Tuesday, 25 January 2011

People in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait live longer

The people of the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait live longer than those in other Arab countries while the UAE has the lowest infant mortality rate in the region, according to official data.
Qatar, one of the richest nations, had the highest life expectancy in the region, standing at 78 years in 2008, showed the figures, published in the Arab League’s annual economic and social report.
Kuwait came second with a rate of 77.4 years followed by the UAE, which has a life expectancy rate of 76.9 years, the report showed.
It put the rate at 75.7 years in Algeria, 74.8 years in Bahrain, 74.5 years in Tunisia, 73.4 years in Saudi Arabia, and 73.2 years in Lebanon.
Djibouti, one of the poorest nations, had the lowest life expectancy rate in the Arab world, standing at only 43.3 years in 2008.Read More


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