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The Mengistu Regime and Its Impact

Ethiopia Table of Contents The transition from imperial to military rule was turbulent. In addition to increasing political discontent, which was particularly intense in the late 1970s, the Derg faced powerful insurgencies and natural calamities throughout the 1980s.

Political Struggles Within the Government

Following the establishment of his supremacy through the elimination of Tafari Banti, Mengistu declared himself Derg chairman in February 1977 and set about consolidating his power. However, several internal and external threats prevented Mengistu from doing this. Various insurgent groups posed the most serious threat to the Derg. The EPRP challenged the Derg's control of the revolution itself by agitating for a broad-based democratic government run by civilians, not by the military. In February 1977, the EPRP initiated terrorist attacks--known as the White Terror-- against Derg members and their supporters. This violence immediately claimed at least eight Derg members, plus numerous Derg supporters, and soon provoked a government counteraction--the Red Terror. During the Red Terror, which lasted until late 1978, government security forces systematically hunted down and killed suspected EPRP members and their supporters, especially students. Mengistu and the Derg eventually won this latest struggle for control of the Ethiopian revolution, at a cost to the EPRP of thousands of its members and supporters imprisoned, dead, or missing.
Also slated for destruction was MEISON, proscribed in mid1978 . In coordination with the government, MEISON had organized the kebeles and the peasant associations but had begun to act independently, thus threatening Derg dominance of local governments throughout the country. In response to the political vacuum that would be left as a result of the purging of MEISON, the Derg in 1978 promoted the union of several existing Marxist-Leninist organizations into a single umbrella group, the Union of Ethiopian MarxistLeninist Organizations (whose Amharic acronym was EMALEDEH). The new organization's duty was similar to that of MEISON-- promoting control of Ethiopian socialism and obtaining support for government policies through various political activities. The creation of EMALEDEH symbolized the victory of the Derg in finally consolidating power after having overcome these challenges to its control of the Ethiopian revolution.

Somalia’s Alshabaab execute top militant for ‘spy’

Mogadishu (Sunatimes)- Somalia’s extremist group of Alshabaab has executed their intelligence chief’s deputy, accusing him of spying for FBI amid mounting disputes to suppress civilian harassments between the group‘s leaders..
Ahmed Ali Hussein, known as Ahmed Keyse, who was serving as the millitants chief of spy’s deputy , was charged with giving military information to to FBI since 2004 and meeting with them.
Meanwhile, Ahmed, 44-years-old, who was a close friend of the Alshabaab’s reclusive leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was executed by firing squad at Maslah military camp, north of Mogadishu on Sunday as hundreds of coerced residents hardly watched him execution.
Some people said that Mr. Ali was a member of Al-Ictisam religious sect which condemned the so-called ‘Jihad’ by Alshabaab.Read More

Djibouti , EU discuss anti piracy mission off Somali coast

Djibouti-EU By Sami Abdi
DJIBOUTI (Sunatimes)- Djiboutifs acting minister of foreign affairs, Ahmed Ali Silay, has received a delegation led by the EU's ambassador to Djibouti, Nicolas Delcroix to widely discuss about the anti piracy off Somaliafs coasts.
The European delegation included Gen Hakan Syren and Maj-Gen Buster Howes , commander in chief of the EU naval force Atalante. The minister who received the delegation expressed satisfaction with the excellent ties of cooperation between Djibouti and the EU, especially in the framework of the fight against naval piracy off the Somali coast.
Gen Hakan Syren, on his part, thanked the minister for the warm welcome he received and said he would meet Djibouti authorities to evaluate the current piracy situation and discuss the challenges that Djibouti and the EU must overcome in the fight against piracy, which is hampering the passage of ships in this part of the world.
The two officials agreed on the fact that the soldiers can only deal with the consequences of piracy. It is therefore essential, according to them, to rely on the strengthening of the capacities of regional players. In this framework, the EU committed itself to allow a training mission for Somali security forces with a view to helping the transitional government ensure the security and stability of the country. It is also an issue of developing the capacity of regional maritime authorities in the framework of the Djibouti code of conduct which is an initiative supported by the IOM.
The minister did not fail to also discuss the issue regarding the insurance of ships docking at the port of Djibouti. In fact, Ahmed Ali Silay requested his guests to intervene with regard to insurance companies, especially with Lloyd's so that they can review downwards the high premiums they have currently put in place due to an increase in acts of piracy. The prices are penalizing the port of Djibouti.
It is to be recalled that, Mohamed Iris Farah, the focal point on piracy, and Abass Elmi Ali, foreign affairs adviser, also took part in this meeting.

UAE investor helps launch Djibouti national carrier

UAE investor helps launch Djibouti national carrier

Airline to service nation which hosts US, French forces
  • By Nadia Saleem, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 January 31, 2011
  • Gulf News
New logo of Air Djibouti
  • The new logo of Air Djibouti.
  • Image Credit: Supplied image
Dubai: A UAE private investor and the Djibouti government will launch its new national carrier, Djibouti Air, by end of February, Gulf News has learned.
Operations will start with one aircraft and the first flight will be Djibouti to Dubai on February 22, company chief executive Shabab Attarzadeh told Gulf News in an exclusive interview.
Ebrahim Saeed Lootah, chairman of real estate and construction Lootah Group, is the board member and majority shareholder in the airline.
Initial service to Dubai will see six-weekly flights as the airline builds its network.
Within the first six months, the carrier also plans to launch flights to Ethiopia, Somalia, Yemen and Kenya.
Subsequently, it will expand into Europe and East Asia, while increasing frequencies to Middle Eastern countries.Read More

Somalia: Anti-Somaliland demonstration in Las Anod turns violent

At least one person was killed and a half a dozen wounded in a northern Somali city of Las Anod as anti-Somaliland protests turned violent, Radio Garowe reports.
The protests started around 11am Monday after local demonstrators began burning tires and closing off roads.
Security forces loyal to Somaliland, a separatist region in northwest Somalia, began fighting back the rioters and the situation soon turned violent.
Local sources reported that at least two police vehicles were burned, with medical workers reportedly treating six wounded civilians.
Protesters chanted anti-Somaliland slogans and demanded the withdrawal of Somaliland troops, who militarily seized control of Las Anod in Oct. 2007 as Puntland troops withdrew.Read More

Khasaaraha Dagaal Ka Dhacay Deegaanka Kalshaale Ee Gobolka Ceyn

Buuhoodle (RBC Radio):- Wararkii ugu dambeeyay ee laga helayo deegaanka Kalshaale ee gobolka Ceyn ayaa ku soo waramaya in dagaal halkaasi ka dhacay saacadihii la soo dhaafey uu geystay khasaare naf iyo maalba leh.
Dagaalka oo ahaa mid u dhaxeeya ciidamada maamulka Soomaaliland iyo dad deegaanka ah ayaa waxaa uu ku geeriyootey shan ruux oo isugu jira dhinacyadii diriray iyo dhaawac soo gaarey afar ruux oo labada dhinac ka soo jeeda.
Wararka laga helayo aaga dagaalka ayaa intaasi ku daraya in ay jiraan maxaabiis labada dhinac ay kala qabsadeen hase ahaatee aan weli la xaqiijin inta qof ee maxaabiis ahaan loo kala qabsadey.Sii Akhri

Somalia Transitional Government life extended by Mele Zenawi

Fate of Somali govt placed in parliament's hands

By Richard Lough
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - An east African regional bloc called on Monday for Somalia's parliament to have its term extended beyond its August deadline and be tasked with deciding the fate of the interim government.
At the same meeting on the sidelines of an African Union (AU) summit, Jean Ping, chairman of the AU Commission, accused Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of "non performance" and making little headway in restoring stability.
An Islamist insurgency has seen the government do little more than battle for survival, while tens of thousands of civilians have been killed over the past four years.
Under the terms of a 2009 deal, the TFG's mandate expires on August 20, by which time it should have enacted a new constitution and held a parliamentary election.
"The Assembly reached a consensus on the urgent need to extend the term of the current Transitional Federal Parliament while the remaining political dispensation be handled by the people of Somalia," the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) said in a statement.
A senior IGAD source said that meant parliament would decide whether to elect a new leader or allow President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed to remain in office and form a new government.
Somalia's foreign minister told reporters at the summit that the two-month old government headed by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed had made security gains in the capital Mogadishu and in the fight against corruption.Read More

China's High-Speed-Rail Revolution

China's Shinkansen: China’s WuGuang rail line employs locally-manufactured variants of Japan’s Shinkansen (pictured) and Siemens’ Velaro high speed trains. However, it is the line’s physical and digital infrastructure that enables the trains to beat world speed records.
Credit: China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock.


