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Liiska Xubnaha Barlamaanka Federaalka ee Soomaaliya

Liiska Xubnaha Barlamaanka Federaalka ee Soomaaliya
Guddiga Farsamada ee Xulista Xildhibaanada Soomaaliyeed
Liiska Xubnaha Baarlamaanka Federaalka ee Soomaaliya

1. Bashiir Maxamed Jaamac
2. Biibi Khaliif Maxamed
3. Burci Maxamed Xamza
4. C/raxmaan Cabdi Cusmaan
5. C/weli Ibraahim Sheekh Muudey
6. Caadil Sheegow Sagaar
7. Cabdinaasir M.Cali
8. Faarax Sheekh C/qaadir maxamed
9. Fahmo Axmed Nuur
10. Ibraahiim Saalax Dayfullah
11. Jeylaani Nur Ikar Sh. Suufi
12. Khadiija Maxamed Diiriye
13. Maxamed Axmed Keynan
14. Maxamed Cumar Dhalxa
15. Maxamed Maxamuud Xeyd
16. Maxamuud Maxamed Jimcaale
17. Mustafa Maxamed Cabdullahi
18. Shariif Maxamed Siidi
19. Shariif Maxamed Xasan
20. Xasan Ibraahim maxamed
21. Xuseen Maxamed Muuse
22. Yuusuf Maxamed Ismaaciil
23. Yuusuf Xeyle Jimcaale


24. Aadan Ibrahim Dhaayow
25. Aadan Sheekh Maxamed
26. Aweys C/lahi Ibrahiim
27. Axmed Mayow Cabdulle
28. C/laahi Cabdi Garuun
29. Cabdi Macalin Aden
30. CabdiKaafi Macalin Xasan
31. Cali Aadan Xuseen
32. Cali Sheekh Maxamed Nuur
33. Cusman Libax Ibrahim
34. Cusman Mukhtar Maxamed
35. Dr. Ibrahiim Xuseen Cali Saalax
36. Dr. Muumino Sh. Cumar2
37. Dr.Khaalid Cumar Cali
38. Eng Maxamud Maxamed Bonow
39. Fadumo Nuur Maxamed
40. Fowziya Maxamed Sheekh
41. Ibrahim Cali Cumar
42. Ibrahim Isaakh Yarow
43. Isaaq Maxamed Cali(Riino)
44. Isaaq Maxamed Maxamuud
45. Isgow Derow Isaq
46. Khaliif Sh. C/laahi
47. Luul Cabdi Aadan
48. Maryan Macalin Isaaq
49. Maxamed Cabdi Cali
50. Maxamed Cali Xuseen
51. Maxamed Cusman Jawaari
52. Maxamed Kheyrow Maxamed Yusuuf
53. Maxamed Mursal Borow
54. Maxamed Rashiid Maxamed
55. Maxamud Macalin Yaxye
56. Maxamuud Cabdi Xuseen
57. Mayow Mustaf Xasan
58. Mohamed Nuuraani Bakar
59. Muna Ibrahim Abiikar
60. Mustaf Mukhtar Gudow
61. Nuur Cali Aadan
62. Saalim Aliyow Ibrow
63. Samaan Maxamed Sheekh
64. Sayid Cali Cabdulkadir Macalin
65. Sh. Shaacir Sh. Maxamed
66. Sharif Maxamed Cabdalle
67. Sharif Xasan Sh Aden
68. Xabiibo Maxamed Kheyr
69. Xasan Macalin Xuseen
70. Xuseen Cismaan Xuseen
71. Xuseen Maxamud Sh Xuseen
72. Yacquub Cali Maxamed


73. A/weli Maxamed Cali Gaas
74. Abdi Barre Yusuf Jibril
75. Abdi Mohamed Ali
76. Abdirisak Osman Hassan
77. Abdiwahab Ugas Husen Ugas Khalif
78. Abdulahi Bile Nor
79. Abdulahi Haji Dayib3
80. Abdulaziz Abdulahi Mohamed
81. Ahmed Ismail Mohamed
82. Ali Ahmed Mohamed
83. Axmed Aabi Aadan
84. Bare Ugas Geedi
85. C/laahi Maxamed Ciise
86. C/raxman Xoosh Jibriil
87. C/waxid Cabdullahi Jama
88. Cabdi Cabdulaahi Maxamed
89. Dahir Haji Gelle Farah
90. Da'ud Abdikarim Sh. Omar
91. Dr. Abdulkadir Abdi Hashi
92. Hamza Sh. Husen
93. Hassan Abshir Farah
94. Isse Mohamed Ahmed
95. Mahdi Ali Osman
96. Maxamud Axmed Maxamud
97. Maxamed C/lahi Xasan
98. Maxamed Iidle Geedi
99. Mohamed Abdi Yusuf
100. Mohamed Ahmed Kulan
101. Mohamed Ismail Shuriye
102. Mohamed Sh. Aden Hirale
103. Mohamud Hayir Ibrahim
104. Muse Ahmed Ismail
105. Muse Hassan Abdulle
106. Prof. Mohamed Abdi Mohamed
107. Sacdiya Careys Ciise
108. Saciid Abdulahi Mohamed
109. Sadiiq Abdikariim Maxamed
110. Sahra Jama Ali
111. Siyaad Maxauud Shire
112. Xuseen Khalif Jama


