Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Somalia: Seven Apprehended in Central Region Security Crackdown

Galk'ayo — The security forces of Somalia's Gal-mudug state in Mudug region have apprehended Wednesday at least seven people accused of being gangs.
Moallim Isaq Ali Salad, the judge of Bandiradley court in Mudug region says that the gangs were arrested while they had been involved in robbing people and buses shuttling between the town of Galka'yo and parts of Mudug region in country's central region.
Mr. Salad has added that they were taken to the central jail in the region, noting that they would be put on trial as soon as possible.
Though, Gal-mudug administration is trying to assure the security of roads, in the night, gangs come to streets with the aim of robbing people and passenger buses

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