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Ethiopia expects surplus harvest

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Friday, 31 December 2010 06:36
Ethiopia is waiting to collect around 22 million tons of harvest from this year's agriculture, which is said to be a record in its harvest history, APA learns here on Thursday. The Ethiopian Central Statistics Authority said that the surplus harvest was obtained due to the good rainy season this year as well the increase of land that has been utilized for agricultural purposes.

It is reported that this year's harvest will exceed that of the previous year by around 240,000 (...)- Food/ Society, COMESA, ETHIOPIE, Food
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Somaliland frees Russians over weapons for Puntland


Somaliland frees Russians over weapons for Puntland


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Three Russians are among six air crew freed in Somalia's breakaway Somaliland territory a day after they were jailed for arms smuggling, officials say.
The Russian foreign ministry said it had intervened to "clarify the situation and settle the incident".
Their aircraft was seized earlier this month carrying military equipment bound for the neighbouring semi-autonomous state of Puntland.
The company behind the flight, Saracens International, denied it was illegal.
Initial reports said all six of the crew were Russian but the Itar-Tass news agency says only three were Russian citizens.
The nationality of the other three remains unclear.
A court in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, on Thursday sentenced the six to a year in jail and fined them $500 (£320) for supplying military equipment to an enemy.
The uniforms and mines which were found on board the aircraft were confiscated by the court.
Reports say the Russians were told that if they paid a larger fine they would serve a shorter sentence.
Some South African journalists on the plane, which had landed without permission in Hargeisa to refuel, were released earlier.
BBC Africa analyst Martin Plaut says that this is a very murky case and that many elements of it are unclear.
Disputed territory
After the crew were arrested the interior minister of Somaliland, Mohamed Abdi Gaboosi, said the cargo was in violation of the United Nations arms embargo on Somalia.
Saracens - a private military contractor, which is based in Uganda and South Africa - told the BBC at the time that the cargo was destined for its operation in Puntland, where it is training an anti-piracy force.
Somaliland declared itself independent from Somalia in the early 1990s, but is not internationally recognised. It is relatively stable, unlike the rest of Somalia, and organises regular elections.
However, it has a border dispute with Puntland and the two security forces occasionally clash.
Unlike Somaliland, Puntland says it does not seek recognition as an independent entity, wishing instead to be part of a federal Somalia.
Somalia has not had an effective national government since 1991.

Somalia football ends the year on a high note

Fifteen Somali regional teams are currently competing in a football tournament in Punt Land Sate in Somalia. This historic tournament organized by Somali Football Federation and Punt Land State .

More than 400 players; administrators and officials turn out for the event at which coaching clinics and seminars have been run. CAF Education Officer Ali Mohamed Ahmed has been leading some of the course and training of among others, coaches, referees, administrators and sports medicine officials.

According to Ali Mohamed the enthusiasm and interest has been very encouraging and bodes well for football development in Somalia.

The football tournament is expected to end on 31st of December with the final match of the competition.  

Source: CAF  

Somali capital wins regional soccer tournament

The boys from Banadir region where Somalia’s capital Mogadishu is located have won the country’s regional football tournament for peace and development after defeating their Bari region rivals by a goal to nothing in the final match on Friday afternoon.
Banadir Region Team
Banadir’s 17 year old striker Ali Mohamed Awow scored the golden goal for his team in the 4th minute of the hotly-contested match against Bari region.
High profile dignitaries including Puntland regional president Abdirahman Mohamed Faroole, Somali NOC first vice president Duran Ahmed Farah, ministers, MPs and governors of both Banadir and Bari regions were present at the stadium nearly an hour before the beginning of the final match.
“Before travelling to Garowe I had more confidence in my young boys and they really scored the victory I have been expecting from them in the past” Banadir region’s coach Abdullahi Siyad Mohamed told reporters after his side won the trophy.Read More

Hogaamiyaha Shabaab oo ka digay abaabulo dagaal oo ka socda Jabuuti

Hogaamiyaha ugu sareeya Xarakada Al Shabaab ayaa ka digay qorshayaal ka dhan ah Al Shabaab oo ka socda dalka Jabuuti.

Amiirka Xarakada Al Shabaab Sheekh Muqtaar C/raxmaan Abuu Subayr oo fariin maqal ah uu soo duubay lasoo gaarsiiyay qaar ka mid ah warbaahinta magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa uu ka digay abaabulo dagaal iyo qorshayaal cusub oo uu sheegay in ay ka socdaan wadanka jabuuti, waxana uu tilmamay in loo baahan yahay in Shabaab iyo taageerayaashooda ay ka hortagaan qorshe yaashaasi.

Abuu Subayr waxaa uu sidoo kale soo hadal qaaday shirkado shisheeye oo uu sheegay in qorshayaal ay ka wadaan gudaha wadanka Soomaaliya iyo Hay’ado calooshood u shaqaystayaal ah oo qorshayaal ka dhan ah Al Shabaab iyana ka wada gudaha wadanka Soomaaliya gaar ahaan magaalada Muqdisho sida uu hadalka u dhigay.Sii Akhri

No Damage Control for Somalia’s Reputation and Global Integrity

“Somalia could further sink into the league of "most corrupt" unless the Somali government ministers led by Prime Minister Farmaajo take bold and concrete damage control moves in convincing the world that he is listening and doing something about it, and come-up anti-corruption plan.”

Recently most Somali media are populated the sad reality and state of our country Somalia, where corruption and lack of accountability have become something of a cancer eating into the fabric of the Somalia society and uprooting every social value, structure and institution from its very foundations. It is the norm and intrinsically expected that average Somali minister or official signing contracts to the foreign investors. Setting a bad and very dangerous precedence of fleecing the country and whatever little that is left. Read More

Amiirka Ugu Sareeya Al-Shabaab oo Markii ugu Horaysay ka Hadlay Abaaraha Ka Jira Gobalada Soomaaliya (Dhageyso)

Muqdisho RBC Radio) Inta badan gobalada wadanka Soomaaliya waxaa ka taagan abaaro kuwaasi oo saamayn balaaran kuyeeshay dadka iyo waliba duunyada ku nool gobalada Soomaaliya oo ay haatan hala keeyeen abaaraha.
Markii ugu horaysay ayaa waxaa ka hadlay abaaraha ka jira Soomaaliya Hogaamiyaha ugu Sareeya Kooxda Al-Shabaab Sheekh Muqtaar Sheekh C/rixmaan Abuu Subayr waxa uuna sheegay in haatan inta badan golada Soomaaliya ay ku dhufteen abaaro.Sii Akhri

Warbixin: Tirokoobkii ugu Dambeeyey ee Khasaaraha Dhimasho & Dhaawac ee Wadanka Soomaaliya.

Muqdisho RBC Radio) Marka la eego wadanka  Soomaaliya todobaadkaan waxaa ku geeriyooday inta la ogyahay 14 ruux Halka ay ku dhaawacmeen dad kale oo tiradoodu gaarayso 33 ruux.
Arintaan ayaa waxaa lagu ogaaday tirokoobka todobaadalahaa oo ay RBC Radio ka samayso todobaad walba dhamaanba gobolada  wadanka Soomaaliya.
Maalinimadii Sabtiga ahayd ee horaantii Todobaadkaan oo ay taariiqdu ahayd  Dec,25, Dagaalo iyo duqaymo xoogan ayaa waxa ay ka dhaceen qaybo ka mid ah magaalada Muqdisho.
Duqayntaan ayaa waxa ay sababtay dhimasho iyo dhaawac waxaaana inta la ogyahay ku geeriyooday ilaa iyo 2 halka ay ku dhaawacmeen ilaa iyo 5 ruux oo kaleSII AKHRI

Ethiopian Private Banks Neglect Agriculture

Agriculture sector, which contributes 43 percent to Ethiopia’s GDP, gets smaller quantity of loans from Ethiopian private banks over last year, a new report reveals.
Banking Sector Review 2010’, which is prepared by Access Capital S.C and released today indicated that all the private banks focused on four major areas of investment neglecting agriculture.

