Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Declaration of Awdal State Rattled “Somaliland” Establishment

Mohamed F Yabarag
April 27, 2011

For a large number of Diaspora Awdalites, particularly those at below thirty-something of age, it seems the shelf life of “Somaliland” is over with the declaration of Awdal State in many parts of Europe and North America. Despite the claim that Awdal was the birthplace of Egal-Farah “Somaliland” in 1993, the fact always remained that a large number of citizens of these regions never took “Somaliland” at heart as one of theirs. In other words, the bulk of Awdalites have never believed in “Somaliland” as a viable state worthwhile supporting for eternity, even if one of their sons was at the helm of it for eight years. For many, it was more like a stop gap i.e. waiting for the birth of equitable Somali state that represents all Somalis. After all, “Somaliland” was created by SNM (clan militia) which waged a vicious and bloody war against the last central government of Somalia as well as clans regarded by SNM leadership as collaborators. This dealt a mortal blow to the Somali state, the consequence of which we are witnessing all around us.
Awdal communities are amongst those clans that heavily suffered at the hands of SNM clan militia after its rag tag and undisciplined army indiscriminately sprayed bullets into a civilian population in crowded towns and cities - including Borama and Dila which bore the brunt of this massacre - leaving their wake death and destruction.  Awdalites may have forgiven but they never forgot this terrible and dark episode.  There is a Somali adage: “Yeelaa wuu illaawaa, la yeelaase ma illaawo”, which roughly translates “the victimizer forgets, but it is difficult for the victim to forget”.
Dr. Mohamed Rashid, an Awdalite tasked to sell this fathom “Somaliland” project to the international community, must have the most difficult job around as there are many insurmountable hurdles to negotiate through, including Awdal State. He is likely to fail in his endeavor towards this cause the same way president Rayaale had previously failed to convince the international community that “Somaliland” is indeed an all-inclusive club for all clans in Northern Somalia.  The respected doctor must convince himself before he goes elsewhere.

Who is behind Awdalstate?

In spite of some Awdalite politicians and elders suggesting that only a small group of Rayaale supporters are behind Awdal State declaration, especially those currently serving under Ahmed Silanyo government, the facts on the ground in the region indicate the opposite.  For those following  the regional policies, it is a well known secret that a large number of silent Awdalites have had misgivings about the establishment of “Somaliland”, fearing that it will start the dismemberment of Somali state and create clan-based regional administrations that will benefit nobody but to those who fought for them. Evidently, they were not off the mark. Others believed that “Somaliland” was imposed on them against their will and therefore mContinued

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