113. Aamino Cumar Jaamac
114. Abdulaahi Hussein Ali
115. Abdulaahi Cisman Ducaale
116. Abdulahi Abyan Nuur
117. Abdulahi Cumar Abshir Cumar
118. Ahmed Dhimbil Roble
119. Axmed Aadan Axmed
120. Axmed Aadan C/raxman
121. Busharo Cabdi Diriye4
122. C/lahi Cisman Ducale
123. C/lle Xaaji Cali Axmed
124. C/naasir Gaarane Mohamed
125. C/qaadir Sh. Cali Ibrahim
126. C/qafaar Mohamed Oomar
127. C/raxman Maxamud Caateye
128. C/risaaq Daahir Maxamud
129. C/xakiim Ciise Guuled
130. Caashakoos Maxamuud Cumar
131. Cabdalle Boss Axmed
132. Cabdi Xaashi C/llahi
133. Cabdirahman Ahmed Suge
134. Cabdullahi Qayad Barre
135. Cadar Abdi warsame Isaaq
136. Cali Xasan Guyow
137. Cisman Cilmi Boqare
138. Dr Siciid Mohamed Ali
139. Dr. Ibrahim Suleyman Xaaji Nuur
140. Duniya Maxamed Cali
141. Faaduma Xasan Cali
142. Faduma Odowa Rageh
143. Faysal Cumar Guuleed
144. Gen Siciid Xasan Geedi
145. Ismaciil Xassan Jaamac
146. Jamaal Xasan Ismaaciil
147. Khadar Biixi Caalin
148. Khadra Ahmed Ibrahim
149. Mahad Cabdalle Cawad
150. Mahad Mohamed Ducaale
151. Maxamed Axmed Gurxan
152. Maxamed C/laahi Kaamil
153. Maxamed Cabdi Xayir
154. Maxamed Cali Xagaa
155. Maxamed Xasan Aadan
156. Prof Ahmed Ismail Samatar
157. Ridwan Hirsi Mohamed
158. Sahro C/qadir C/raxman
159. Saynab Maxamed Caamir
160. Xiis Hassan Aadan
161. Xiis Muuse Cawl Cali
162. Xuseen Arab Esse Xayd
163. Xuseen Cabdisalaan
164. Yusuf Dirir Abdi
165. Zakariye Xuseen Aare5


166. A/qadir Cosoble Ali
167. A/raxman Ibrahim Ali
168. Abdirahman Kulmiye Hirsi
169. Abdisamad Maxamud Xasan
170. Abdulkadir Mohamed Aden
171. Abdullahi Jama Hussein
172. Amina Mohamed Abdi
173. Bashiir Addow Alassow
174. C/laahi Goodax Barre
175. C/laahi Maxamed Adan
176. C/qadir Sheekh Xanafi
177. Caasha Xaaji Cilmi
178. Cabdi Axmed Dhuxulow
179. Cabdisataar Sh. C/salaam Sh Xasan Barsame
180. Cali Nuur Xuseen Cali
181. Cali Yuusuf Cusman
182. Ciise Wehelie Maalin
183. Cismaan Maxamed Cabdi
184. Cumar Islow Maxamed Abukar
185. Cusman Xaaji Cali
186. Daahir Aamin Jeesow
187. Daahir Xasan Cabdi
188. Mahad Maxamed Salaad
189. Maxamed Abukar Islow
190. Maxamed C/laahi Xasan
191. Maxamed Hasan Ibrahim
192. Maxamed Maxamud Guure
193. Mohamed Ahmed Nur
194. Mustafa Sh. Cali Dhuxulow
195. Nadifo Maxamed Osman
196. Nuur Iidow Beyle
197. Qaali Axmed Diiriye
198. Sacdiyo Cumar Sheegow
199. Samira Xasan Cabdulle
200. Shuriye Mumin Afrax
201. Xasan Macalin Maxamed
202. Yuusuf Geele Ugaas

The Fiqh of Halal and Haram Animals.


Answered by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthar.
Can you give me a list of animals that are Halal and Haram according to theHanafiSchool?


