Friday, 29 April 2011

SOMALIA: Puntland president blames TFG for supporting killers, fueling internal crisis

By: Abdalle Ahmed
President of Puntland, Abdurrahman Mohamed Farole
BOSASSO (RBC) The president of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland Dr Abdurrahman Mohamed Farole has on Friday blamed the transitional government of Somalia for giving finance support to the criminals who kill the innocent people in Puntland, RBC Radio reports.
“We know that TFG had been providing finance support to the killers and also criminal functions to create insecurity situation in Puntland”, president Farole told reporters in Bosasso today after land trip from Garowe.
Puntland president said that some TFG leaders were supporting the Sool, Sanag and Ceyn [SSC] organization in Sool region and other politicians to separate from Puntland.
“They were funding the failed SSC group. They also invited other oppositions those their intention was only to destabilize Puntland” he added.
Abdurrahman Farole also condemned that TFG is misusing the international support which meant to secure the war torn country but instead TFG uses to fuel the internal crisis in some of Somalia autonomous states.
“It is unfortunate the financial support from international is being used as tool to weaken the existing states in Somalia”, he also noted.
Puntland leader, already cut off  ties with TFG also called for Somalia federal parliament to carry on national election as he rebuffed that current government could rescue the country.
RBC Radio

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