“For the private banking industry as a whole, the top four sectors to which loans are provided are Domestic Trade and Services (29 percent of total loans), Exports (15.3 percent), Manufacturing (15 percent) and Construction (15 percent),” states the report, which reviewed 12 private last year’s (2009/10 fiscal year) performance.

According to the report, only NIB International Bank gave the greatest share of total loans at (6 percent of loans) to agriculture while the rest provided from 0.2 percent up to 5 percent of their total loan to the sector.
Read More
Source Access capital S.C.

Ethiopia’s Derg: Guilty of GENOCIDE or POLITICIDE? Eskinder Nega

Remarkably small and frail for his famed ferocity, imprisoned Major Melaku Tefera almost always stood in the proud poise of a solider half his age, utterly expressionless—the picture perfect stoic— as he listened attentively to multitude of witnesses’

account of his dreaded years at the helm of Begemder and Simen, one of Ethiopia’s twelve provinces in the 70’s.
Hot-tempered and ambitious (but probably impeded by having graduated at the bottom of his class—34th out of 38, according to a recent book),Melaku was barely 25 years old when he stormed in to the near-anarchic regional capital, Gonder, as an administrator-extraordinaire allotted with unlimited power. Confronted by an urban youth that had almost rebelled against the state in its virtual entirety, and a well-armed rural based opposition, EDU, an outfit led by close relatives and senior officials of deposed Haile-Selassie, inexperienced Melaku was supremely under-qualified to be any regime’s point-man to stave off disaster in a critical province. But stave off disinter was exactly what he went on to do—surprising both his friends and critics.Read More

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Face of Defense: Officer Uses French-Speaking Skills in Africa

By Air Force Staff Sgt. Heather Stanton
Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa Public Affairs
CAMP LEMONNIER, Djibouti, Dec. 30, 2010 – An Air Force officer deployed here employs her ability to speak French to communicate with local Djiboutians and with other international partners throughout eastern Africa.

Click photo for screen-resolution image
Air Force Capt. Sylvia Kim demonstrates how to splint a broken leg to members of the Burundian National Defense Force during a Tactical Combat Casualty Care course Nov. 8, 2010, in Burundi, Africa. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Heather Stanton

(Click photo for screen-resolution image);high-resolution image available.
Capt. Sylvia Kim speaks fluent French, one of the official languages of Djibouti and a dominant language throughout the African continent. Realizing her skill could benefit Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, Kim volunteered for her current position as medical planner for the Joint Operations Directorate with CJTF-HOA.

"The knowledge of the language has been essential [while deployed to CJTF-HOA]," Kim said. "French and Arabic are the official languages in Djibouti, French being the operational language. It's been essential in communicating and networking with the local Djiboutians and the camp staff and also imperative with correspondence with the Djiboutian government."
Kim accomplishes much of the official correspondence translation for the task force commander as well as translating presentations.
Not only does Kim use her talent at work, she also shares her knowledge as a basic French language course instructor on Camp Lemonnier in her free time.
"Captain Kim is well organized, inspirational and a patient teacher," said Navy Lt. Kittima Boonsirisermsook, the camp dental officer and one of Captain Kim's French students. "Most of us [students] had hardly ever spoken a word of French before our first class. We were given a lot of class material, a lot of instruction, repetition and practice."Read More

The Somali Manifesto and what should have been

By MOHAMED HAJI  (email the author)

Posted Sunday, December 26 2010 at 17:10
The making of the Somali Manifesto twenty years ago was a turning point in Somali history.
On May 15 1990, something of a miracle happened in Mogadishu when 114 intellectual and economic élites consisting of the most brilliant politicians as well as prominent professionals of the nation issued an manifesto and sent it to Somali dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, urging him to step down in order to salvage the nation from complete collapse. That manifesto was prophetic.
The Somali élites, later to be called ‘Manifesto group’, explicitly wrote:
We, the undersigned elders, who took part in the national struggle for independence – sultans and chiefs of the Somali communities from the various regions, religious leaders, businessmen, intellectuals and others – strongly and unanimously feel that we can no longer remain passive spectators, nor ignore the duties and responsibilities that we owe to our people and our country, both from Somali and Islamic points of view, given the sufferings, the bloodshed and the incalculable loss of life and property that our people have suffered for so long; as well as all the consequent unforeseeable and negative repercussion and risks that these may result vis-à-vis our national integrity and security.
Among others things, we are deeply disturbed by;Read More

Somalia: Not Much Changed in 2010

In Somalia, 2010 saw a continuation of fighting between militant groups and the forces loyal to the Transitional Federal Government (TFG).  And Somalia continued to be home to one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters.

Former U.S. ambassador David Shinn says, “If you look at the total picture, the situation at the end of the year is very much like it was at the beginning of the year.”
Politics and security
“Taking the political situation first,” he says, “the one positive note is that there were many analysts during the course of the year who predicted the total collapse of the Transitional Federal Government sometime during 2010.  That didn’t happen.  So, the worst case scenario was clearly avoided.”Read More

Somalia: Somaliland 'loots' air cargo after plane makes emergency landing

Authorities in Somalia's unrecognized separatist region of Somaliland have fined a cargo plane, confiscated all materials on board and sentenced the plane's crew to jail terms, Radio Garowe reports.

Abdirahman Jama Hayan, the judge at Hargeisa Regional Court, sentenced the six crew members to one-year jail terms. Court documents state that the crew members can buy off their sentence instead of serving the full one-year term.Read More
A court in Somaliland capital of Hargeisa made the ruling on Thursday. The plane's six crew members, who are reportedly of Russian origin, were charged with delivering weapons to an enemy.

Somali parliament orders contracts suspended

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- Somalia's parliament on Thursday ordered the government to suspend several security and infrastructure contracts with foreign companies because the agreements did not have parliamentary approval.
Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed told parliament the contracts were signed before he took office in October and asked for four weeks to investigate them. Deputy Speaker Abdiwali Mudey granted Mohamed's request.
One of the contracts debated Thursday concerns an Uganda-based company, Saracen International.
Numerous Somali officials have identified it as the security contractor involved in a controversial program to train and fund anti-piracy forces in Somalia. An ex-CIA deputy station chief and a former U.S. ambassador are also involved in the program. Read More

Soomaaliland Oo Xukun Ku Riday Duuliyaasha Diyaaradii Ku Xanibneyd Hargeysa

Hargeysa (RBC Radio):- Maxkamada magaalada Hargeysa ee maamulka Soomaaliland ayaa xukun ku riday lix nin oo duuliyaal ah oo waday diyaarad la sheegay in ay hub u siday Puntland oo maalmahan ku xanibneyd Garoonka diyaaradaha ee magaalada Hargeysa ee maamulka Soomaaliland.
Maxkamada ayaa duuliyaasha ku xukuntay min hal sano oo xarig ah iyo lacag dhan 500$ Doolar, iyadoo Gudoomiyaha maxkamadu sheegay in ay iibsan karaan xariga halka sano ee lagu xukumay
Sii Akhri

Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Oo Soo Gaarey Puntland (Sawiro)