 In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful,
Islam is a religion of mercy and compassion. It only commands and prohibits that which is in the best interests of the human being. The human mind however, due to it being very limited and restricted, may not be able to understand the logic behind every ruling. It may not be able to comprehend properly why a particular ruling is given, but Allah Most High- the Merciful and All-Knowing- is the best to decide what is beneficial and harmful for us, for He is the one who created us.
Allah Most High blessed humanity with His beloved Messenger (Allah bless him & give him peace), as a light and light-giving. The Sacred Law (Shariah) of Islam that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) came with from Allah differentiated between a living and a dead animal. Dead animals were declared unlawful (haram). Certain animals that were harmful to the welfare of humans were also prohibited, such as pigs, dogs, cats and wild animals. Thus, the animals that have been prohibited for consumption by Shariah is due to the fact that they are harmful for human consumption, whether we realize this or otherwise.
After understanding the above, it should be noted that each of the four Sunni Schools of Islamic law (madhhabs) have their own principles (based on the guidelines of the Qur�an & Sunnah) with regards to which animals are lawful (halal) and which are unlawful (haram) for consumption.
Below are the basic principles of permissibility and impermissibility in theHanafiSchoolwith regards to animal consumption, as mentioned in the classical books of Hanafi jurisprudence. (Culled from: al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya, 5/289-291, Bada�i al-Sana�i, 5/35-39 and Radd al-Muhtar, 304-308)
  1. Animals that have been clearly and explicitly prohibited in the Qur�an or Sunnah are without doubt Haram, such as a swine, donkey, etc.
  2. Animals that are born and live in water are all Haram with the exception of fish. All types of fishes are Halal, with the exception of that which dies naturally in the sea without any external cause. However, if a fish was to die due to some external cause such as cold, heat, being thrown to the shore by the water, colliding with a stone, etc, then it would be Halal.
Allah Most High says:
�Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine�..� (Surah al-Ma�idah, V: 53)
In the above verse, Allah Almighty forbade the meat of all dead animals without differentiating between sea-animals and land-animals. Thus, all sea-animals would also be included in this general prohibition. However, fish has been exempted from this general ruling due to the explicit mention of its permissibility by the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace).
Sayyiduna Abd Allah ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him eternal peace) said: �Two types of dead meat and two types of blood have been made lawful for our consumption: The two dead meats are: fish and locust, and the two types of blood are: liver and spleen.� (Sunan Abu Dawud, Musnad Ahmad and Sunan Ibn Majah)
Moreover, there is no mention in the Sunnah literature that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) or his Companions (Allah be pleased with them all) ever consumed the meat of a sea-animal besides the fish, hence if it was permitted, it would have at least been consumed once in order to show its permissibility. (Dars Tirmidhi, 1/280)
As far as the fish which dies naturally in the sea without an external cause (samak al-tafi) is concerned, Sayyiduna Jabir ibn Abd Allah (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: �What the sea throws up and is left by the tide you may eat, but what dies in the sea and floats you must not eat.� (Sunan Abu Dawud, no: 3809 & Sunan Ibn Majah)
Sayyiduna Ali (Allah be pleased with him) forbade the selling of naturally dead fish (floating fish) in the markets. (Bada�i al-Sana�i, 5/36 and al-Ikhtiyar)
In light of the above, all sea-animals are Haram except for fish. It will be permitted to eat a fish even without slaughtering it according to the rules of Shariah. However, a fish that dies naturally without an external cause and begins to float on the surface of the water (Samak al-Tafi) is also considered Haram.
  1. The third principle is that, amongst the land-animals, those that have no blood in them are considered Haram, such as a hornet, fly, spider, beetle, scorpion, ant, etc.
Allah Most High says:
��for he (the Prophet) commands them what is just and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure)�� (Surah al-A�raf, V: 157)
Thus, animals that don�t contain blood such as spiders and others are considered to be from �what is impure� because a sound natured person would detest their consumption.
The only exception is that of a locust, for the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) clearly permitted its consumption, in the Hadith of Sunan Abu Dawud and Musnad Ahmad quoted earlier.
Similarly, Ibn Abi Awfa (Allah be pleased with him) was asked concerning the consuming of a locust and he said: �I fought with the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) in six or seven battles, and we used to eat it (locust) with him. � (Sunan Abu Dawud, no: 3806)
  1. The forth principle is that those land-animals who have blood in them but the blood does not flow, in other words animals that do not have flowing blood, are also considered Haram, such as a snake, lizard, chameleon, etc.
  2. The fifth principle is that all types of pests (hasharat al-Ardh) are also considered Haram, such as a mouse, hedgehog, jerboa, etc.
The reasoning behind the prohibition of these animals is the same verse of Surah al-A�raf quoted above, in that they are considered impure (khabith) for consumption.
  1. The sixth principle is, land-animals who have flowing blood in them and they survive on grass and leaves, and do not prey on other animals (i.e. non-predatory terrestrial animals) are all considered Halal, such as a camel, cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, deer, etc, although there is a slight difference of opinion within the Hanafi School with regards to the consumption of horse-meat, as will be discussed later. Also, a donkey is exempted from this general ruling, in that its meat in considered Haram for consumption.
Allah Most High says:
�And cattle (an�am), He has created for you, from them you derive warmth, and numerous benefits, and of their (meat) you eat.� (Surah al-Nahl, V: 5)
�It is Allah Who made cattle for you, that you may use some for riding and some for food.� (Surah al-Mu�min, V: 79)
In the above two verses, Allah Most High uses the term �al-An�am� (cattle) which refers to non-predatory animals, according to the unanimous agreement of all the linguistics.
As far as the consumption of horse-meat is concerned, Imam Abu Hanifa (Allah have mercy on him) considers is somewhat disliked (makruh tanzihan) due to its honour and due to the fact that a horse is needed in Jihad. Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad (Allah have mercy on them both) consider it Halal, and it is said that Imam Abu Hanifa also retreated to this opinion. Thus, it would be permitted to consume horse-meat, although better to avoid.