China's High-Speed-Rail Revolution

Dedicated lines are the key to record-breaking speeds.
  • Monday, January 11, 2010
  • By Peter Fairley
China has begun operating what is, by several measures, the world's fastest rail line: a dedicated 968-kilometer line linking Wuhan, in the heart of central China, to Guangzhou, on the southeastern coast. In trials, the "WuGuang" line trains (locally built variants of Japan's Shinkansen and Germany's InterCity Express high-speed trains) clocked peak speeds of up to 394 kilometers per hour (or 245 miles per hour). They have also recorded an average speed of 312 kph in nonstop runs four times daily since the WuGuang's December 26 launch, slashing travel time from Wuhan to Guangzhou from 10.5 hours to less than three.
Read More

Al-shabab shoots a man for spying American intelligence

Mogadishu (Mareeg)-Islamist militias of Al-shabab shot a 44 year old man whom they have accused of spying for American intelligence agencies, reports said.

Shabab performed the shooting act in ex-Maslah military camp in Hiliwa district of the capital Mogadishu killing Ahmed Ali Hussein who was accused of to be spying for American intelligence, reports said.
Al-shabab chairman for Benadir region, Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein told the press that the man confirmed his crime of collecting secrets of the Islam and was spying to what he called infidels and the enemy of Islam which he meant his group.Read More

DEG DEG: Taliyaha Daraawiishta Mudug Oo Qarax Lala Eegtay

Gaalkacyo (RBC Radio):- Qarax ayaa goor dhoweyd lala eegtay gaari uu saarnaa Taliyaha Daraawiishta Gobolka Mudug Maxamed Muuse Ilkadheere.
Qaraxani oo ahaa nooca miinada ah ee dhulka lagu aaso islamarkaana laga hago goobaha fog fog ayaa lagu bartilmaameedsadey Taliyaha Daraawiishta Gobolka Mudug iyo ilaaladiisa oo watey gaari marayey xaafada Garsoor.Sii Akhri

DEG DEG: RBC Radio ayaa Ogaatay Xog Ku Saabsan Ninkii Shalay Al-Shabaab ay ku Dishay Muqdisho (Warbixin)

Muqdisho (RBC) Waxaa soo baxaya faahfaahino dheeraad ah oo laga helayo dad aqoon u leh nin shalay ay dileen xarakada Shabaab kaasoo lagu eedeeyey inuu basaas u shaqeynayey CIA-da Mareykanka.
Waxaa maanta RBC Radio soo gaaray fariimo nooga yimid dad sheegay inay ehelo ahaayeen ninka la dilay oo lagu magacaabi jiray AXMED CALI XUSEEN balse loo yaqaano “Axmed Kayse” siday noo cadeeyeen dad eheladiisa ah oo maanta nala soo xiriiray.
Taariikhda Axmed Kayse
Axmed Cali Xuseen “Axmed Kayse” waxaa da’diisu ahayd 44 jir, wuxuu ka soo jeeda deegaanada Waqooyiga Soomaaliya (Somaliland) oo uu ku dhashay.
Eheladiisa waxay noo fasaxeen inaan sheegno qabiilka ninkaasi iyagoo noogu sheegay beesha {CIDA-GALE} oo deegaan ahaan degan Hargeysa.
Axmed Kayse waxaa uu wax ku soo bartay dalka Sudan wuxuuna jaamicada ka qalin jabiyey 1988, wixii xilligaas ka dambeeyeyna wxuu ku biiray ururkii AL-ITAXAAD ee uu hogaamin jiray Xasan Daahir Aweys. Hase yeeshee sanadihii sagaashameeyadii ayuu isaga baxay AL-ITAXAAD.Sii Akhri

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kililka Shanaad - Madaxaweyne Abdi

Why Museveni has stayed for 25 years

COMFORTABLE: President Museveni waits to be sworn in (BELOW) after capturing power in 1986.  

Beyond internal reform, Museveni has managed to stay in power by serving an external master, writes Timothy Kalyegira:-

When the National Resistance Movement (NRM) fought its way to state power in January 1986, many Ugandans greeted this milestone with cheers and a genuine belief that the country was about to embark on a new destiny.
Today, there is mixed feelings across much of the country. Even among those still loyal and optimistic about the NRM, there is a feeling that while much might have changed for the better, certain developments like rampant corruption that seemed like the least of the NRM’s challenges in 1986 have stubbornly refused to go away.
The debate in many circles is over what changed the NRM’s leader Yoweri Museveni so that from being a resolute young man determined to change Uganda’s politics he has settled over the years into just another African political leader, trapped by the precious state power.
In some other circles, the argument is that this is who Museveni always was, just that most Ugandans and international watchers of Uganda were too caught up in the euphoria of his victory to see all the signs that were there right from the beginning.Read More

Amin deserves credit - Besigye

ONE UGANDA: Dr Besigye addresses supporters in Arua on Saturday. PHOTO BY TABU BUTAGIRA 
By Tabu Butagira  (email the author)

Posted Monday, January 31 2011 at 00:00

Dr Kizza Besigye has said former President Idi Amin might have been illiterate but must be commended for setting up infrastructure that has stood the test of time.
Addressing a well-attended rally in Arua on Saturday, the IPC presidential flag-bearer said Amin developed West Nile—something President Museveni has failed to do.
“Many people have been saying that Amin was not educated, but what Amin built can still be seen,” said Dr Besigye. “We have Muni National Teachers College, which is one of the biggest in the country. Where is Museveni’s college in West Nile?”Read More

Cairo: Anger starting to focus on Israel, US

As change fails to come, protestors hold signs saying: "Go Away Mubarak, you are from the Americans!"; others blame Israel for backing gov't.

  CAIRO - Saturday’s optimism on the streets of Cairo for imminent political change gave way to anger on Sunday, as thousands of demonstrators became increasingly frustrated with the lack of response from major world leaders, especially the US.

During the main protest on Sunday in downtown Cairo, one man painted a 20-meter long message in flowing Arabic cursive that echoed across the square: “Go Away Mubarak, you are from the Americans, and you’re working for them!” Egyptians understand that the world is waiting to see if President Hosnei Mubarak falls to popular pressure before major leaders decide which side to support. But this is infuriating for the demonstrators, who realize that six days of unrest has not accomplished their goals,Read More

Puntland`s Dual Track Greed Policy


Recently, Somalia`s political scene has been dominated by the statement emanating from the Puntland Administration regarding its withdrawal from the TFG. We watched and listened as words were exchanged between the TFG and Puntland. What were the exact reasons behind the breakdown of the relations between Garowe and Mogadishu? Did the public outburst and media war that ensued achieve the political objectives of Farole and his Administration?