Gaalkacyo (RBC Radio):- Gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Maxamuud Axmed Tarsan ayaa maanta ka soo degay Garoonka diyaaradaha ee magaalada Gaalkacyo ee gobolka Mudug.
Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho iyo wafdiga uu horkacayo ee gobolka Banaadir ayaa ku wajahan magaalada Garowe ee caasimada Dowladda Puntland halkaasi oo uu ka soconayo tartanka kubada cagta ee gobolada dalka Soomaaliya.
Wafdiga Gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ayaa waxaa Garoonka diyaaradaha ee magaalada Gaalkacyo ku soo dhoweeyay Gudoomiyaha gobolka Mudug Mudane Axmed Cali Salaad Sii Akhri

Somalia: Govt Forces, Ethiopian Military Clash in Central Region

Belet-Weyne — At least one Somali soldier and another civilian injured after the transitional federal government forces clashed with Ethiopian military troops in Hiran region of central Somalia, reports said on Thursday.
The confrontation, which lasted a limited amount of time, sparked after Ethiopian forces took a Somali soldier into custody in Jawil district just out side of Belet-weyne town, the regional capital of Hiran. 
Read More

Somalia football ends the year on a high note

Fifteen Somali regional teams are currently competing in a football tournament in Punt Land Sate in Somalia. This historic tournament organized by Somali Football Federation and Punt Land State .

More than 400 players; administrators and officials turn out for the event at which coaching clinics and seminars have been run. CAF Education Officer Ali Mohamed Ahmed has been leading some of the course and training of among others, coaches, referees, administrators and sports medicine officials.

According to Ali Mohamed the enthusiasm and interest has been very encouraging and bodes well for football development in Somalia.

The football tournament is expected to end on 31st of December with the final match of the competition.  

Source: CAF  

Qorshe Weerar ah oo ku Wajahan Kismaayo [Warar Hordhac ah oo Soo Baxay]

Muqdisho (RBC) Sida ay tibaaxeen ilo wareedyo militari oo ku sugan magaalada Muqdisho waxay DKMG iyo ciidanka Amisom ee ku sugan Muqdisho si wadajir ah u bilaabeen duulaan xoogan oo ku wajahan magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta gobolka Jubbada hoose.
Warkaan oo RBC Radio ka heley ilo militari oo xasaasi ah ayaa muujinaya shax labo geesood ah oo lagu doonayo in Amisom iyo DKMG kula wareegaan magaalada dekeda ee Kismaayo halkaasoo ay maamulaan waqtigan maamulka Al Shabaab isla markaana ah isha ugu weyn ee dhaqaalaha uu ka soo galo Al Shabaab.
Maalintii Jimcaha 24 December waxaa magaalada Muqdisho soo gaaray taliyaha ciidanka militariga ee wadanka Uganda kaasoo si qarsoodi ah ku yimid Muqdisho, isla markaana wuxuu habeenimadii Sabtida ku hoyday xerada Amisom ugu weyn ee Muqdisho ugu taala ee Xalane.  Taliyahaasi yaa kulamo albaabada u xiran yihiin wuxuu la qaatay madaxweynaha DKMG Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed, Raisul wasaaraha Maxamed C/laahi Farmaajo iyo taliyaha ciidanka militariga ee DKMG Soomaaliya.
Wax badan lagama oga ujeedada dhabta ah ee kulankan balse warar lagu kalsoonaan karo ayaa RBC Radio u sheegay in taliyahaasi iyo madaxda TFG Soomaaliya ay ka wada hadleen sidii loo balaarin lahaa hawgalka ciidanka Amisom ee gudaha magaalada Muqdisho.  Waxaa sidoo kale shaaca halkaasi looga qaaday in Amisom talaabada xigta ay u noqon doonto magaalada dekeda leh ee Kismaayo halkaana ay kala wareegi doonto Al Shabaab.
Ciidamo laga daadgureynayo dekeda Muqdisho
Wararkan aanu kahelnay qaar ka mid ah saraakiisha ciidamada dowlada Soomaaliya ayaa waxay kaloo noo xaqiijiyeen in durba Muqdisho ay yimaadeen 4-kun askari oo kale oo ka socda wadanka Sii Akhri

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

AMISOM condemns attack on civilians

AMISOM Force Commander, Major General Nathan Mugisha, has strongly condemned an attack on Wednesday afternoon at a civilian house near the base camp. He described the attack as cowardly and an act of desperation meant to divert the public from several internal wrangles that the extremists are experiencing in the wake of the so-called recent merger.

A mortar fired at a civilian house injured 3 children and an elderly woman as hundreds of Somali patients were waiting nearby to enter the main AMISOM compound. The four wounded who received treatment from the AMISOM Read More

Somali Shabaab's threat to strike U.S. seen empty

Somalia's Islamist al Shabaab rebels are seen as lacking the numbers and unity of purpose to carry out a threat by one of their leaders to attack the United States on its own territory.
Fuad Mohamed Khalaf, number three in the group, said on Monday the al Qaeda-linked Islamists would carry out attacks in the United States if President Barack Obama and American citizens did not convert to Islam.
While al Shabaab managed to carry out a major bomb attack in Uganda earlier this year, Somalia analysts based in the country and outside this week dismissed the threat against Washington as propaganda.
"I do not believe al Shabaab can implement its threat to the U.S. It is more propaganda," Rage Farah, a history lecturer at a Mogadishu university, told Reuters.
"Al Shabaab itself admits that it failed to overcome AU (African Union) forces. They may threaten Uganda, countries that are within their reach."Read More

Sheekh Xasan Yacquub: Anaga iyo Ciidankeena waxaan u Soconaa Muqdisho

Muqdisho (RBC) Afhayeenka mamulka Shabaab ee magaalada Kismaayo  Sheekh Xasan Yacquub Cali ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in ciidamo tiro badan ay diyaarsadeen si ay weerar ugu soo qaadaan magaalada Muqdisho oo ay ku dagaalamayaan ciidamada DKMG, Amisom iyo xarakada Shabaab.
Afhayeenka Shabaabka Kismaayo ayaa hadalkan ka sheegay mudaaharaad shalay galab lagu qabtay fagaare ku yaala gudaha magaalada Kismaayo kaasoo ay ka soo qeybgaleen dadweyne tiro badan.
Mudaaharaadkaasi oo uu soo abaabulay maamulka Kismaayo ayaa ujeedkiisu ahaa in taageero loogu muujiyo kubiiristii Xasan Daahir Aweys uu ku biiray xarakada Shabaab, waxaana goobtaasi laga jeediyey khudbado ay dadka u jeedinayeen saraakiil ka tirsan Shabaabka.
“Waxaan u soo soconaa sidii aan Muqdisho uga saari lahayn inta yar ee gaalada [Amisom] ee ku hartay qeybta yar ee magaalada Xamar” ,ayuu yiri Xasan Yacquub.Sii Akhri

Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Oo Lagu Wado Inuu Puntland Soo Gaaro

M. Tarsan, Gudoomiyaha Gobolka iyo Duqa Muqdisho
Gaalkacyo (RBC Radio):- Waxaa lagu wadaa in deegaanada Puntland uu soo gaaro wafdi uu horkacayo Gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Maxamuud Axmed Tarsan.
Gudoomiyaha guddiga qaban qaabada cayaaraha gobolada Soomaaliya ahna Wasiiru dowlaha Maamul wanaaga iyo Arimaha Madaxtooyada Puntland Mudane Maxamed Faarax Ciise (Gaashaan) ayaa warbaahinta u xaqiijiyey in wafdi uu horkacayo Gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir ahna Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Maxamuud Axmed Tarsan ay soo gaari doonaan Puntland.
Mudane Gaashaan ayaa waxaa uu sheegay in Duqa Magaalada Muqdisho Maxamuud Tarsan uu la soo xiriiray Guddiga qabanqaabada cayaaraha gobolada ee ka socda magaalada Garowe, isagoo ka codsadey in loo ogolaado ka soo qeybgalka cayaaraha gobolada Soomaaliya, iyadoo codsiga ka yimid Duqa magaalada Muqdisho na ay aqbaleen Guddiga qabanqaabada cayaaraha.Sii Akhri

Djibouti's Head General Says Partnership with U.S. Provides Stability

STUTTGART, Germany,  Dec 29, 2010 — STUTTGART, Germany - Djibouti's chief of defense met with U.S. Africa Command’s top general and his staff December 13, 2010 at the command's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Major General Fathi Ahmed Houssein and General William "Kip" Ward discussed joint security cooperation activities and potential areas of further cooperation to enhance peace and security in East Africa and throughout the continent during the general's one-day visit.