With regards to the meat of a donkey and mule, Allah Most High says:
�And (He has created) horses, mules, and donkeys, for you to ride and use for show; and He has created (other) things of which you have no knowledge.� (Surah al-Nahl, V: 8)
So, in regards to all other non-predatory animals, Allah Almighty mentions that He has created them for consumption (as we have seen in the verses mention earlier). However, with regards to donkeys and mules, He mentions that they are for riding and adornment (zeenah). Had consumption of these animals been Halal, Allah Almighty would surely have mentioned it.
Moreover, Sayyiduna Abd Allah ibn Umar (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) forbade the meat of donkeys on the day of the battle of Khaybar.� (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 5202)
Sayyiduna Abu Tha�laba (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) prohibited the eating of donkey�s meat. (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 5205)
Sayyiduna Anas ibn Malik (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that a person came to the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) and said: �The donkeys have been (slaughtered and) eaten.� Another man came and said: �The donkeys have been destroyed.� The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) ordered a caller to announce to the people: �Allah and His Messenger forbid you to eat the meat of donkeys, for it is impure.� Thus the pots were turned upside down while the (donkey�s) meat was boiling in them.� (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 5208)
With regards to the mules, Sayyiduna Khalid ibn al-Walid (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) forbade the meat of horses, mules and donkeys.� (Musnad Ahmad, 4/89, Sunan Abu Dawud, no: 3790, Sunan Nasa�i and Sunan Ibn Majah)
However, the fuqaha mention that the ruling on a mule would be that of its mother. If the mother is a donkey, then it would be definitely Haram. If the mother is some Halal animal such as a cow, it would be completely Halal, and if the mother is a horse, then the rules of eating horse-meat would apply. (See: Radd al-muhtar)
  1. The seventh principle is that all terrestrial predatory animals and beasts, i.e. animals that hunt with their teeth, are considered Haram, such as a lion, cheetah, tiger, leopard, wolf, fox, dog, cat, etc.
  2. The eighth principle is that all birds of prey, i.e. those that hunt with their claws/talons, are considered Haram, such as a falcon, eagle, kite, hawk, bat, etc.
The proof for both these principles (seven and eight) is the famous Hadith of Sayyiduna Abd Allah ibn Abbas (Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) prohibited the eating of all fanged beasts of prey, and all the birds having talons.� (Sahih Muslim, no: 1934)
Hence, all beasts and birds of prey, beasts that hunt with their teeth and birds who hunt with their talons/claws, are unanimously considered Haram.
  1. The ninth principle is that birds who do not hunt with their claws and do not prey on other animals, rather they merely eat grains and crop, are all considered Halal, such as a chicken, duck, pigeon, dove, sparrow, crow, etc.
Sayyiduna Abu Musa al-Ash�ari (Allah be pleased with him) says: �I saw the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) consuming (the meat of) chicken.� (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 5198)
  1. The tenth principle is that if a Halal animal only consumes impure things to the extent that it creates bad odour in its meat and milk, then it will be Makruh to consume its meat and drink its milk. However, if it consumes other things along with the impure, or if it does not create bad smell in its meat and milk, then the meat and milk will be totally Halal. (Radd al-Muhtar, 6/340)
It is stated in al-Fatwa al-Hindiya:
�A chicken will only be considered a jallalah (hence makruh) if the majority of what it eats is impure, and that it penetrates into the meat in such a way that it creates a bad smell.� (See: al-fatawa al-Hindiyya, 5/289)
  1. The last principle is that if one parent of an animal is Halal and the other Haram, consideration will be taken of the mother. Thus, if the mother is a Halal animal, the offspring would also be Halal, such as a mule whose mother is a cow. If however, the mother is a Haram animal, the offspring would also be Haram, such as a mule whose mother is a donkey.
The above were eleven general and broad principles with regards to the consumption of animal meat, according to theHanafiSchoolof thought. It should be noted here that the meaning of Halal is merely that one may eat of the animal, but there are separate rules with regards to slaughtering and hunting these animals, for which one may refer to previously posted articles or the books of Fiqh. Failure to comply with these rules may well render a Halal animal Haram.
In light of the above general principles, the following is a list of Halal and Haram animals in theHanafiSchool: (Both these lists of animals are not exclusive)
Animals whose meat is Halal:
  1. Camel
  2. Goat
  3. Sheep
  4. Buffalo
  5. Stag
  6. Rabbit
  7. Cow (including mountain cow)
  8. Wild-ass (The prohibition in the Hadith is of domesticated donkeys)
  9. Fish (of all types, including prawns according to those who consider prawns to be a form of fish. Others however, don�t permit its consumption, for they don�t consider prawns to be from the fish family. For details, see an earlier post).
  10. Deer/Antelope/Gazelle
  11. Duck
  12. Heron (grey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill).
  13. Nightingale
  14. Quail
  15. Parrot
  16. Francolin
  17. Locust
  18. Partridge (heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird)
  19. Lark (North American yellow-breasted songbirds)
  20. Sparrow
  21. Goose
  22. Ostrich
  23. Dove
  24. Pigeon
  25. Stork
  26. Rooster
  27. Chicken
  28. Peacock
  29. Starling
  30. Hoopoe (any of several crested Old World birds with a slender down-curving bill, known in Arabic as Hudhud- that was sent by Sayyiduna Suleyman (peace be upon him).
Animals whose meat is Haram:
  1. Wolf
  2. Hyena
  3. Cat
  4. Monkey
  5. Scorpion
  6. Leopard
  7. Tiger
  8. Cheetah
  9. Lion
  10. Jerboa
  11. Bear
  12. Swine/pig
  13. Squirrel
  14. Hedgehog
  15. Snake
  16. Tortoise/Turtle
  17. Dog
  18. Crab
  19. Jackal
  20. Donkey (domesticated)
  21. Lizard (The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) forbade the eating of a Lizard. Recorded by Imam Abu Dawud in his Sunan from Abd al-Rahman ibn Shibl (Allah be pleased with him. Hadith no: 3790)
  22. Fox
  23. Crocodile
  24. Weasel
  25. Elephant (Radd al-Muhtar, 6/306)
  26. Falcon
  27. Hawk
  28. Kite
  29. Bat
  30. Vulture
  31. Mouse
  32. Rat
  33. All insects, such as a Mosquito, Fly, Wasp, Spider, Beetle, etc.
And Allah knows best.
Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
Darul Iftaa,Leicester,UK
Source: qa.sunnipath