The rush for International Aid:

The press conference by Minister Daud Mohamed Omar (aka Comical Daud named after Comical Ali, Saddam`s Minister of Information before the collapse of his regime) offers an important insight into the reasons that caused Farole to convey an urgent and extraordinary cabinet meeting. President Sharif was to attend a meeting in Djibouti with the regional and Read More

Why 2010 was a watershed year for peace in Somalia, though risks remain

Civilians in Mogadishu flee heavy clashes between Somali government forces backed by African peacekeepers and Islamists. File Photo 
By Boubacar Gaoussou Diarra  (email the author)

Posted Monday, January 31 2011 at 20:00

When I came to Mogadishu… there was one road built by the Italians. If you try to force me to stand down, I will leave the city as I found it,” so said the late Somali president, Gen Mohamed Siad Barre.
Related Stories
On January 26, Somalia marked two decades since his overthrow. In that time, much of the Somali capital, as well as much of the country, has indeed been reduced to rubble.
Still, when history is written, 2010 may well come to be regarded as the year Somalia rejected Barre’s gloomy prediction.
The year witnessed the full deployment of the continental peacekeeping force, the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) as well as the beginning of the collapse of extremist insurgency against the country’s internationally recognised Transitional Federal Government (TFG). Read More

ElBaradei: No going back in Egypt( Al Jazeera Video)

Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading opposition figure, has joined thousands of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square, in continued demonstrations demanding an end to President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told the crowd on Sunday night that "what we have begun cannot go back" referring to days of anti-government protests.

The National Coalition for Change, which groups several opposition movements including the Muslim Brotherhood, wants ElBaradei to negotiate with the Mubarak government.

"The people want the regime to fall," protesters chanted as ElBaradei walked to the centre of the square, holding hands with some demonstrators.

The show of continued defiance by the people came on a day when air force fighter planes flew low over Cairo along with helicopters and extra troop lorries appeared in the central square.Read More

DHACDA UGUB AH - Mahamud Abdullahi Sangub "Maxaa haray oo la isku heystaa?"

Daawo Wareysigan Qaaliga Ah

African Leaders' Summit Opens in Addis Ababa

The 16th African Heads of States meeting officially opened here a this morning (January 30, 2011) in Addis Ababa at the presence of France president Nicolas Sarkozy and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
AU Summit 2011 Addis Ababa Participants - Photo-
“The new narrative for Africa is a story of growth. Even the economic and financial crisis has not held you back,” said Ban Ki Moon, in his statement to African leaders.
Africa is rebounding stronger and faster than anticipated. Six of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Sub-Saharan Africa,” according to the secretary general.
He also mentioned that despite continued population growth, the proportion of people living in poverty is declining.  Increment in primary school enrollment, girls’ access to education success in fighting against HIV/AIDS and Malaria are also some of the positive achievements of Africa that Ban Ki Moon mentioned in his speech.
Read More 

Sarkozy Supports Egyptians,Tunisians Effort for Peace

France supports Egyptians and Tunisians who seek peaceful solution in this 'crucial period'. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said this on Sunday 30 January 2011 at the 16th ordinary session of the African Union held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, aiming at recent public unrest in the two countries.
'It is with friendship and respect that France will be on the side of Tunisians and Egyptians in such a crucial period,' Sarkozy stated.

In a passionate speech at the Economic Commission of Africa, Sarkozy pointed out his dedication as the president of France but also as a prominent member of the G8 and G20, to be a ‘sincere friend’ to Africa. ‘Dream big,’ he urged the audience. ‘Because the dream of today is the reality of tomorrow.’Read More

President Sharif Dissolves the Parliament

By: Abdalle Ahmed – RBC Radio
Mogadishu (RBC) the Somalia’s interim president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has issued a decree to dissolve members of the transitional federal parliament in Mogadishu, Sources told RBC Radio.
The decree which its announcement postponed is dated on 26th January 2011, at a time while the president Sheikh Sharif was preparing to attend the 16th summit of the African Union head of states who have gathered in Ethiopia capital of Addis Ababa.
“Today on 26th January 2011, a decree from the office of the president of the republic has dissolved the members of the parliament for the following causes…” said the presidential decree which ordered the dissolve of the parliament.Read More

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Total Domination Of Ethiopia by Ethnic Tigrean Officers

Read This Amazing Document ( The Scandal of Zenawi Regime)
Ginbot 7 Research on Ethiopian Military Leadership(Haila Salasse, Derg Regime and Zenawi Tigrean Regime)

Gaalkacyo:Madaxii Maxkamada Degmada Gaalkacyo oo iscasilay.

Gaalkacyo:(Allpuntland)-Gudoomiyihii maxkamada Darajada Koowaad ee degmada Gaalkacyo Dr,Cabdifitaax Cali Diiriye ayaa maanta ku dhawaaqay inuu si rasmi ah isaga casilay xilkii gudoomiyenimo ee degmada Gaalkacyo,waxaana uu Gudoomiyihii hore sheegey in xilkan uu isaga casilay duruufo uusan cadayn oo kajira magaalada Gaalkacyo.

Warqad uu maanta soo saaray Dr,Cabdifitaac Cali Diiriye islamarkaasna si toos ah ugu socotay madaxweynaha dawlada Puntland ee Soomaaliyeed ayuu uga cududaartay sii haynta xilkaas,waxaana uu sheegey in uu doonayo inuu ka tago shaqadan,waxaana uu madaxweynaha Puntland ka codsaday inuu ka aqbalo iscasilaadiisa isagoo xeerinaya xaaladaha imika lagu jiro.

Inkasta oo uusan Gudoomiyihii hore warqada ku cadayn duruufaha jira hadana warar hoose oo lahelayo ayaa sheegaya In sababo amaan darteed uu isku casilay gudoomiyihii Maxkamada darajada koowaad ee degmada Gaalkacyo,waxaana ay tani imaaanysaa xili dhawaan gudaha magaalada lagu toogtay Xeer ilaalihii Maxkamada gobolka Mudug,iyadoo ay tani ka turjumayso halka uu marayo Amaanka guud ee magaalada gaalkacyo oo mudooyinkii lasoo dhaafay ay ka dhacayeen falal kaladuwan oo lagu beegsanayo madaxda maamulka & dadka rayidka ah qaarkood.

Cabdiqani Xayir

Recording Ethiopia's Red Terror

Mengistu Haile Mariam (R) with Raul and Fidel Castro in 1978
Former ruler Mengistu Haile Mariam (R) oversaw the repressions

In the late 1970s Ethiopia's Marxist military rulers tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands in brutal repressions. Now, one survivor is trying to create a permanent online archive of the so-called Red Terror using the documents the Communist regime, known as the Derg, left behind, reports the BBC's Elizabeth Blunt.
Hirut Abebe-Jiri was in her early teens when Emperor Haile Selassie was overthrown.
She had had a happy and privileged childhood, part of a well-off and well-connected family.
But the revolution made people like them liable to be viewed as suspicious. Read More

An explanation of the various Rastafarian beliefs, and how they are interpreted in recent times.

Rastafarian beliefs

Rastafarian beliefs

There is no formal Rastafari creed and there are slight differences in the views of different groups.
The most definitive list is found in the 1977 book The Rastafarians, The Dreadlocks of Jamaica by scholar Leonard Barrett who lists what he regards as the six basic principles of Rastafari. He developed the list by attending public meetings and through anthropological research into the movement.
  1. Haile Selassie I is the Living God
  2. The Black person is the reincarnation of ancient Israel, who, at the hand of the White person, has been in exile in Jamaica
  3. The White person is inferior to the Black person
  4. Jamaica is hell; Ethiopia is heaven
  5. The Invincible Emperor of Ethiopia is now arranging for expatriated persons of African origin to return to Ethiopia
  6. In the near future Blacks shall rule the world
But Leonard Barrett's list is itself about thirty years old and so many of the beliefs above may no longer have the same significance to modern Rastafarians. This is especially true since the spread of the movement to the West which has led to the emergence of White Rastafarians.Read More

The pictures of the tallest people around

Watch the Amazing Facts

The Tallest People in the World

Maasai dance
Enlarge picture
Africa is a continent of the extremes. And the cradle of humankind. This is where the shortest people, the pygmies, appeared and still live.