Djibouti hosts approximately 3,000 U.S. and allied personnel at Camp Lemonnier, which is the only major U.S. military facility in Africa, though small teams of U.S. personnel work across the continent on short-term assignments. The main military organization at Camp Lemonnier is the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA). A component of U.S. AFRICOM, CJTF-HOA sends teams throughout the East Africa region to build partner nation capacity to promote regional security and stability, prevent conflict and protect U.S. and coalition interests.Read More

Is grad school for fools?

In response to “The disposable academic: why doing a PhD is often a waste of time” (Dec 16, 2010) in The Economist, I penned (rather, typed) the following letter (embellished for your amusement):
The holiday season seems like an appropriate time to justify my choice of a PhD program, since I’ll be doing just that in my aunt’s living room in a few short weeks.  Who better to comment on the uselessness of doctoral degrees than an American pursing a PhD in Canadian Studies? Read More

Ethiopia's biggest hydropower plant resumes operation after 11 months

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Ethiopia's biggest hydropower plant, without a dam, Gilgel Gibe II (GII), has resumed operation after 11  months since it collapsed in January 2010, state media reported. The state Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) had closed GII due to collapse in its main tunnel weeks after it was officially inaugurated at the beginning of the year.
Energy authorities and the country’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had then said that maintenance was to be completed in two months but the costly work in the tunnel took almost the entire year, leading to unannounced power shedding for months.
Read More

Ethiopia’s Crippled Agriculture (Analysis)

By Andualem Sisay
Sitting near St. Gabriel church, which is located next to the national palace here in Addis Ababa, Birrara Teketel, 27, stairs at the worshipers on a cloudy afternoon of December 28, 2010.
‘Sile Kidus Gebriel’ (meaning for the sake of St. Gabriel)’, he howls, seeking money or food from the followers of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians who steadily flow to attend St. Gabriel’s annual worship ceremony.

But, he is not a fulltime beggar. A month ago he was at home with his wife and two children in Mugad, Weldya of Amhara region, which is some 300 kms from Addis Ababa. He is a farmer who owns a plot of land his family sliced to him when got married eleven years ago.

“We can’t earn enough from agriculture for living since our land size is too small and we can only harvest once in a year,” says Birrara, whose land size enables him to produce up to five quintals of sorghum or teff during good harvest season. Read More
Birrara Teketel sitting next to another beggar around St.Gabriel Church, Kasanchis Dec. 28, 2010

Al-Shabab admit to public cruelty and abuse of power

The latest remarks by Shongole, a close confidant of Al-Shabab Commander Ahmed Abdi Godane – who is rarely seen in public and is believed to moving around dressed in a women dress and veil -- is short of admitting constant public mistreatment, killings, robbing and rape as they stand accused in the public opinion which has unfortunately became a way of life in many Al-Shabab held regions of southern Somalia.
By Guled Mohamed
Mogadishu, December 26 –The notorious Al-Shabab militants have finally admitted to mistreating the public blaming their barbarism to recent crushing defeats in the hands of the poorly funded Somali government and their backers African Union peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi.
In a rare public appearance in the agricultural rich district of Afgoye, 30 km west of the capital Mogadishu, Fuad Mohamed Khalaf aka Shongole, a senior Al-Shabab commander warned his accomplices of a severe blow to their fading rule should they continue mistreating the public.

Somalia: 17 dead in Mogadishu clashes, Aweys praises Al Shabaab

At least 17 people were killed in the Somali capital Mogadishu during Tuesday clashes, as Islamist leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys publicly declared his support for the merger of Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam insurgent factions, Radio Garowe reports.
The fighting started overnight Monday and continued into Tuesday, with Somali government forces and allied African peacekeepers (AMISOM) repelling attacks by Al Shabaab insurgents.
Most of the violence was concentrated around Mogadishu's Hodan, Bondhere and Abdiaziz districts. Medical workers reported more than 32 wounded persons were admitted to local hospitals.Read More
Aweys [left] shares a laugh with Ali Dheere, Al Shabaab spokesman

The disposable academic

ON THE evening before All Saints’ Day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg. In those days a thesis was simply a position one wanted to argue. Luther, an Augustinian friar, asserted that Christians could not buy their way to heaven. Today a doctoral thesis is both an idea and an account of a period of original research. Writing one is the aim of the hundreds of thousands of students who embark on a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) every year. Read More

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Iran, Ethiopia ready for more ties

Following a meeting with a top Ethiopian envoy, Iran's caretaker foreign minister says Tehran is ready to expand ties with the African country.

In his meeting with Fisaheh Yemer, a special advisor to the Ethiopian foreign minister, Ali Akbar Salehi noted the two countries' age-old relations.

The top Iranian official said Tehran is prepared to enhance its relations with Addis Ababa in political, economic and cultural areas.

Salehi underscored that due to the strategic geographical position of Iran in the Middle East and Ethiopia in Africa, continued consultations between the two could help tackle regional crises.

The Ethiopian envoy, in turn, pointed to the deep-rooted political relations between Tehran and Addis Ababa, said an Iranian foreign ministry's statement. Read More

Ethiopia predicts victory against Islamists(did it really happen?)

MOGADISHU - Ethiopia said on Tuesday it was halfway to crushing Somali Islamists as its forces advanced on the religious movement's Mogadishu stronghold after a week of war in the Horn of Africa.
Somalia's envoy to Addis Ababa said Ethiopian troops were within 70km of the capital and could capture it in 24 to 48 hours.
Islamists countered that they were ready for a long war and any attempt to oust them would prove disastrous for their foes.Read More

French spy hostage 'still alive in Somalia'

PARIS — France has received "proof of life" of one of its secret agents held hostage by Islamists in Somalia since July 2009, the French foreign intelligence service DGSE said on Tuesday.
A DGSE source said the service had received from the kidnappers "a reply to a personal question" to which Denis Allex, a French secret agent kidnapped by an Islamist group, was able to respond, proving he was alive.
"No detail was given by his captors on the state of his health nor on his location or the conditions in which he is being held," the source added.
The source declined to give further details "for obvious reasons of discretion" given the "particularly difficult" negotiations under way with the kidnappers.
Allex was seized in Mogadishu on July 14, 2009, as was another French agent who was held by a different group, Hezb al-Islam, and freed the following month.
In June France's then foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, said Allex may have been held in the autonomous Puntland region of northern More

(NEW) WARGELIN #41 – Gudaha Safaaradda, Waxaan soo arkay, Xildhibaan Heesaya + siyaado