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Somali Cabinet rejects newly created districts

Bar Kulan
Friday, August 10, 2012

The cabinet has overwhelmingly agreed to reject newly created districts in the country calling it unconstitutional and unprocedural.
The cabinet says it was not consulted during the elevation of small towns to district status, declaring them null and void.
This comes after several statements from the office of the president has in the recent past elevated small towns in Middle Shabelle, Bay and Bakol regions to district levels.
The decision to reject these newly created districts was reached at a session in Mogadishu under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali on Thursday afternoon.
The cabinet said the creation of such district will jeopardize good governance and reconciliation process and instead called for restrain in making similar decrees during this time of heightened political temperature in the country.
It however declared illegal all districts created between 1st July 2011 and 31 August 2012.
Source: Bar Kulan

Monday, 6 August 2012

Wararkii Ugu Dambeeyay Tartanka Madaxtinimada Somalia: C/weli Gaas oo Muqdisho Ku Sii Jeeda Iyo Xaflada Caleemo Saarkiisa oo Goordhow Bilaabaneysa

Nairobi (RBC) Raysul wasaaraha xukuumadda waqtigeedu dhamaanayo ee Soomaaliya C/weli Maxamed Cali Gaas oo beryahan ku sugnaa magaalada Nairobi oo uu kaga qeybgalay kulankii kooxda saxiixayaasha qariirada tubta ee loo yaqaano roadmap-ka ayaa saaka ku sii jeeda magaalada Muqdisho isagoo la filayo inuu goordhow ka duulo garoonka Jomo Kenyattaee magaalada Nairobi.
Waxaa C/weli Gaas wafdigiisa ku jira siuyaasiyiin iyo xubno ka mid ah u ololeeyashiisa dhanka tartanka madaxtinimada waxaana lagu wadaa in maanta ay gaaraan caasimada dalka ee Muqdisho. Waxaana la filayaa in isaguna maanta si weyn loogu soo dhoweeyo garoonka Aden Cadde ee magaalada Muqdisho halkaasoo taageerayaashiisa ay isugu imanayaan.
Wariyaha Raxanreeb ayaa soo sheegaya in dhanka kale goordhow magaalada Muqdisho ay ka bilaabaneyso xaflad ballaaran oo C/weli Gaas kaga dhawaaqi doono afkiisa inuu yahay MUSHARAX madaxweyne markii ugu horeysay. In ka yar 15 maalmood oo kaliya ayaa hadda ka harsan waqtiga loo ballansan yahay doorshada madaxweynaha walow saxiixayaasha laftooda ay isku khilaafsan yihiin doorashada sida ay u dhacayso.
Xafladan waxaa hormuud ka ah qabanqaabadeeda marwada raysul wasaaraha Drs Hodan Ciise oo beryahanba ololaha doorashada qeyb ka qaadaneysay. Waxaa lagu wadaa in C/weli Gaas uu khudbad ka jeediyo xaflada caleemo saarkiisa uuna kaga hadlo arimo kala duwan oo ay ku jiraan waxqqabadka xukuumadiisa mudadii sanadka ahayd ee ay jirtay.
Sheekh Shariif oo loo banaanbaxayo
Dhanka kale waxay xaflada caleemosaarka C/weli Gaas barbar socda bannaanbax ballaaran oo madaxweynaha waqtiga ka dhamaanayo Sheekh Shariif uu ka qeybgalayo kaasoo lagu maamuusayo bixitaankii ururka Al-Shabaab ay ka bexeen magaalada Muqdisho oo ku beegan 6-da bisha Agoosto oo maanta ku beegan.
Dibadbaxan oo uu qabanqaabiyey gudoomiyaha gobolka Banaadir Maxamuud Axmed Nuur Tarsan waxaa kaloo lagu taagerayaa madaxweyne Shariif oo shalay shirkii kooxda saxiixayaasha ka soo baxay kadib markii saxiixayaasha dhexdooda ay iskhilaafeen.
Lama oga in raysul wasaare C/weli Gaas uu tagayo mudaaharaadka Muqdisho ka dhacaya oo qabanqaabadiisa ay leeyihiin taageerayaasha madaxweynaha.
La soco Raxanreeb si aad u hesho faahfaahin dheeraad ah.

RBC Radio

XOG: Shaxda Shariif Xasan u Dejiyey Ololihiisa Doorashada 20-ka Agoosto

Shariif Xasan (bidix) iyo Sheekh Shariif
Nairobi (RBC) Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan oo mar ahaan jiray afhayeenka baarlamaanka KMG Soomaaliya oo haatan ka mid ah musharixiinta ugu cad cad tartanka madaxtinimada dalka ayaa xulufadiisa noocyada badan ku dhisaya hab ku saleysan awood qeybsiga beelaha ee afarta iyo barka (4.5) taasoo uu qorsheynayo inay isaga gayeysiiso kursiga madaxtinimada dalka waqtigan cusub.
Ilo wareedyo aad ugu dhow Shariif Xasan oo ku sugan gudaha dalka iyo dibada ayaa Raxanreeb u sheegay qaabka ay hadda u degsan tahay shaxda Shariif Xasan ugu talagalay inuu ku maareeyo ololihiisa doorashada madaxtinimada ee 20-ka Agoosto, taasoo uu beryahanba taageero kaga raadinayey siyaasiyiinta beelaha Daarood, Hawiye iyo Dir.
Inkastoo aan la ogeyn in la isku afgartay, haddana Shariif Xasan wuxuu madaxweynaha Puntland C/raxmaan Faroole iyo raysul wasaare C/weli Gaas (oo isku beel ah) ka codsaday inay ku taageeraan sidii uu isaga madaxweynaha ku noqon lahaa kadibna beelaha Daarood loo siin lahaa raysul wasaaraha cusub ee dawlada cusub ee dalku yeelanayo Agoosto ka bacdi, taasoo Shariif Xasan uu sheegay inay ka awood badnaan doonto dawladihii hore ee dalka soo maray ee ku-meelgaarka ah.
Dalabkaasi oo kale wuxuu hadda Shariif Xasan la wadaa siyaasiyiin magac ku leh beesha Hawiye oo uu ka dhaadhicinayo inay heli doonaan kursiga afhayeenka baarlamaanka taasi bedelkeedana isaga lagu taageero helista kursiga madaxweynaha.
Soo harmarinta doorashada madaxweynaha
Ilo wareedka u xog waramay Raxanreeb waxay sheegayaan in Shariif Xasan uu ku dadaalayo sidii doorashada madaxweynaha ay u dhici lahayd ka hor 20-ka Agoosto si uu isaga ugu soo baxo kursigaasi, markaas kadibna la qabto doorasho afhayeenka baarlamaanka oo sida ballantu tahay loo sharixi doono siyaasi ka soo jeeda jufooyinka waaweyn ee beesha Hawiye. Rag fara badan oo ka soo jeeda beeshan ayaa Shariif Xasan arintan kala shaqeynaya hadda sida la sheegayna aad ula dhacsan.
Qorshahan ayaa haddii uu meelmaro wuxuu meesha ka saarayaa hamiga madaxweynaha hadda ee Sheekh Shariif oo haddii siyaasi beesha Hawiye loo xusho afhayeenka baarlamaanka waxaa caqabad uu kala kulmayaa in beesha ay madaxweyne qaadato, sida uu qabo xeerka 4.5 ee beelaha wax ku qeybsadaan.
Shariif Xasan wuxuu kaloo siyaasiyiinta beesha Daarood oo Faroole iyo Gaas ugu horeeyaan ku qancinayaa in C/weli Gaas ku soo celinayo raysul wasaaraha cusub ee dalka, ayna sidaas meesha uga baxayaan siyaasiyinta beeshan ee laga yaabo inay hadda la safan yihiin Sheekh Shariif.
Labo wasaaradood oo muhim ah oo ay ka mid tahay wasaaradda arimaha dibadda iyo maaliyada ayaa la sheegayaa inuu Shariif Xasan u ballanqaaday beesha Dir. Wuxuu kaloo ballanqaaday in raysul wasaare ku xigeenka koowaad uu siin doono beesha Dir si ay u taageerto ololahiisa madaxtinimo.
Dadka aadka ugu dhow arimahan, waxay sheegayaan in Shariif Xasan looga bartay ururinta xulufo beeleedyada uuna aad u yaqaano sida dadka loo kasbado wax badana kala socda isbedelada siyaasadeed ee dalka oo uu had iyo jeer ku guuleysto aakhirka, sidaasi darteedna ay dhici karto in qaabka uu QORSHAHA u dejiyey uu ku guuleysto.
Warar ayaa sheegaya in Madaxweynaha Puntland C/raxmaan Faroole oo marar hore ay iska hor yimaadeen Shariif Xasan, hase yeeshee hadda ay aad isugu dhow yihiin uu shaki ka qabo qorshaha Shariif Xasan. Sidaas darteed ayaa C/weli Gaas iyo Faroole wadatashiyo dheer ka yeesheen soo jeedinta Shariif Xasan.
Arin kale oo xusid mudan ayaa ah in wakiilka Xafiiska UNPOS ee Soomaaliya Agustine Mahiga iyo wasaaradda arimaha dibadda Ethiopia ay aad u taageereen qorshaha Shariif Xasan ee madaxtinimada oo wadamada qaar ee beesha caalamka iyo kuwa deriska waxay markan leeyihiin xilka madaxweynaha Soomaaliya halagu tijaabiyo cid aan ahayn beelihii horey u soo qabtay ee “Hawiyaha iyo Daaroodka” taasoo Shariif Xasan laftiisu uu wax badan ku dooday, inkastoo waxbarashadiisa dood laga keenay.
Dhanka kale illaa toban musharax oo ka mid ah kuwa u tartamaya madaxtinimada dalka oo hadda ku sugan Muqdisho ayaa iyaguna wada inay sameystaan isbahaysi ay ku doonayaan inay ku wajahaan cadaadiska laga yaabo inuu kaga yimaado isbahaysiga uu dhisayo Shariif Xasan, waxaana musharixiintan ku jira qaar isku beel ah oo hadda wada sidii ay hal nin ugu tanaasuli lahaayeen si ololahooda uu u noqdo mid awood leh.
Si kastaba cida waxaan oo dhan go’aanka ka gaareysa ugu dambeyna madaxweynahacusub ee dalka dooraneysaa waa “275″ mudane oo cusub kuwaasoo ninkii iyaga kasbada, siduu rabo haku kasbadee uu xilka madaxweynaha ku guuleysan doono.

