa ku soo warramaya in deegaanadii dhawaan ay ku dagaalameen Beelaha Walaalaha ah iminka la soo dhigay Isbaarooyin kala duwan.
Imaam Cumar Macallin oo ka mid ah waxgarad arrintaasi kaga shiray Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa isagoo la hadlaya Raadiyaha Shabelle waxa uu kaga digay dadka mar welibaa ku howlan Jid gooyooyinka in ay ka waantoobaan arrintaasi.
“Runtii dhaawacyada damqinaya Heshiiska la gaaray ee in laga wada shaqeeyo Nabad gelyada Gobolka ahaa ayey ka mid tahay” ayuu yiri Imaamku.
Dhawaan ayaa Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya waxa ay shaaca ka qaaday in ay qaaday Isbaarooyinkii Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose intooda badan

Maamulka Afgooye oo qeylo dhaan ka muujiyay Ammaanka degmadaasi…Sawiro

Xildhibaanno Baarlamaanka Ka tirsan,  Saraakiil iyo Waxgarad ka soo jeeda Degmada Afgooye ee Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose ayaa maanta waxa ay booqasho ku tageen degmadaasi.
Booqashada Xubnahani ayaa ka dambeysay kadib dil Xalay Gudaha degmada Afgooye loogu geystay Nabadoon ku dhaqnaan Gudaha Degmadaasi kaasi oo Lagu Magacaabi jiray Suldaan C/qaadir Suldaan Baliile oo isagu Maanta lagu aasay Gudaha Degmadaasi Afgooye.
Maamulka Degmada Afgooye oo Masuuliyiin ka tirsan  ay Saxaafadda la hadleyn ayaa waxa ay qeylo dhaan ka Muujiyeen Xaaladda ammaan ee degmadaasi iyagoo ku eedeey in amni darrida halkaasi ka jirtaa ay ku lugleeyihiin Ciidamada Milatariga dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya.
C/llaahi Axmed Ibeey Guddoomiyaha Degmada Afgooye oo hadalkiisa sii wata ayaa shaaca ka qaaday dhanka kale in dilalka qorsheysan ee ka dhacaya Gudaha Degmada Afgooye qorshaha iyo u jeedka laga leeyahay ay tahay in lagu carqaladeeyo Ammaanka degmada sida uu hadalka u dhigay.
Guddoomiyaha oo hadalkiisa sii wata ayaa ku baaqay in Degmada loo soo celiyo Ciidamadii Buliiska iyo Kuwa Nabad Sugida balse aan lagu  halleyn ammaanka degmada Ciidamada Milatariga oo uu sheegay in qudhooda ay qeyb ka yihiin Falalka amni xumi dadka degmada ka geysta.
Xildhibaan Cali Yuusuf Cismaan ( Cali Ganeey ) oo ka tirsan Xildhibaanada Baarlamaanka ee ka soo jeeda Gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose ayaa isagoo ka mid ahaa Masuuliyiinta Maanta booqashada ku tagay degmada Afgooye waxa uu sheegay in wax amaan ah uusan ka jirin degmada Afgooye.
Si kastaba Xalay ayaa Degmada Afgooye waxaa lagu dilay Nabadoon Caan ahaa oo la sheegay in ay qaarijyeen Kooxo bastoolado ku hubeeysnaa oo aan Heybtooda la aqoon.

Coronavirus Is Battering Africa’s Growing Middle Class

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