Barnaamijka laga wada daba dhacay ee todobaadlaha ah ee lagu magacaabo Wargelin ayaa sanadkiisii labaad galay, Barnaamijkan oo todobaad walba lagusoo qaato dhacdooyinka todobaadka, sheekooyinka Soomaalida Aduunka iyo waxyaabo fara badan oo dadka Soomaaliyeed xiisa galiya ayaa ku maqnaa fasax kadib markii uu u dhamaaday sanadkiisii koowaad oo ku dhamaaday guul iyo horumar.
Haddaba Todiobaadkan oo ah kiisii ugu horeeyay ayaa waxaa lagu soo qaatay gudaha Safaaraddii Soomaalida ee Nairobi sida laga dhigay iyo daawasho gaar ah oo aadan meel kale ka helayn kuna saabsan isbedelka iyo aragtida safaaradda, waxaa kaloo ka mid ah waxyaabaha lagu falanqaynayo todobaadkan waxyaabaha aan soo kusoo aragnay qurbaha, heesta 2010 loogu daawashada badnaa, filimaantii 2010 oo hadaadan daawan 6 daqiiqo lagaaga soo dhigay kuligood, Xildhibaan Heesaya (Waa kuma?) iyo siyaado.Sii Akhri

Maslah Maxamad Siyaad bare oo markii ugu horeysay ka caga dhigtay garoonka duulimaadka magaalada Kahrtoum

Waxaa soo gaaray wadanka sudan ee caasimada Khartoum Maslax Siyaad bare iyo Mas'uuliyiin kale oo ka tirsan dowladda soomaaliya, Socdaalka maslax iyo masuuliyiinta ayaa la sheegaya in uu yahay mid qarsoodi ah islamar ahaanta xili danbe la ogaaday in ay ku sugan yihiin masuuliyiintasi wadanka sudan,Sii Akhri

Sheekh Xasan Daahir Aweys oo Khudbadii ugu Horeysay kaga Hadlay Ku Biiriistii Al-Shabaab (Sawiro)

Afgooye (RBC) Xaflad balaaran oo shalay galabnimadii ka dhacday degmada Afgooye ee gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose loogana talagalay in lagu soo bandhigo qaabkii ay isugu biireen Al-Shabaab iyo Xisbul Islaam ayaa waxaa khudbad dheer ka jeediyey Sheekh Xasan Daahir Aweys.
Khudbadiisa ayaa Xasan Daahir Aweys wuxuu kaga hadlay qodobo dhowr ah oo ay ku jiraan qaabkii ay isugu biireen isaga iyo Al-Shabaab iyo xaalada ay hadda kadib ku wada shaqeyn doonaan. Iyadoo hareerahiisa ay fadhiyeen saraakisha Shabaab oo ay ugu horeeyaan Sheekh Fu’aad Shongole iyo Sheekh Cali Dheere.
Sheekh Xasan Daahir ayaa si gaar ah uga hadlay in sababta uu Shabaab uu ugu biiray ay tahay in la mideeyo maamulka balse aysan ahayn in iyaga laga diin fiicnaa. Wuxuuna yiri “Diinta ayaan ku midownay iyo manhajka saxda ah. Ninkii manhajka ka leexda isagaa ku ceebooaya”.Sii Akhri

Maamulka Xarakada Al-Shabaab ee gobolka Hiiraan ayaa sheegay iney isku soo dhiibeen askar ka goosatay ciidamada dowladda Soomaaliya

Maamulka Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Al Shabaab ee gobolka Hiiraan ayaa magaalada B/weyne ku soo bandhigay labo askari oo ay sheegeen iney ka soo goosteen ciidamada dowlada Somalia ee ku sugan hareeraha magaaladaasi, iskuna soo dhiibeen ciidamada Xarakada Al Shabaab.

Labada askari ee la soo bandhigay ayaa warbaahinta u sheegay in sababaha ay uga soo goosteen ciidamada dowlada Somalia ay tahay ka dib markii ay ku qanci waayeen sida ay sheegeen iney ka sii mid ahaadaan ciiidamadaas, ayna go’aan sadeen iney ku soo biiraan ciidamada Al Shabaab.Sii Akhri

Newly Appointed Ethiopian Ambassadors to Depart Shortly

December 28, 2010 -- Ethiopia’s recently appointed ambassadors will depart to their destinations in two weeks, according to the Capital.
Ethiopia’s leading partners, the United States of America, most European countries and China, have sent their agreements to host the appointees and in the coming two weeks their heads of government will receive Ethiopia’s top diplomats.
The European Union (EU) however is yet to notify the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs if it accepted the proposed appointee.
Former Minister of Works and Urban Development, Kassu Illala (PhD) – a cabinet minister turned diplomat- will be stationed in Brussels, Belgium as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the EU.
Former House Speaker Ambassador Teshome Toga is heading to Paris to become Ethiopia’s top diplomat there. 
Read More

Monday, 27 December 2010

2011: A Miracle Year for Somalia or More of The Same?

In January 2011 the Somali civil war will be exactly twenty years old.  Though hopes are dim, for there are no silver linings, and people – analysts and all – will be cynical as usual, we cannot dismiss altogether the possibility of a slim chance in this year for things to turn dramatically around and surprise us with a cessation of hostilities. The Almighty works in mysterious ways and He alone can change hearts and minds within the blink of an eye.  That is something immeasurably far above the capacity of mortal human beings to do or even attempt.   Those who read the Qur’an know full well that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was told: “ had you spent all that is in the earth, you could not have united their hearts, but Allah united them; surely, He is Mighty, Wise.” (Surah No.8,Verse 63).  
However, before the change of hearts and minds, which is an essential prerequisite for genuine reconciliation, it may well be possible for one or the other of the currently incompetent combatants (the combined forces of the TFG and AMISOM on the one hand and the united forces of the two Islamist factions - Shabaab and Hizbul-Islam - on the other) to end the stalemate in Mogadishu in the course of the year and emerge victorious.  However, a TFG/AMISOM victory in Mogadishu is not likely to change the situation much in the immediate future because much of the surrounding areas and all the contiguous regions are in the hands of the Islamists, and these latter can always retreat, regroup and relaunch their attacks on the capital.  If they fail to retake the capital they will at least resort to a war of attrition and prevent TFG/AMISOM from expanding into the hinterland; consequently, TFG/AMISOM will hardly have a day’s rest. If, conversely, the Islamists manage to overrun the combined forces of TFG and AMISOM (which is possible but not probable) it will be much easier for them to unite the country under their rule.Read More

Ethiopian Jews on hunger strike over move to Israel

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews started a hunger strike on Monday to appeal to the Israeli Government to end their suffering due to delayed repatriation to their dreamland.
Jewish community coordinators told the Nation their members’ living conditions are inhumane and many died due to communicable diseases.
Some 2,500 members started the hunger strike on Monday and the strike is to continue until the Israeli Government responds.
Mr Tadesse Arefeayne, one of the strike coordinators, said the Israeli Government ignored their repeated plea after they moved to Addis Ababa from Gondar, their homeland in northern Ethiopia, 700 kilometres from Addis.
Read More 

Somalia signs 10-year airport management pact with Dubai firm

Agreement comes less than two weeks after the government signed a deal with a United Kingdom-based security company to train police, military, bodyguards and civil servants.
The Somali government has signed a deal with a Dubai-based firm, SKA Air and Logistics, to control all the activities at Mogadishu international airport.
clearpxl According to a secret document obtained by All Headline News, SKA Air and Logistics has a 10-year airport management agreement with the Somali government.
“SKA Company is investing in the future growth and success of Mogadishu airport by implementing many changes; or improving those that are functional but require upgrading,” said David Thomkins, logistics manager for KSA.
The announcement was made after a team from SKA met with officials from all five airline companies that operate in Somalia. The meeting took place at the Mogadishu airport on Dec 12.Read More