Amongst those of pure blood, men have an average height of just 1.45 m (4.34 ft) and women of 1.33 m (4 ft)! But pygmies are not a dwarf variant of the Black Africans. Their heads look large compared to the rest of the body. But otherwise, they are perfectly proportioned (the dwarfs are deformed). They represent an ancient race and only the Khoi-San people (bushmen), now restricted to South Africa, are more ancient amongst current Homo sapiens races, who 50,000 years ago left Africa and reached New Guinea and Philippines, where nowadays pygmies Read More
still live.

Preliminary Investigations Uncover Fraud in Grants to Djibouti And Nigeria

Fraud and other irregularities in the management of Global Fund grants in Djibouti and Nigeria have been identified in preliminary investigations conducted by the OIG. The investigations are ongoing.
Fraud and other irregularities in the management of Global Fund grants in Djibouti and Nigeria have been identified in preliminary investigations conducted by the Global Fund's Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Some details are provided in the OIG's recent progress report. The investigations are ongoing.
An audit conducted by the OIG in April-May 2010 on Global Fund grants to Djibouti worth $20 million found substantial irregularities, losses and unsupported expenditures. The final report on the audit has not yet been released. Because of the problems identified in the audit, the OIG launched an investigation. The sole principal recipient (PR) for Global Fund grants in Djibouti (for all three diseases) is the Executive Secretariat (ES) of Djibouti, which is a government entity.Read More

Diaspora Returnees Recommend Investment in Ethiopia

By Phillip Barea
Abiy BelachewAddis Ababa, January 29, 2011 ( -- In recent weeks representatives of both the Ethiopian Diaspora and the Ethiopian Government met in order to discuss the relationship between the two. They also entered into serious talks about Ethiopia´s development, as well as government policies regarding the rights of Diaspora Ethiopians and future investments in the country.
The potential role of the Diaspora in the government´s new development and transformation plan has been highlighted by some observers. Moreover, some believe it is already a crucial component of the country´s current development process.
 In order to investigate the Diaspora perspective further, met with two Diaspora returnees in Addis Ababa and asked them about their recent return to Ethiopia and investment here.
Resettlement in Ethiopia
Abiy Belachew left Ethiopia in 1982 to pursue higher education in America, and at the same time find a better life than the one available in Ethiopia at the time.
After 27 years of a comfortable and successful life in the United States, Abiy returned to Addis Ababa and opened his own business. He created the Lulit Internet CafĂ©, named after his daughter.  Most recently, his wife and daughter left the United States to permanently join him here in Ethiopia.Read More

AU Chairperson Receives High Representative for Somalia, Jerry John Rawlings

January 29, 2011
Accra, Jan. 29, GNA  - The Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC), Dr. Jean Ping, has received H.E. Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, former President of Ghana and newly appointed African Union High Representative for Somalia, in his office at AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Welcoming the High Representative, the Chairperson thanked him for accepting “this very challenging assignment” and stated that Mr. Rawlings will contribute immensely to the enhancement of the international community’s efforts aimed at restoring peace in Somalia.
These were contained in a press release from the Office of the Spokesperson to the AU Chairperson in Addis Ababa, and copied to the Ghana News Agency at the weekend.
It said the AU Chairperson further reiterated his confidence in the new High Representative’s ability to succeed in discharging his duties, given Mr. Rawlings’ well-known commitment to African causes.
In response, the High Representative expressed his appreciation to the Chairperson for entrusting him with such an important mission, adding that he was proud to have been offered the opportunity to serve Africa.
On his part, the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Ramtane Lamamra, briefed the High Representative and the Chairperson on the current situation in Somalia, the political and security situation on the ground and plans to deploy more peacekeepers to boost the efforts of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).
Also in attendance at the meeting were the Foreign Minister of Ghana, H.E. Mr.
Muhammad Mumuni, the Permanent Representative of Ghana to the AU, Ambassador Kwesi Quartey and the Special Representative of the Chairperson for Somalia, Ambassador Boubacar Diarra.
The rest were  AMISOM Force Commander, General Nathan Mugisha, the Deputy Chief of Staff in the Bureau of the Chairperson, Mr. Pierre Moussavou and the Diplomatic Adviser to the Chairperson, Ambassador John Evonlah Aggrey.
Former President Rawlings was appointed on October 8, 2010, by Chairperson Ping to serve as the AU High Representative for Somalia, as a follow up to the decision on the Report of the AU Peace and Security Council adopted by the Assembly of the Union at its 15th Ordinary Session held in Kampala, Uganda, in July 2010.
Mr. Rawlings served in the Ghanaian military for more than a decade, and presided over the affairs of Ghana in 1979 and from 1981 to 2001. He was twice elected President of the Republic, following multiparty presidential elections in 1992 and 1996.    
Mr. Rawlings left office in 2001, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana that limits the number of terms for the office of the President to a maximum of two.

African Union wants attack mandate for Somalia force

African leaders to discuss change of AMISOM mandate
* AU says has requested five attack helicopters for AMISOM

ADDIS ABABA, Jan 29 (Reuters) - The African Union's (AU) peacekeeping force in Somalia is ready to attack militants bent on toppling the government should it receive authorisation from the United Nations, the head of the body said on Saturday.
A senior AU source said African leaders would discuss on Sunday whether to lodge a formal request with the United Nations to change the mandate to an attacking one from peacekeeping.
Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed over the past four years in fighting that has seen the rebels seize control of about half the capital Mogadishu and swathes of southern and central Somalia.
Western spy agencies say the country has becom a haven for foreign jihadists and Somalia's al Shabaab rebels claimed responsibility for bombs in Uganda that killed scores in July.
"We are ready to attack if we have permission from the United Nations' Security Council," Jean Ping, chairman of the African Union Commission, told a news conference in Ethiopia Read More

Somalia: Ethiopian troops cross into Somalia

Somaliweyn - Ahmed Muse Gure
On Saturday members of the Ethiopian military crossed the border into Somalia and moved into the Balanbal district of central Somalia.
Our correspondent reports that the Ethiopian military had a meeting with Ahlu Sunna Waljama elements in Balanbal town.
After the meeting took place the Ethiopian troops set up a checkpoint outside of the town of Balanbal in the Galguduud region.
The Ethiopian troops were reported to be heavily armed while they moved into the town controlled by pro-government forces.
The civilians living in the area are worrying about the security situation and fear fighting could break out in their district because Al Shabaab extremist troops as well as government troops and Ethiopian troops are located so close to each other in the area.
In 2006 the Ethiopian government sent thousands of troops into Somalia to topple the Union of Islamic Courts which held Mogadishu and most of south Somalia.
Ahmed Muse Gure  +254717460513

Mubarak names his deputy and new PM

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has appointed the country's head of intelligence to the post of vice-president, in a move said to be a reaction to days of anti-government protests in cities across the country.

Omar Soleiman was sworn in on Saturday, the first time Mubarak appointed a vice-president during his 30-year rule. Ahmad Shafiq, a former chief of air staff, was appointed prime minister.

But Al Jazeera's correspondents in Egypt have said that many of those taking to the streets demand a total change of guard, as opposed to a reshuffling of figures in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

Tens of thousands of people in the capital Cairo gathered on Saturday, demanding an end to Hosni Mubarak's presidency.Watch Al Jaziira

Young man killed in Somaliland bomb blast

At least one young man was killed in a deadly bomb blast in the capital of Somalia's separatist region of Somaliland, Radio Garowe reports.
The explosion occurred Saturday afternoon in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland and Somalia's second-largest city.
Local sources reported that one young man was killed and two other men were wounded in the blast, which occurred outside of a stadium.
The young men, who were playing soccer, found the bomb and "played" with it before it exploded with deadly force, the sources added.
Somaliland security forces surrounded the scene of the bombing and police officials said there were investigations.
Some reports said a "group of men" in a car placed the bomb material near a garbage dump area outside of the stadium. The young men then began toying around with the bomb after that vehicle drove away.
Somaliland police have not commented publicly about this bomb blast, but Hargeisa is considered one of Somalia's most peaceful cities.
Located in northwestern Somalia, Somaliland unilaterally declared independence from the rest of the Horn of Africa country in 1991 but has not gained international recognition.