RBC Radio
Xafiiska Wararka Nairobi

Sikhs express shock after shootings at Wisconsin temple


A distraught women is helped to a car outside of the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sikhs have sometimes been mistaken for Muslims and targeted in attacks post-9/11

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Sikhs living in the United States have expressed their shock and fear after a shooting at a temple in Wisconsin on Sunday which left seven people dead.
Some community members could not believe what happened. Others said they had feared such attacks since 9/11.
A gunman entered the Sikh temple on Sunday morning and opened fire, killing six people and injuring a policeman.
A vigil for the victims was held in nearby Milwaukee as police searched the suspect's home.
FBI and bomb squad officers have surrounded the property of the alleged gunman in Cudahy, about 2.5 miles (4km) north of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple and evacuated local residents.
In total, seven people died in the attack in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee, including the gunman. A police officer and two other men were critically injured.
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is himself a Sikh, said he was "deeply shocked and saddened" by the attack.
"That this senseless act of violence should be targeted at a place of religious worship is particularly painful," Mr Singh said in a statement.
Muslim confusion
Officials have not yet identified the gunman or a possible motive, but Sikh organisations in the US say the community has been vulnerable since the 9/11 attacks.

Sikhism at a glance

  • Sikhism is a monotheistic faith founded more than 500 years ago in South Asia
  • Observant Sikhs do not cut their hair; male followers often wear turbans and do not shave their beards
  • The faith has about 27 million followers worldwide. There are up to 500,000 Sikhs in the US, where they have sometimes been confused with Muslims
  • In Sept 2001, an Arizona gas station owner, Balbir Singh Sodhi, was shot dead by a man said to be seeking revenge on Muslims for 9/11
"This is something we have been fearing since 9/11, that this kind of incident will take place," said Rajwant Singh, chairman of the Washington-based Sikh Council on Religion and Education.
"It was a matter of time because there's so much ignorance and people confuse us [as] being members of Taliban or belonging to [Osama] bin Laden," he told Associated Press.
"We never thought this could happen to our community," Devendar Nagra, 48, told Associated Press, "we never did anything wrong to anyone."
Sikhism hails from the Indian subcontinent and observant Sikhs wear turbans. Members of the community have been attacked in the past by assailants mistaking them for Muslims.
"That turban has tragically marked us as automatically suspect, perpetually foreign and potentially terrorists," Valarie Kaur, a filmmaker based in the US who has chronicled attacks on Sikhs, told the news agency.
Several hundred people turned up to an impromptu candlelit vigil in Milwaukee on Sunday evening for the victims of the shooting.
There are an estimated 2,500-3,000 Sikh families in and around the city worshipping at two gurdwaras and temples, including the Wisconsin Sikh Temple.
A man wipes away tears outside the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where a shooting took place on 5 August 2012 Distraught family members are still waiting for news in Oak Creek
Lakhwinder Singh, a member of the congregation there, told Reuters that two of the victims were believed to be the president of temple and a priest.
"It will take a long time to heal. We're hurt very badly," he said.
'Terrorist-type incident'
President Barack Obama expressed his condolences with victims of the attack, which comes just over two weeks after a gun massacre left 12 people dead at a Colorado cinema.
"As we mourn this loss which took place at a house of worship, we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by Sikhs, who are a part of our broader American family."
The US embassy in India said it was "deeply saddened by the senseless loss of lives and injuries" caused by the shooting.
"Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to the victims and their families," a statement said.
"The United States takes very seriously the responsibility to respect and protect people of all faiths. Religious freedom and religious tolerance are fundamental pillars of US society."
Local politician Mark Honadel called the attack "craziness".
The state representative told CNN: "Unfortunately, when this type of stuff hits your area, you say to yourself, 'why?' But in today's society, I don't think there's any place that's free from idiots."
Police have described it as a "domestic terrorist-type incident". The FBI are taking over the criminal investigation.
There was believed to be only one attacker, with eyewitness reports suggesting it was a white male.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Somalia's graveyard of grand and beautiful buildings


Blue sky above the cathedral
Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, has regularly been referred to as "the most dangerous capital city on earth", but as a degree of stability returns to the area, places of peace can be found among the physical destruction and human suffering.
The atmosphere changed completely when we entered the cathedral. Things fell quiet. It felt almost peaceful.
The nervous, frantic movement of people, animals and vehicles on the streets outside did not follow us. The hysterical beeping of horns fell away, as did the sound of gunfire.
My five Somali bodyguards - wrapped in long, heavy necklaces of brass bullets - did not spring into position around me. They bent their heads towards the smashed floor of the cathedral and walked alongside me.
It was Ramadan in Mogadishu - the holy Muslim month - and we were inside the remains of what had once been one of the grandest Catholic cathedrals in the whole of Africa, built by Italian colonialists in the 1920s. Its last bishop, Salvatore Colombo, was murdered there in 1989 as he was giving mass.