SA seizes arms cache destined for Somalia

Johannesburg - Police said on Monday they had arrested four people over an illegal arms cache that investigators believe was being shipped to Somalia to help fight piracy.
Spokesperson Vincent Mdunge said police received a tip-off that the four suspects were using a house near Durban to hide a shipment of guns that had been illegally routed through Durban's harbour and was on its way to Somalia.
"When the officers raided the house, about 13 long arms, including assault rifles, shotguns and .380 rifles with telescopic capabilities, were recovered. Four suspects were then arrested," Mdunge told AFP
Read More

Somali Islamist insurgents threaten US attack

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A leader of Somalia's Islamist insurgency threatened to attack America during a speech broadcast Monday.
"We tell the American President Barack Obama to embrace Islam before we come to his country," said Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf.
Al-Shabab has not yet launched an attack outside Africa but Western intelligence has long been worried because the group targeted young Somali-Americans for recruitment. About 20 have traveled to Somalia for training and at least three were used as suicide bombers inside Somalia.
Al-Shabab holds most of southern and central Somalia and has the support of hundreds of foreign fighters, mostly radicalized East Africans. It seeks to overthrow the weak U.N.-backed government, which is protected by 8,000 Ugandan and Burundian African Union peacekeepers.
The al-Shabab militia launched coordinated suicide attacks in Uganda in July that killed 76 people. It has also announced its allegiance to al-Qaida and is believed to be harboring a mastermind of the twin 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 people.Read More

Extremism is sponsored by arrogant powers: Ahmadinejad

TEHRAN – Extremists who operate in Somalia and other parts of the world are sponsored by arrogant powers, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a meeting with Somali Parliament Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden whose country has been the scene of civil war, terrorism, and interference by foreign countries in the recent years.

“Extremists carry out their inhuman actions with support of corrupt and arrogant global powers,” Ahmadinejad said on Monday.

“Extremism has created problems not only in Somalia but also in various places around the world like Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he stated.

The president called for solidarity among Islamic countries in the campaign against extremist groups which carry out evil actions in the name of Islam. Read More

A message from the SSC regions: If Somalia

Somaliland is a beacon of stability, a peaceful and democratic state in Africa. It is Africa’s best-kept secret and therefore it deserves to be recognised internationally. Or so frequently spread the proponents of Somaliland. These misleading persons are either some hired pen-mercenaries who for pecuniary reasons propagate loads of baloney or others who take a secessionist’s propaganda at face value. But certainly much of the mantra comes from people who hail from a pretend and clannish enclave that calls itself Somaliland. A case in point is Mr Adan Isamil (Liban) whose article has recently appeared in the Somali websites. Mr Adan has attempted to rebut an open letter, stirring hornets nest in Somaliland, written by Mr Osman Hassan to the USA assistant undersecretary for African Affairs, Jonnie Carson. In this open letter Mr Osman has brilliantly highlighted the fallacy of Somaliland and further put forward how best the USA policy would help the Somalis. Unfortunately, the letter must have been pretty galling for Mr Adan and obviously it prompted him to respond with a familiar rehash of hackneyed collection of claims and distorted historical facts. Additionally he has also tried to disparage the existence of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn(SSC) regions and depict these regions as parts that identify themselves with a so-called Somaliland.
Before discussing the issue of SSC regions and where its people stand in today’s prevalent situation of Somalia, I prefer to debunk some points, raised in the aforesaid article which are either baseless or of wishful thinking.

The undeniable entity of Somaliland

Mr Adan has passionately tried to make us believe that there had been a country, called Somaliland from 1884 and up to 1960, the date the British had left what was once known as British Somaliland Protectorate.
Well, to be fair enough to some of his points, it was Europe’s scramble for Africa in 1884, which resulted in Britain, France and Italy to curve up Somali populated regions or a common Somali homeland in the Horn of Africa. It is also true that Britain took control of the territories of northern part of this Somali homeland and named the occupied territories as British Somaliland Protectorate. It is clear that, to Mr Adan and like-minded secessionists the term “Somaliland Protectorate” connotes a special closeness and consanguinity to the British occupiers and in fact it is for this reason the name “Somaliland” has been picked for their cause. Read More

President Museveni commends AMISOM

President Yoweri Museveni has commended the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Force for a job well done in the Horn of Africa country. The force, which was authorized by the United Nations in January 2007, had the goal of bringing an end to the civil war in Somalia that had been raging in the country since 1991.

The AMISOM force is largely composed of Ugandan troops and some from Burundi. The 1st Ugandan contingent arrived in Somalia for a peacekeeping mission in March 2007 dedicated to supporting the Transitional Federal Government and also to secure delivery of humanitarian aid, among others.

General Museveni made the commendation of the AMISOM force yesterday at Singo Training School in Nakaseke district during the passing out ceremony of recruits of Singo Training School, Kaweweta Training School and UGABAG VII.  UGABAG is part of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) that is preparing for deployment to beef up the peace process in Somalia.

The President, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, said that the new AMISOM contingent is well prepared to replace other Ugandan soldiers in Somalia. He congratulated the trainees for completing their course successfully and lauded their commanders for doing a good job as witnessed in the exercise of crossing of obstacles. He expressed happiness to note that the soldiers have protection gear and have learnt to use it well.

General Museveni stressed the essence of discipline saying it is vital in the army. He told the soldiers who passed out that they were joining a very well disciplined army. He revealed that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Government has been able to build a national army using locally generated resources. 

Iranian Speaker Blames Somali Crisis on Foreign Interference

EHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said foreign interference has aggravated the crisis in Somalia, adding that terrorism and foreign interference are two sides of the same coin.

Speaking in a meeting with Somali Parliament Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden here in Tehran on Sunday evening, Larijani voiced concern over the worrying situation in Somalia, and stressed, "International powers do not want the Islamic countries to have an independent life, and they, thus, try to spark political, economic and security crises through plots, conspiracies and interference."

"Terrorism and foreign interference are the two sides of the same coin," he added.

The Somali speaker, for his part, voiced pleasure in his visit to Iran, and viewed his trip as an opportunity for talks and negotiations with Iranian officials on possible solutions to the difficult conditions and problems of his country. Read More

Garowe and Mogadishu teams reach Somalia football semi-final

Two teams have made it to the semi-finals in Somalia’s first national football tournament in 23 years, which is being held in the stable northern region of Puntland, Radio Garowe reports.
On Sunday, the opening match featured teams representing Nugal and Mudug regions, with fans cheering the Puntland provincial capital names of Garowe and Galkayo.
The match was exciting, as the two teams competitively played two strong halves and the match ended in 2-1 in favor of the Nugal team.
A Nugal defense player accidentally scored an own-goal, giving the Mudug team the only goal of the match. However, five minutes later, a Nugal team player scored a second goal and gave his team the edge to make it to the semi-final.
Banadir vs. Hiraan
The second match featured a match between Banadir and Hiraan regions, and both regions are located south of Puntland State.Read More

DEG DEG: Warar sir ah oo Shaaca ka Qaaday Wadanka Maalgalinta Siinaya Shirkada Saracen International