Kulan Qarsoodi ah oo dhexmaray Shariif Xasan iyo Cali Geedi Maxay Kawada Hadlayn (Top News)

Kulan aan la shaacin ayaa waxa dhexmarayo Gudoomiyaha baarlamaanka Shariif Xasan iyo Ra’isal wasaarihii hore Xildhibaan Cali Maxamed Geedi kaas oo ka dhacay Magalada Nairobi ee Wadanka Kenya.
Shariif Xasan iyo Cali Geedi ayaa la sheegay iney ka wada hadleen arimo ku aadan isbadalka siyasadeed ee la flayo inuu ka dhacayo Soomaaliya, marka dowlada federalka KMG uu waqtiga ka dhamaado August-da soo socoto.

Labada masuul oo in muddo ah kulmin, kana dhexeeyay khilaaf balaaran oo ka bilwoday markii gudoomiyanimadda Baarlamaanka laga qaaday Shariif Xasan dowladii uu Ra;usal wasaaraha ka ahaa Cali Geedi, waxa iminka u egtahay iney iminka heshiis noqonayaan.Sii Akhri

Madaxweynaha Dowladda FKMG Soomaaliya Oo Kala Diraya Golaha Baarlamaanka

Narobi (RBC Rado) Sida ku cad warqad soo gaartey  ayaa Madaxweynaha DFKMG mudane Shariif Sh Axmad ayaa dhaliilo badan Madaxweynuhu ujeediyay xubnaha Xildhibaanada Baarlamaanka, kuwaasi oo uu ku tilmaamey in ay ku guda jiraan musuqmaasuq iyo kala qeybsanaan joogta ah, islamarkaana ay ka seexdeen howshii loo soo doortay sida lagu sheegay warsaxaafadeed ka soo baxay xafiiska Madaxweynaha Dowladda FKMG Soomaaliya oo faafintiisa dib loo dhigey.
Dhaliisha Madaxweynaha dowladda FKMG Soomaaliya uu ujeediyay Xildhibaanada ayaa waxaa dhinac socda eedeyn uu ujeediyay Maamulka Golaha Baarlamaanka oo lagu tilmaamey kuwa gabey shaqadii ay shacabka iyo dowladdaba u hayeen.
Axdiga kumeel gaark ah ee ay ku shaqeyso DFKMG ayaan madaxweynaha awood ku siineyn in uu kala diro golaha Baarlamaanka Fedraalka Soomaaliya, balse waxaa tani kamid tahay xusul duubka uu madaxweyne Sh Shariif ugu jiro sidii uu ugu sii nagaadi lagaa xilka hogaanka dalka marka waqtiga ka dhamaado oo ay ku beegan tahay bisha agoosto ee fooda nagu soo heysa.
Warsaxaafadeedka oo ku taariikheysnaa 26/01/2011 ayaan la ogeyn waxa faafintiisa dib u dhigey ayaa uqornaa sidatan.
Ujeeddo:- Kala Diris Golaha Baarlamaanka Kumeel Gaarka Ah
  1. Baarlamaanka KMG ah ee Soomaaliya oo gudan waayey xilalkii loo doortay.
  2. Kala qeybsanaan dhinaca siyaasada ah iyo musuqmaasuq joogta ah, iyo Baarlamaanka oo gabey inuu yeesho fadhiyadii loogu talo galay si howsha Qaran ay u socoto, sharciyadana u hirgalaan. 
  3. Sii Akhri

Barnaamijka Wariyeha: Ka tegidii wariyaha weyn Cali Xaraare ee VOA’da iyo saameynta ay ku yeelatey gobolada Soomaaliya.

Boosaaso (SPR): Waa barnaamijkii wariyeyaasha oo aad ka dhagaysataan idaacada SPR todobaad walba iyadoo aan todobaadkan ku soo qaadan doona ka tegidii wariye Cali Xaraare oo ka tagey idaacada VOA’da iyo saameynta ay ku yeelatay gobolada Soomaaliyeed. Dadka codadka aan ka qaadney ayaa waxaa ka mid ah suxifiyaal caan ka ah dalka Soomaaliya,  aqoonyahano iyo qeybo kale oo ka mid ah dadkii xiiseyn jirey idaacada VOA’da gaar ahaan barnaamijkii Caweyska Washington ee uu soo deyn jirey wariyeha weyn ee Cali Xaraare.



The Ethiopian Army unleashes widespread and vindictive ethnic cleansing campaign in the Ogaden

he Ethiopian Army, fulfilling Meles Zenawi Callous call to punish the Ogaden people, has unleashed widespread ethnic cleansing campaign in the Ogaden. On January 16, 2011 the Ethiopian Army, stormed the police station at mid-night and took away 19 civilian detainees, who were rounded by the Ethiopian security in Qabri-dahar the previous week. Some of these people were civil servants working for the regional administration, international NGO’s, the UN and local businesses. The next morning on the 17th of January, the bodies of Mr Abdirizak Hurre Osman, a graduate from Hawasa University working for the water Agency serving the three regional administrations of Qabri-Dehar, Godey and Wardheer; Mr Subaan Ahmed Khalif, a businessman were publicly displayed in the Qabri-dehar town centre. Wires that were used to asphyxiate the victims were left wrapped around their necks for further terrifying the towns’ people. Town’s people report that the Ethiopian Army took the rest of the victims to unknown destination and their fate is uncertain. The names of the victims identified are listed below.

In a parallel campaign in Degahbur area, the Ethiopian Army looted the town of Higlalay, beheading Ms Amina Ali Madobe with a knife in the village centre and wounded more than 27 people, who were put in detention pens in the Army camp without medicine or food. Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Yusuf  and Mr Badri Mohamed Aw-Ismail later died in detention. The rest of the town residents fled to the surrounding area. Since it is at the height of the dry season and both water and food are scarce there is an urgent need of humanitarian aid for the victims, but the same army that is committing these crimes controls aid.

This practice has intensified since the dictator, Meles Zenawi, vowed to punish the Ogaden people for supporting the ONLF who are struggling for the rights of the Ogaden people to a genuine self-determination as accorded to the south Sudanese people.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front calls upon the UN and the international community to act swiftly and intervene in the hidden ethnic cleansing the Ethiopian Army is conducting in the Ogaden.
Partial list of identified victims harmed by the Ethiopian Army
Partial list of identified victims harmed by the Ethiopian ArmyPartial list of identified victims harmed by the Ethiopian Army