From Our Own Correspondent

  • Broadcast on Saturdays at 11:30 BST on BBC Radio 4, and weekdays on BBC World Service
I felt very tiny inside that building. Perhaps because the roof has been completely blown off, the walls of the cathedral seemed to stretch right up to the blue sky above.
Although we were in the carcass of a building, enough remained of the elegant stone arches and the shadows of crosses, for us to know that we were in a sacred place.
As we approached an outline on the floor where the altar used to be, taking care not to step in the human excrement dotted around us, the guards started asking me how the church worked. How Christians worshiped. How exactly did they pray?
As I explained how the priest administered bread and wine, we looked up. High above us, carved in the stone, was Jesus on the cross. Bullet holes scarred the carving, the colours faded and gone.
It was very different from the streets outside where people, optimistic about the new relative stability, are opening shops, their walls freshly painted with bright images of what is on sale inside.
St Francis of Assisi statue The cathedral's statue of St Francis of Assis had been damaged in the conflict
My guards were especially upset by the statue of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. His head had been blown off and the sheep around him were vague shapes of shattered stone.
Livestock is a mainstay of the Somali economy, and very dear to the hearts of Somalis. The guards were unhappy that representations of animals and their saint had been so horribly damaged.
In one corner was what looked like a pile of discarded cardboard and cloth. Slowly, I made out the figure of a man, so deeply asleep he seemed not to be breathing.
During the rest of my time in Mogadishu, the guards were always hurrying me along. As a foreigner and white woman I stuck out somewhat from the crowds, and they did not want any trouble. I was a potential target, so it was not wise to stay in one place for long.
But things were different in the cathedral. We took our time. All of us seemed hypnotised by the place and found it difficult to leave.
A guard in the cathedral Guards were fascinated by the grand ruins of the cathedral
One guard crouched down, lost in thought. Another stood still, gazing upwards past those majestic stone walls to the sky above.
We thoroughly explored the cathedral, every corner, every side room. We glanced down into underground spaces filled with blue plastic bags, rubble and the odd bullet casing.
Suddenly, there was bit of noise and movement. A sound of giggling. Two boys - completely naked - rushed in and emptied plastic jerrycans of water onto their bodies. Scrubbing themselves as best as they could, without any soap.
They then darted into a dark corner, emerging soon afterwards dressed in clothes so old and ragged they appeared to be rotting on their bodies.
Slowly and silently, an old man appeared.
"I fled here with my relatives two years ago. I came from the port of Merca, which was taken by the Islamists, by Al-Shabaab. "I wouldn't have survived under their rule," he told me. "I have no food. I have no water. The only thing I have is time."
He gestured out through one of the arches. Outside, in the grounds of the cathedral were small, tattered igloo-shaped dwellings. Made from bent sticks, and a patchwork of plastic, cloth and cardboard, lashed together with rope, string and quite a lot of hope.
Igloo-shaped dwellings A displaced settlement shelters in the cathedral grounds
I saw such settlements, of people forced from their homes, on almost every spare patch of ground in Mogadishu. Many Somalis have lived like this for more than two decades.
The cathedral stood in the part of town where the physical devastation was perhaps the most shocking. It is now a graveyard for what had once been the city's most grand and beautiful buildings.
I wonder if, now that things are starting to be fixed up in Mogadishu, it might be an idea to leave that cathedral how it is. As a quiet place. Somewhere for reflection. A reminder of the destruction humans can wreak.

Clinton in Kenya for talks on elections, Somalia

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 4 – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who arrived in Kenya on Saturday on the latest leg of her Africa tour, will use her visit here to urge local leaders to focus on ensuring a free, fair and peaceful General Election next year.
Clinton, who visited neighbouring Uganda and South Sudan on Friday, headed first into a meeting with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, which will be followed by talks with Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
Clinton is expected to discuss Kenya’s internal challenges, as East Africa’s economic powerhouse gears up for a March general election, the first since deadly post-poll violence four years ago.
She will separately meet Chief Justice Willy Mutunga and the Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende.
She will also hold talks with top Independent Electoral Commission officials led by Chairman Isaack Hassan at the InterContinental hotel from 1pm.
‘The Secretary will meet President Kibaki, Prime Minister Odinga, and other government officials to emphasise her support for transparent, credible, non-violent national elections in 2013,’ US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.
Kenya plunged into violence after the December 2007 election in which Odinga — then opposition chief — accused Kibaki as the incumbent president of having rigged his re-election.
What began as political riots soon turned into ethnic killings targeting members of Kibaki’s tribe, who in turn launched reprisal attacks in the country’s worst violence since independence in 1963.
Kibaki will not contest the next election.
Two presidential hopefuls, Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former minister William Ruto, face trial in April in the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity over the post-election killings, charges they deny.
They face counts including orchestrating murder, rape and persecution in the aftermath of the poll.
Clinton is later due to meet the outgoing leaders of war-torn Somalia’s transitional government, due to end later this month an eight-year interim period marred by infighting, minimal political progress and rampant corruption.
Ravaged by repeated droughts and over two decades of conflict, Somalia is torn between rival clans, Al-Qaeda linked insurgents and the Western-backed government, propped up by a 17,000-strong African Union force.
Kenya, which invaded Somalia last year before joining the AU force, is a key US ally and closely linked to Washington’s efforts to quash Islamist movements in the volatile Horn of Africa region.
One person was killed in a grenade attack in a Nairobi suburb late Friday, the latest in a string of blasts in Kenya since its troops invaded southern Somalia to crush extremist insurgent bases there last year.