Muqdisho (RBC) Sida ay sheegeen ilo wareedyo qarsoodi ah oo ku dhow xafiisyada madaxda sare ee DKMG Soomaaliya waxaa RBC Radio ay heshey magaca wadanka dhaqaalaha siinaya shirkada Saracen International oo ah shirkad ay heshiis dhanka amaanka la gashay DKMG Soomaaliya. Ilo wareedka ayaa RBC u sheegay in wadanka ‘IMAARAADKA CARABTA’ uu yahay kan bixinaya illaa $10 milyan oo loogu talagalay in la siiyo shirkada Saracen International oo tababaro siineysa ciidamada DKMG isla markaana ilaalineysa masuuliyiinta sare ee dowlada.Sii Akhri

Fu’aad Shongole oo Weerar Afka ah ku Qaaday Saraakiisha Sarsare ee Shabaab, Walaacna Ka Muujiyey Hab Dhaqanka Shacabka ee Shabaabka (Warbixin Xasaasi ah)

Muqdisho (RBC) Sheekh Fu’aad Maxamed Khalaf [Shongole] oo ka mid ah saraakiisha waaweyn ee xarakada Shabaab isla markaana madaxa arimaha dacwada ayaa markii ugu horeysay wuxuu ka digay hab dhaqanka Shabaabka ay kula dhaqmaan shacabka ku hoos nool gobolada ay maamulaan.
Sheekh Fu’aad oo shalay khudbad dheer ka jeediyey masjid ku yaala degmada Afgooye ayaa ka hadlay isku biiristii Xisbul Islaam iyo Al Shabaab isagoo dulmi ku tilmaamay dagaaladii dhexmaray Shabaab iyo Xisbul Islaam ee ka dhacay degmooyin ay ka mid tahay Buurhakaba oo Xisbiga lagala wareegay.
Wuxuu Sheekh Fu’aad yiri “Ninka qoriga watow ogow Alle ayaa kaa xoog weyn taas ku talagal”, hadalkaasi oo dadka badankiis ku fasireen in awood Shababku u isticmaalay Xasan Daahir Aweys oo ay hubkiisii kagala waregeen.Sii Akhri

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Manifesto of the TPLF on "Republic of Greater Tigrai" and The Current Border Conflict Between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  Writer: Anonymous

We would like to share with you what we have learned about the cause of the Ethio- Eritrean conflict that has been puzzling Ethiopians, Eritreans and the international community. We know for sure that the border conflict was motivated by some evil tendencies in part of the Weyanes beyond the thoughts and expectations of any peace loving Ethiopians and Eritreans and we believe this information will clarify most of the confusion behind the conflict by revealing its real causes and effects.
The current conflict is nothing but a direct function of an attempt of implementing the February 1976 TPLF manifesto, which clearly defined who a Tigrian is, the land that the TPLF considers of Tigrai, and the final destination of the TPLF. The following comprises some important contents of the manifesto.
a) A Tigrian is defined as anybody that speaks the language of Tigigna including those who live outside Tigrai, the Kunamas, the Sahos, the Afar and the Taltal, the Agew, and the Welkait.
b) The geographic boundaries of Tigrai extend to the borders of the Sudan including the lands of Humera and Welkait from the region of Begemidir in Ethiopia, the land defined by Alewuha which extends down to the regions of Wollo and including Alamata, Ashengie, and Kobo, and finally the lands of Eritrean Kunama which includes Badme, the Saho (close to the conflicting area of Zalambessa), and Afar lands including Assab.
C) The final goal of the TPLF is to secede from Ethiopia as an independent "Republic of Greater Tigrai" by liberating the lands and peoples of Tigrai. Read More

Avengers neither forgive nor forget, and the naïve forgive and forget; but victors forgive but not forget

Mulugeta Aserate Kassa

The response to my “We must live for the future, and not for the past and in the Past” (Aiga and Tigraionline) has by and large been positive with a great majority of respondents believing that the time is now ripe to forgive the repentant former Derg officials who have remained behind bars for close to 20 years. I am however saddened by the fact that my own kith and kin – who, incidentally, used to curse me for attending the Derg officials’ court proceedings – have now deemed it appropriate to voice their opposition to the very idea of forgiving them. 

I must admit I simply cannot stand hypocrites. Here you have my own kith and kin who usually attend regular church services in Addis, no doubt, beseeching God to forgive them, the very same God who demands of them, “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive you.”

According to the Amharic version of The Reporter of the 22nd December the Group Representing the families of the 60 officials – one of whom is my father - who were summarily killed without trial, has taken umbrage by the fact that it had not been party to the Religious Leaders consultative process. While this may be a cause for complaint, it does not in any form or shape prohibit them from exercising their Christian duty to forgive. I continue to have high regard to the leadership of this Group, but it cannot claim to be the inner voice of each and every member of the 60 martyrs. The call to forgive has to be answered individually. I, for one, do not require a spokesman to put into words what I passionately believe to be the core value of my Christian faith.Read More

Dhaawac Soo Gaarey Mas’uul Katirsan Maamulka Gobolka Mudug.

Gaalkacyo (RBC Radio):- Gudoomiyaha xaafadeynta degmada Gaalkacyo Mudane Cali Cumar Jaamac (Cali Kacaan) ayaa la sheegay in maanta dhaawac soo gaarey kadib israsaaseyn ka dhacdey gudaha magaalada Gaalkacyo.
Israsaaseyn dhexmartey ciidamo Boolis ah oo ka tirsan Saldhiga Miir ee magaalada Gaalkacyo iyo koox maleeshiyo ah ayaa ka dhacay agagaarka kaamka Buula-bacley kadib markii la isku afgaran waayey mucaawino halkaasi ay ka bixineysay mid ka mid ah hay’adaha samafalka ee magaalada degan.
Sii Akhri

Idaacadda Shabelle mise Idaacadii Rwanda (Faallo dhab ka hadal ah)

Dalkaan waa u caado in aad maalin kasta aad maqasho wax kaa yaabiya ama ku cabsi geliyo qalalaaaska dagaalkana waa midka mar kasta loo qiil dayo sidoo kale la yaab kuma ah in shaqsi caan ah uu durbaan u garaaco balaayo hor leh balse waxaa maanta mar kaliya reer Muqdisho ka yaabisay habdhaqanka Idaacada  Shabelle Radio oo markeeda sidii Idaacada Rwanda markaan dagaal beeleed shambalka u tumeysa.
Idaacada Shabelle ayaa si buuxda garaarka ugu soo xeratay in ay mar kale dib u soo celiso dagaaladii hore loogu riiqmay ee Soomaali ay ku weysay saraakiil waxgal ah iyo aqoonyahano waxgarad haa, kaas oo horaantii 90aad dhexmaray Labo beelood oo walaalo ah,  kana dhigay Magaalada Muqdisho  mid kala qoqobmatay.
Sida la xusuusto Idaacadii Rwanda ee afka Dowladda ku hadli jirtay ayaa kaalin ka qaadatay dagaalkii dhexmaray Tutsi iyo Huto ee sanadkii 1994 xasuuqa badan loogu geystay beelaha laga tirada badnaa, waana wadada ay Shabelle hada ku socoto oo ay ugu gogol xaareyso dagaal ay ka dhex huriso beelaha Muqdisho ku wada nool, iyadoo sida muuqata horboodayaasha Idaacada Shabeele ay qaateen shaati qabiil mutuxan banaankana ay la yimaadeen qabyaladooda.Sii Akhri

Dark shadows on Somalia

With the joining hands of two hitherto adversarial militant groups, Somalia is heading towards further instability. Already the security situation in the troubled country is precarious.