Maamulayaasha Dahabshiil iyo Waagacusub oo Maxkamad uga furantay Holland

Maamulayaasha Dahabshiil Money Transfer iyo Waagacusub Media Abdirashiid Mohamed Said Ducaale iyo Dahir Abdulle Alasow ayaa markii ugu horeeysay Maxkamad isku hor fariistay Magaaladda Breda ee dalka Netherlands.
Qareenka u doodayay Shirkadda Dahabshiil ayaa Waagacusub ku eedeeyay in lagu faafiyay warar dhaawacay sumcadda Shirkadda hasse yeeshee taasi waxaa si sharciya kaga hortegay Qareenka Waagacusub Mrs Margriet Koed.
Garyaaqanada waxay Maxkamadda ka hor akhrisay dimbiya ay geysteen Shirkadda Dhiigshiil sida inay xireen Website-ka Waagacusub,inay email hanjabaada u soo direen Maamulaha Waagacusub iyo inay magaca Dahabshiil la baxeen sanadkii 2000 ,ka horna lagu magacaabi jiray Dhiigshiil.
Lawyerada Margriet waxay ka hadashay warbixintii laga qoray Saado Cali Warsame ee madaxeeda ay Dhiigshiil dul dhigtay labada Milyan ee dollar,heestii ay soo saartay ee DHIIGSHIIL HA DHIGAN,iyo shaqsiyadda Saado Cali Warsame.
Garyaqaanka Maxkamadda ayaa ku dhawaaqay in natiijada dacwada labada dhinac si rasmiya loo shaacin doono 8 Febaury 2011.
Dacwada ka furantay dalka Holland ee u dhaxeeysa Shirkadaha Waagacusub iyo Dhiigshiil ayaa ka dhalatay ka gadaal markii Lawyer jooga dalka Ingiriiska oo lagu magacaabo Andrew warqado hanjabaad u dhigmo u soo diray Waagacusub,taas oo qasabtay in dacwad ka dhana Shirkadda Dhiigshiil loo gudbiyo Safaaradda British-ka ee dalka Netherlands.
Dalka Holland wuxuu ka mid yahay dalalka safka hore kaga jira ixtiraamka dimoqoraadiyadda,waxayna maamulka Waagacusub rajo wanaagsan ka qabaan in ganaax iyo magdhaw xoogan laga qaado Shirkadda Dhiigshiil maadama ay ku kacday falal ka hor imaanayo xoriyadda Saxaafadda iyo madaxbanaaniyada xoriyatul qoowlka.Halkaan ka akhri warka Saxaafadda Holland ka qoreen dacwada
Si kastaba ha ahaatee,Dacwadda ka furan tahay Holland ayaa ka dhigan tilaabadii ugu wanaagsaneed ee tusaalo u noqon karta Shirkado iyo shaqsiyaad ismooday inay Cadaaladda iyo sinaanta ka sareeyaan.
Dukumiintiyadda dacwada labada dhinac iyo go’aanka Maxkamadda ayaan idiin soo gudbin doonaa.

R.D. Sahra Cali Samatar oo Qudbad iyo Fariin U jeedisay Soomaalidda (Daawo)

Sahro Cali Samatar oo ah Raysul Dowlaha Xafiiska Raysul Wasaaraha Dowladda Soomaaliya Ayaa Waxay Dhawaan Soo Gaartay Magaaladda MNPLS ee Gobolka Minnesota.Sahra Cali Samatar ayaa Waxay Uga warantay Jaaliyadda Soomaalidda Ee Ku Dhaqan Gobolka Minnesota Waxyaalihii Ay ku Soo aragtay Wadanka Soomaaliya iyo Magaaladda Muqdishu intii ay joogtay Wadanka Soomaaliya.
Sahro Ayaa Waxay Aad uga Dayrisay Dhalintii Soomaaliyeed ee kortay Dagaaladdii ka Dib kuwaas oo ay Ku Sheegtay in ay Arag Wax dowladda Soomaaliyeed ama ayan Dhalintaas Soomaaliyadda Ayan helan wax fursad waxbarasho iyo mid Horumarineedba.
Qudbadii oo Buuxda Daawo

Kulanii Madaxweynaha Dowlad Deeegaanka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia iyo Garaad Jaamac Garaad ISmaaciil ee Minnesota(Sawiro)


Kulanii Madaxweynaha Dowlad Deeegaanka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia iyo Garaad Jaamac Garaad ISmaaciil ee Minnesota(Sawiro)

Xaflad kooban oo si qurux badan loo soo agaasimay ayaa waxa ay ka dhacday Hotelka Radisson ee ku yaala badhtamaha magaalada Minneapolis, Minnesota. Xafladan ayaa Madaxweynaha Dowlad Deegaanka Soomaalida ee Ethiopia Mudane Cabdi Maxamuud Cumar ku sharfay in uu kula kulmo Garaad Jaaamac Garaad Ismaaciil, oo horkacay jaaliyada beesha Dhulabahante ee degan Minnesota.
Kulankan ayaa waxa Garaadku ku dheeraaday baahida degaanka iyo amniga. Intii kulanka socday ayaa Garaadku waxa uu soo bandhigay qoraal si fiican loo soo qoray oo ka kooban todobo qodob. Qoraalkaas oo tafatiran waxa aad ka helysaa halakan: . ama Qoraalkaas ka dib ayaa Garaadka waxa uu xusay hooyo haysata afar caruur oo ninkeedii la xidhay 1995 ilaa hadana aan la ogayn meesha uu ku danbeeyey. Hooyadan iyo afarta caruurta ah ayaa waxa ay hada ku sugan yihiin Minneapolis, waxayna mar qura ku taamaan in ay maqlaan aabahood geeridiisii iyo noloshiisii. Aabahan ayaa markii la xiray, waxa lala qabtay labo nin oo kale oo iyagana ilaa hada aan la ogeyn, meel ay ku sugan yihiin. Madaxweynah aaya ka balan qaaday Garaadka in uu wax la qaban doono qoysaskan dhiban ee ay ka maqan yihiin RagaasSii Akhri

War Deg Deg ah:Burcad Badeedii kusugnayd Garacad oo guud ahaanba banaysay & Maraakiibtii oo loo wareejiyey K/Mudug.

Garacad:(Allpuntland)-Wararka Saaka lagahelayo Tuulada Garacad oo katirsan degmada Jariiban ee gobolka Mudug ayaa kusoo waramaya in guud ahaanba ay xalay halkaas baneeyeen dhamaan Kooxihii Burcad Badeeda ahayd ee kusugnayd sanadihii lasoo dhaafay kusugnayd deegaankaas islamarkaasna ku haysatay maraakiib aad u badan,waxaana ay wararku intaas kudarayaan in maraakiibtii afduubka loo haystay in guud ahaantoodba loo wareejiyey Deegaano kamid ah Koonfurta gobolka Mudug.

Wararku waxay intaas kudarayaan in xalay ay deegaaankaas ka ruqaansadeen in kabadan 13-Markab oo laga lahaa wadamo ay kamidyihiin Jarmalka,Shiinaha & meelo kale islamarkaasna ay imika joogaan tuulada ceel-dhanaane oo 30-Km ujirta Tuulada Garacad islamarkaasna katirsan koonfurta gobolka Mudug kuwaas oo ay kujiraan Hubyo & meelo kale,waxaana ay maraakiibtani ahaayeen kuwii ugu danbeeyey ee ku xirnaa garacad oo ah halkii udanbaysay ee ay Burcadu ka degenayd deegaanada Puntland.

Goobjooge kusugan Garacad ayaa APL u xaqiijiyey in saaka waaberigii la arkayey gaawirda dheereeyey oo ay lahaayeen kooxaha Burcad badeeda ah kuwaas oo iyana ka baxaya tuulada garacad,waxaana uu intaas kudaray goobjooguhu in xataa imika ay Burcadu diyaar u yihiin inay dhanka beriga ugu wareegaan Koonfurta gobolka Mudug halkii ay awal kusugnaayeen Tuulada Garacad.

Ka guurista Burcad badeeda tuulada Garacad oo ahayd fariisin muhiim ah ayaa imaanaysa xili ay Saraakiisha maamulka & shacabka magaaladaasi dhawaan isku afgarteen in dagaal dhanka beriga ah lagu qaado Burcad badeeda halkaas kusugan oo dhibaatooyin ba’an kuhaysay shacabka kusugan deegaankaas,waxaana ka guuristooda garacad ay noqonaysaa meeshii u danbaysay ee burcadu ay ka baxdo oo katirsan Puntland.