Saudi Arabia: Soldier shot dead in Eastern Province



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A soldier has been shot dead and another injured during a clash with protesters in eastern Saudi Arabia, according to state media.
An interior ministry spokesman said that a security patrol was fired at by rioters on a motorbike in Qatif.
A protester was also killed in a firefight following the incident, according to news agency AFP.
The oil-rich Eastern Province is home to a Shia majority that has long complained of marginalisation.
Speaking to state media, Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki said the shooting took place at 11pm on Friday evening.
"A security patrol was exposed to heavy fire from four armed rioters on a motorbike when pausing at a street intersection in Qatif", he is reported to have said.
He named the dead soldier as Hussein Bawah Ali Zabani and the wounded soldier, who was taken to hospital, as Saad Miteb Mohammed al-Shammari.
AFP quotes Mansour al-Turki as saying a "rioter" had been killed in a firefight following the incident.
Last week, state media said security forces detained a number of protesters in Qatif after tyres were set on fire during an overnight demonstration.
Protests erupted in the region in March 2011 when a popular uprising in neighbouring Bahrain, which has a Shia majority and a Sunni royal family, was crushed with the assistance of Saudi and other Gulf troops.

Wife: Missing swimmer Raymond Roth 'faked death'


Evana Roth speaks at a news conference in Carle Place, New York 3 August 2012 Evana Roth said her stepson Jonathan may have known his father planned to disappear
The wife of a man who disappeared while swimming off the coast of New York has accused him of faking his own death.
Evana Roth said she had been planning her husband's funeral when she found emails from him to his son that suggested the disappearance was an act.
Raymond Roth, 47, went missing from New York's Jones Beach last week, triggering an exhaustive search effort.
He was found alive when stopped for speeding by police in South Carolina on Thursday, but was not arrested.
His current location is unknown, and no arrest warrants or charges have been issued.
The officer who gave Mr Roth a speeding ticket is said to have seen his name in a registry of missing people. Mr Roth told the officer he was bound for New York and he was allowed to continue his journey.
'Be nice'
Mr Roth was reported missing by his 22-year-old-son, Jonathan, after he went swimming and did not come back to shore on 28 July.
But now his wife of 12 years says emails she discovered on her home computer indicated that the two men were collaborating in a bid to stage his disappearance.
At a news conference on Friday, Mrs Roth distributed copies of the messages she found. One email instructed Jonathan to contact his father at a resort in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday evening.

Start Quote

Evana. What is going on? I just heard you have a press conference later. Be nice. Almost 15 years together”
End Quote Raymond Roth Text message to his wife
It said [all errors original]: "There needs to be a way to find out how things are going. Call me Sunday night at the resort. Go to a pay phone or borrow your friends phone. You must call within 15 minutes of the determined time to call in order to be sure I will be available."
In another email, Mr Roth said he needed money for the trip and asked his son to hand over a copy of his will to relatives.
"Tell uncle Bob I handed you the Lawyer papers - then you just noticed that there was an envelope with Uncle Bob's name on it. (the last Will and Testemnet then hand it to him - all of the paperwork)."
Mrs Roth says she contacted the authorities and some relatives after she discovered the emails, and received a call from her husband soon afterwards.
"I had no knowledge at all that he would do anything of this sort," Mrs Roth said.
Her husband recently lost his job, she said, and had increased the size of his life insurance and put their house up for sale.
Her lawyer said on Friday morning she received a text message from her husband, saying: "Evana. What is going on? I just heard you have a press conference later. Be nice. Almost 15 years together."
Jonathan, who is Mrs Roth's stepson, lives with the couple but has not been seen since Tuesday when he said he was going to stay with an aunt in New Jersey, the New York Times reported.
It is not clear if Mr Roth will face criminal charges as a result of the incident.

Vermont farmer in tractor crushes seven police cars


Sheriff officers walk past crushed cruisers at the Orleans County Sheriff's Department in Newport, Vermont on 2 August 2012
A farmer in the US state of Vermont who was facing a minor drugs charge is now in more serious trouble after driving a tractor over seven police cars.
Roger Pion crushed the county sheriff's cruisers on Thursday before making his getaway on the farm vehicle.
The 34-year-old was stopped by police in Newport city, northern Vermont, not far from the crime scene.
Sheriff's deputies were unaware of the destruction in their department car park until a resident called 911.
'Monster jam rally'
Orleans County Sheriff Kirk Martin said they were initially unable to give chase as their cars had been wrecked.
No-one was injured in the incident.
Rene Morris, who saw the crash, told a local news station: "I felt like I was in a monster jam rally or something.
"I just couldn't believe it, just backing up going over it, turns around makes his way to the other vehicles smashes those up."
Mr Pion was detained last month accused of resisting arrest and marijuana possession, said police.
He was in custody on Thursday evening, facing a number of additional charges.
Sheriff officers walk past crushed cruisers at the Orleans County Sheriff's Department in Newport, Vermont on 2 August 2012
A farmer in the US state of Vermont who was facing a minor drugs charge is now in more serious trouble after driving a tractor over seven police cars.
Roger Pion crushed the county sheriff's cruisers on Thursday before making his getaway on the farm vehicle.
The 34-year-old was stopped by police in Newport city, northern Vermont, not far from the crime scene.
Sheriff's deputies were unaware of the destruction in their department car park until a resident called 911.
'Monster jam rally'
Orleans County Sheriff Kirk Martin said they were initially unable to give chase as their cars had been wrecked.
No-one was injured in the incident.
Rene Morris, who saw the crash, told a local news station: "I felt like I was in a monster jam rally or something.
"I just couldn't believe it, just backing up going over it, turns around makes his way to the other vehicles smashes those up."
Mr Pion was detained last month accused of resisting arrest and marijuana possession, said police.
He was in custody on Thursday evening, facing a number of additional charges.

Coronavirus Is Battering Africa’s Growing Middle Class

From Kenya to Nigeria, South Africa to Rwanda, the pandemic is decimating the livelihoods of the once-stable workers who were helping ...