With Al Shabab and Hizbul Islam coming together as a combined force, the situation is likely to further deteriorate. The merger, expected to take place this month also brings in its wake the promise of more attacks on the African Union peacekeeping force in the country. Attacks in Uganda and Burundi owing to the states’ contribution towards the forces are also on the militants’ agenda. An Al Shabab spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage has also voiced the intent to invite foreign fighters from across the world to join the insurgency which is expected to double in strength after the merger. 
The pitch is that the Shabab-Hizbul Islamic forces are fighting an apostate government backed by foreign powers. Al Shabab as well as Hizbul Islam have branded the use of the Islamic card from some time now. While both groups were engaged in fighting each other previously, the new development is likely to prove a blow to Mogadishu. Read More

Shabaab oo u yeeratay Qacida

Ururka Al-shabaab oo dhawaan uu kusoo biiray Xisbul Islam, ayaa ku dhawaaqay dagaal cusub oo ka dhan ah DF iyo AMISOM, iyagoo u yeertay dagaalyahanada Al-Al-Qaacida ee caalamka ku firisan.
Afhayeenka Al-shabaab Sh. Cali Max'ud Raage [Sh. Cali dhere], oo ka hadlayay shir jaraa'id oo uu ku qabtay Muqdisho maalin ka hor, ayaa  ugu baaqay dagaalyahanada Al-Qaacida inay yimaadaan Somalia, si ay gacan ugu siiyaan dagaalka ay xukunka kaga tuurayaan DF.
"Walaalaheena caalamka, waxaan ugu baaqaynaa inay yimaadaan Somalia, si ay noo caawiyaan, si ay gacan noogu siiyaan dagaalka aan kula jirno DF iyo AMISOM, uuna u sii socdo jihaadka Bariga Afrika" ayuu yiri Sh.  Cali dhere oo ka hadlayay shir jaraa'id oo lagu shaaciyay midowga Xisbul Islam iyo Al-shabaab
.Sii Akhri

Somalia: 20 killed in Mogadishu, Hiraan violence

At least 20 people were killed and 22 others wounded in attacks in two major cities in central and southern Somalia, Radio Garowe reports.
Witnesses in Mogadishu said 10 people were killed in fighting between Somali government forces and Al Shabaab insurgents. More than 15 wounded persons were admitted to local hospitals, medical sources reported.
Somali military officers presented to local media dead bodies in Bondhere district, which they claimed were Al Shabaab fighters killed in action.
Separately, at least 10 people were killed in central Somali region of Hiraan after insurgents and Somali government were fought over control of a village near Beledweyne, capital of Hiraan region.
Ahmed Osman Inji, who identified himself as Somali army commander in Hiraan region, told reporters government forces killed 6 insurgents and burned one armed truck.
Al Shabaab military spokesman Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Musab said Al Shabaab fighters attacked a Somali army camp located at El Gal, near Beledweyne town.
Abu Musab claimed that Al Shabaab fighters had seized control of El Gal town, but local sources reported that the town remains empty of armed factions.
Somalia’s capital Mogadishu been wracked by insurgent violence since early 2007, with insurgents now controlling most regions in south-central Somalia, including most of Mogadishu and Hiraan region.

Al-Shabaab oo ‘Sanadkan’ Magac Cusub u Bixisay

Saraakiisha Shabaab ayaa guud ahaan bilaabay adeegsiga magac cusub oo ay ugu yeerayaan sanadkan iyadoo marka ay ka hadlayaan warbaahinta qeybaheeda kala duwan u adeegsada magacaasi.
Magacaasi cusub ayaa ah [Caamul Jamaacah] oo micneeheedu yahay ‘sanadkii midowga’ kaasoo ka yimid isku biiristii labada urur ee Shabaab iyo Xisbul Islaam, iyadoo maalintii ay dhacday xafladii labada dhinac ay iskula biireen looga dhawaaqay magacaasi.
Afhayeenada Shabaab ayaa marka ay ka hadlayaan warbaahinta waxaad maqleysa iyagoo adeegsanaya magacaasi, waxayna xita bilaabeen in waraaqaha warsaxaafadeedyada ee ay saxaafada siiyaan ku soo qoraan ‘Caamul Jamaacah’.
Afhayeenka dhanka ciidanka Sheekh C/casiis abu Muscab oo si gaar ah uga hadlay adeegsiga magacaasi ayaa sheegay in magacaasi uu la bilawday sanadka cusub ee hijriga 1432 oo toddobaadkan bilawday.
Wuxuuna dadka ugu baaqay inay soo dhoweeyeen talabadii kooxdii Xisbul Islaam ugu biireen Shabaab
Sii Akhri 

Wasaaradaha Dekedaha iyo Maaliyada DKMG oo War Saxaafadeed ku Beeniyey in Musuqmaasuq ka jiro Dekeda Muqdisho

Muqdisho (RBC) War saxaafadeed si wadajir ah u soo saareen wasaaradaha dekedaha iyo maaliyada ee DKMG Soomaaliya ayaawaxba kma jiraan ku tilmaamay war xalayto ay baahisay idaacada Shabelle kaasi ku saabsan in musuqmasuq uu ka jiro dakhliga soo gala dekeda Muqdisho.
War saxaafadeedka oo si wadajir ah ugu wada saxiixnaayeen labada wasaaradood ayaa wax lala yaabo iyo iska horkeen ku tilmamay eedeyntaasi, xili aysan jirin wax baaritaan ah oo arintaasi lagu sameeyey.
Sii Akhri

Maamulka Gobolka Ceyn Oo Cabsi Kaqaba In Soomaaliland La Wareegto Degmada Buuhoodle

Buuhoodle (RBC Radio):- Mas’uuliyiinta maamulka gobolka Ceyn ayaa shaaciyey cabsi ay ka qabaan in maamulka Soomaaliland uu la wareego gacan ku heynta degmada Buuhoodle oo gobolka Ceyn oo ah deegaan ka tirsan Puntland.
Xubnaha mas’uuliyiinta maamulka Gobolka Ceyn qaarkood oo warbaahinta la hadley ayaa sheegay in ay hayaan cadeymo dhab ah oo qeexaya in Soomaaliland ay qorsheyneyso in ay la wareegto gacan ku heynta degmada Buuhoodle, waxayna sheegeen in ay arkeen ciidamo farabadan oo ka socda maamulka Soomaaliland kuwaasi oo soo dhoobtey degmooyinka ku hareeereysan degmada Buuhoodle.Sii Akhri

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Ivory Coast: Another African Tragedy

Sunday, December 25, 2010
Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh
      Alassane Dramane Quattara found himself in a familiar political spot last month after the Independent Electoral Commission of Cote d’Ivoire (CEI), declared him the winner of the November 28 run-off presidential election in the Ivory Coast.
     It was a hard-fought victory worthy of celebration, and a hard-won victory that would make Mr. Quattara to think twice if he ever attempted to be like Laurent Gbabo, the dictator who is trying to deny him the chance to succeed him.
     Quattara’s presidential victory supposed to be a cherished one worthy of celebrating in that part of the world because of the difficulty of running and winning elections in Africa, especially when corrupt and brutal dictators – always in denial will never accept defeat; and will never turn over the reign of power peacefully until they are either chased out of the country unceremoniously, jailed or killed.
                     Laurent Gbabo (left)        Alassane Quattara (right)
     The Ivorian tragedy is a chilling reminder of the African continent’s flirtation with clueless and corrupt dictators who are not only bent on destroying the hopes and aspirations of their people, but are also bent on turning their people into beggars and their respected countries into ancient and uncompetitive societies lacking opportunities that improves their people's lives.Read More

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