Cabdiqani Xayir

Biggest Freshwater Fish...Giant Mekong Catfish (Pangasius gigas)

Freshwater Fish Records
It's official! The new world record holder for the biggest freshwater fish is the Giant Mekong catfish (Pangasius gigas). The biggest one ever captured and measured was caught in Thailand in May of 2005. It was 9 feet long and weighed 646 pounds.
The fish in the photo below was captured by some fisherman where the species is considered endangered, but can still be caught with special permits. The fish was turned in to the Department of Fisheries where the eggs and sperm are collected from these rare giants and harvested for a captive breeding program to keep the species alive.
This giant catfish inhabits the waters of the Mekong River in China, which flows southward into Southeast Asia. This fish is found as far south as Cambodia and Thailand where it is known as Pla Buk, which means simply "huge fish".The dimensions of these catfish are very impressive, with the largest supposedly growing up to 10ft/3m and weighing up to 660lbs/300kg.
Scientists have recently discovered something amazing about the Giant Mekong catfish; they live out part of their lives at sea. Most people have the impression of catfish as slow, lumbering bottom-feeders, but it turns out that the migration routes of these catfish rival those of the better known salmon. Scientists have recorded Pangasius gigas traveling as much as 600 miles (1000 km) inland from the south China sea up the Mekong River to spawn.
Giant Mekong Catfish
This giant catfish caught in May of 2005 was 9 feet long and weighed 646 lbs. This is more than 5 times bigger than the 'world record' catfish caught in North America.
The waters of the Mekong River are very murky and make it difficult to track the movements of the fish. In order to determine where the Mekong catfish have been, scientists examined chemical markers called isotopes in bone and muscle tissue of catfish from the Khone Falls region of the Mekong. The team found evidence that the freshwater-dwelling fish had migrated recently from a marine habitat. Although this method of fish tracking is a highly regarded method, it appears that this is the first time it has been used to track the migration routes of river catfish species from a marine environment.
The recent discovery that Mekong catfish are anadromous, (moving from coastal waters into fresh waters to spawn) has surprised even scientist's long-held notions of freshwater species. It may be that many other species of catfish also have similar migration habits, and that other species of freshwater fish may be found living part of their lives at sea. It certainly gives new meaning to the concept of "freshwater fish", if they spend part of their lives living in the salty waters of a marine environment.
As big as the Giant Mekong catfish can get, there are rumored to be other species of freshwater fish whose dimensions rival those of the Mekong catfish. Among them are the Arapaima and huge freshwater stingrays, both found living in the Amazon River. The giant Chinese paddlefish is also a serious contender for world's biggest freshwater fish, but very little is known about this species that seems to be rapidly disappearing.
For more information about giant freshwater fish species see the National Geographic sponsored Megafishes Project, and meet the scientist who travels the world looking for the world's biggest freshwater fish.

Cismaan Jamac Kaluun muxuu ka yidhi booqashadii Somaliland uu ku tagay

"markiiba markii ishaydu ku dhacdey waxa uu dareemay in aan su'aalo weydiinaayo isaga oo ....

Waxa aan dhawaan kula kulmay siyaasiga Cismaan Jamac Kaluun magaalada London,kulankan aan is aragnay Cismaan Jamac muu ahayn markii iigu horeysay ee aan is aragnay anagoo magaalo wada degan,se waxa aan jeclaaday bal inaan wax ka weydiiyo booqashadii uu dhawaan ku tagay Somaliland iyo hadal hayn badan oo dad badani is weydiinayeen tagistii uu ku tagay Somaliland.

Cismaan Jamac Kaluun waa siyaasi in badan kusoo dhex jirey siyaasada Somalia,markiiba markii ishaydu ku dhacdey waxa uu dareemay in aan su'aalo weydiinaayo isaga oo markiiba candhuuftisii dib u liqay kana cago jiiday inuu warbixin fara badan iiga waramo,Cismaan waxa uu igu yidhi "Adeer ma jecli wariyayaasha iyo inaan siyaasad ka hadlo " isagoo sabab uga dhigay wararka oo ay bedelaan iyo waxaan jirin oo ay sheegaan,waxase uu iiga waramay guud ahaan nabadgalyada ka jirta Somaliland iyo horumarka uu sameeyey. Sii Akhri

Madaxweynaha Puntland oo isku shaandheeyey Golihiisa Wasiirada.

sidaasina waxaa lagu sheegay Warqad Digreeto ah oo kasoo baxday Xafiiska...

Hargaysa(GNS):-Madaxweynaha maamul goboleedka Puntland ee Soomaaliyeed .Cabdiraxmaan (Faroole) ayaa la sheegay in uu maanta isku shaandheyn ku sameeyey golihiisa Wasiirada,waxaana xilalkii uu ka qaaday Afar Wasiir oo ka tirsan golihiisa Wasiirada halka uu magacaabay Wasaaradahaas Wasiiro cusub.

sidaasina waxaa lagu sheegay Warqad Digreeto ah oo kasoo baxday Xafiiska Madaxweynaha Puntland ee taariikhaysnayd 28-ka January sanadka 2011.

Digreetadaasina waxay u qornayd sidan:-

Wasiirka Wasaaradda Warfaafinta iyo Isgaadhsiinta (Axmed Cali Askar).

Wasiirka Wasaarada Shaqada,Shaqaalaha,dhalinyarada iyo Isboortiga (C/weli Xirsi Cabdulle-Indha Guran).

Wasiirka Wasaaradda Beeraha iyo Waraabka (Eng.Maxamuud Xaaji Saalax).

Wasiirka Wasaarada Duulista Hawada iyo garoomada (Cali Axmed Gamuute). Read More

Hargeysa: Xus Loo Sammeeyey Mujaahidiintii Fuliyay Hawlgalkii Afduubka Diyaaradii Somali Airline 1984

Hargeysa January 26, 2011 (Berberanews)- Xaflad lagu xusayay Mujaahidiintii fuliyey hawlgalkii 1984-kii ay ku afduubeen Dayuuradii Somali-Airline Arport-ka Xamar ee kala ahaa Mujaahidiinta Alle ha u naxariitee Cawil Cadami Burhaan, Baashe Muuse Maxamed iyo Axmed Waraabe, islamarkaanaa lagaga hadlayay guudba taariikh halgameedkii ururkii SNM ee dalka xoreeyay.

Xafladan oo ay soo qabanqaabiyeen ururka Afgarad oo xalay lagu qabtay Hotelka Impirail ee magaalada Hargeysa waxaa  kasoo qayb galay gudoomiyaha golaha wakiilada C/raxmaan Ciro, gudoomiye ku xigeenka wakiilada C/casiis Samaale, Boobe yusuf Ducaale, Sheekh Aadan Xaaji Maxamuud (Sh. Aadan Siiro) C/wahaab Nakruuma, masuuliyiinta Sooyaal, Mujaahidiin iyo marti sharaf kale.

