Saturday, 29 January 2011

Young man killed in Somaliland bomb blast

At least one young man was killed in a deadly bomb blast in the capital of Somalia's separatist region of Somaliland, Radio Garowe reports.
The explosion occurred Saturday afternoon in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland and Somalia's second-largest city.
Local sources reported that one young man was killed and two other men were wounded in the blast, which occurred outside of a stadium.
The young men, who were playing soccer, found the bomb and "played" with it before it exploded with deadly force, the sources added.
Somaliland security forces surrounded the scene of the bombing and police officials said there were investigations.
Some reports said a "group of men" in a car placed the bomb material near a garbage dump area outside of the stadium. The young men then began toying around with the bomb after that vehicle drove away.
Somaliland police have not commented publicly about this bomb blast, but Hargeisa is considered one of Somalia's most peaceful cities.
Located in northwestern Somalia, Somaliland unilaterally declared independence from the rest of the Horn of Africa country in 1991 but has not gained international recognition.

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