Waxaana madashaasi lagu soo qaaday dhacdada afduubka diyaaradaasi, ay xilligaa mujaahidiintaasi fuliyeen hawlgalka, islamarkaana Airport-ka Xamar ka dhacday, taasoo ay sheegeen, in ay tahay taariikh la xuso iyo guud ahaanba SNM, islamarkaana ay tilmaameen inaan taariikhda Mujaahidiintii SNM la muujiyo lana xuso xukuumad iyo shiciba.Sii Akhri

Shabaabka Muqdisho oo Maanta soo Saaray Amaro ka Dhan ah Maqaayadaha laga Cunteeyo

qdisho (RBC) Maamulka xarakada Shabaab ee gobolka Banaadir ayaa maanta shir ay la yeesheen mulkiilayaasha maqaayadaha laga cunteeyo ee ku yaalla magaalada waxay kaga dhawaaqeen illaa lix qodob oo ah amaro ku wajahan shaqaalaha iyo mulkiilayaasha maqaayadaha.
Shirkan oo ka dhacay gudaha suuqa Bakaaraha ayaa lagu martiqaaday in ka badan 300 ruux oo ah milkiilayaasha maqaayadaha qeybaha ay maamusho Shabaab ee magaalada Muqdisho kuwaasoo maalintii shalay fariin lagu gaarsiiyey inay ka soo qeybgalanaan shirka maanta ka dhacay suuqa Bakaaraha.
Sheekh Cali Xuseen oo ah waaliga Shabaab ee gobolka Banaadur ayaa ganacsatada maqaayadaha ku wargeliyey amarka lixda qodob ah ee lasoo saaray kuwaasoo ay ka mid yihiin.
1- In shaqaalaha ka shaqeeya maqaayadaha asan lahayn wax balwad ah sida Qaad ama Sigaar.
2- In shaqaalaha maqaayadaha ay timaha xiirtaan isla markaana garka siidaayaan.
3- In shaqaalaha ka shaqeeya maqaayadaha aan lahu arki karin cidiyaha.
4- In dhamaan dadka u shaqeeya maqaayadleyda rag iyo dumar ay Salaadaha tukadaan haddii kale shaqada laga ceyriyo.
5- In dhamaan shaqaalaha maqaayadaha ay heystaan buuga caafimadka.
Waaliga Al Shabaab ee gobolka Banaadir Sheekh Cali Xuseen oo ka hadlay shirka ayaa ku wargeliyey ganacsatadii shirkan isugu timid in amarkaasi ay u fuliyaan sidauu yahay iyadoo cidii jabisana laga qaadi doono talaabo adag sida RBC Radio uu u sheegay mid ka mid ah dadkii ka qeybgalay kulankaasi oo magaciisa ka gaabsaday.Sii Akhri

Shir Madaxeedka AU oo Berito Bilaabanaya iyo Kulan Gaar u ah Soomaaliya oo Lagu Qabanayo Addis-Ababa

Addis Ababa (RBC) Wararka ka imaanaya magaalada Addis Ababa ee xarunta dalka Ethiopia ayaa sheegaya in shir madaxeedka 16aad ee madaxda Midowga Afrika uu bilaabanayo aroornimada hore ee maalinta berito waxaana maanta soo gabagaboobaya shirka gogol xaarka ee wasiirada arimaha dibada uga socday Addis Ababa.
Sida ilo ku dhow shirka ay xaqiijiyeen waxaa kulanka madaxda Afrika ee 16aad qodobada ugu waaeyn ka mid ah arimaha wadanka Soomaaliya oo looga hadli doono, iyadoo si gaar ahna loo soo qaadi doono waqtiga DKMG ee sii dhamaanaya kuna eg bisha August ee sanadkan 2011.
Wafdi uu hogaaminayo madaxweynaha DKMG Sheekh Shariif Sheekh Axmed ayaa saaka ka mambabaxay magaalada Muqdisho iyagoo ku sii jeeda madasha shirka ee Addis Ababa.
Dhanka ka;le waxaa madasha shirka Afrika ka socda qabanqaabada kulan kale oo ka garab dhici doona shir madaxeedka 16aad ee wadamada Afrika kaasoo looga arinsanayo waxa laga yeelayo waqtiga DKMG marka uu dhamaado iyo cida noqoneysa madaxweynaha xiga taasoo si weyn loogu muransan yahay
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Projects underway to connect Africa

Addis Ababa, January 28, (WIC) – Feasibility study to connect African nations through various infrastructures has been finalized and projects have commenced, an African Union (AU) Commissioner said. 
While briefing local and international media, Mrs. Elham Ibrahim, Infrastructure and Energy Commissioner of the AU, said that unified mobile phone, road, currency, and railway and other infrastructural developments will reduce Africa to a village.  
 Information Communication Technology (ICT) and other infrastructural projects will enable Africa to have continental mobile phone, airline and road links, she said.  The AU plans to link Dakar (Senegal) to Djibouti, Ethiopia to Djibouti, Burkina Faso to Gambia and Senegal through roads and highways.
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Ethiopia Considers Importing Raw Skins, Hides

Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) of Ethiopia calls upon all tanneries in the country to consider importing raw skins and hides of livestock from abroad to cope up with the current shortage, which has led them to produce under their capacity.
picture from the workshop- Photo by

In his paper the director of the institute, Wondu Legesse, present at a workshop organized at the Hilton Hotel on Thursday (January 27, 2011), the current shortage of skins and hides will not allow Ethiopia to meet its target of generating 500 million US dollars every year from leather and leather products after five years.

He argued that even though the country is top in Africa in livestock population and 10th in the world, the tanneries in the country, which have a total processing capacity of 50 million skins and hides, are only getting 14 million at the moment.Read More

Friday, 28 January 2011

INTERVIEW-Somalia faces worst drought in five years - UN

* Agencies unable to reach most malnourished children * Food prices up 75 pct in 6 months, worsened by hoarding
* Rebels refuse food aid, say it encourages dependency
By Katy Migiro
NAIROBI, Jan 28 (Reuters) - Somalia is entering its worst drought in five years and aid agencies are unable to feed the majority of people in need, a senior United Nations humanitarian official said on Friday.
Al Shabaab rebels, who profess loyalty to al Qaeda, have refused to allow food aid to be distributed in southern and central Somalia, which they control.
"It looks as if we are now going into something that last happened five years ago, which is an acute drought cycle," Mark Bowden, the U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, said in an interview with Reuters.
"Clearly the issue of food distribution is going to become more and more pressing."Read More

Somali region defies fed gov't over Saracen deal

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- A semiautonomous regional government in Somalia on Friday defied the central government's decision to end relations with a private security company linked to the founder of Blackwater Worldwide, underscoring the weakness of the authorities in Mogadishu.
Somalia's Minister of Information Abdulkareem Jama insisted on Friday that the decision to end the relationship with Saracen International applies to regional governments.
"The decision is binding on all Somali territories. That will apply to all parts of Somalia," said Jama.
But Abdirizak Ahmed, the head of the counter-piracy program in the semiautonomous Read More

The highest mountains on each continent (the Seven Summits):

Mountain Peak
Mount Everest Asia 8,850 m
Aconcagua South America 6,959 m
Mount McKinley (Denali) North America 6,194 m
Kilimanjaro Africa 5,895 m
Mount Elbrus Europe 5,642 m
Vinson Massif Antarctica 4,897 m
Carstensz Pyramid
Mount Kosciuszko
(The highest point
on the Australian landmass )
Australia - Oceania 4,884 m
2,228 m
Mont Blanc is is the highest and hugest summit in the Alps.
Find your favourite mountain!
Africa | Antarctica | Asia | Australia | Europe | North America | South America
Mount Everest
The highest mountain in the world when measuring from sea level.

Is Yemen the next Somalia, or the next Tunisia?

A student uprising forces Yemen's long-time ruler to make public concessions.

SANAA, Yemen — In an apparent effort to quell the violent protests that have persisted for three days straight on the streets of Yemen’s capital, the country’s authoritarian ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh, released a rights activist from prison today. He also made public denials that he is grooming his son to take over power.
In a televised speech, Saleh insisted that there would be no father-to-son succession, describing such talk as “insolence.” He also announced plans to raise the salaries of government employees and military personnel by almost $50 — a significant perk for the poorly paid soldiers and civil servants serving the Arab world's poorest nation.
The concessions came after Tunisian-style protests erupted in Yemen over the weekend when thousands took to the streets to demand the removal of its autocratic president, who has held power for more than 30 years, joining leaders from Algeria to Jordan in the crosshairs of a popular revolt.
Calls for regime changes in a number of stagnant Arab dictatorships have spread across the Middle East and North Africa since Tunisia’s Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali fled the country in the face of demonstrations [2] on Jan. 14. Read More

Coronavirus Is Battering Africa’s Growing Middle Class

From Kenya to Nigeria, South Africa to Rwanda, the pandemic is decimating the livelihoods of the once-stable workers who were helping ...