Friday, 15 June 2012

Fake Tumaal Elder and President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed

We are writing this complain letter to bring to the attention of the Somali people and the international community that the President of Somalia HE Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has dismissed the traditional leader of the Tumaal tribe from the conference of the traditional leaders of Somalia. The sole reason behind this gross violation of the tribe’s right to be represented by their rightful leader is nothing other than to invent a fake stooge elder to bring in his own MP to rubber stamp the president re-election card.
The Tumaal Sultan Mr. Farah Ga’al Guled, took over the leadership soon after Sultan Ali…. Passed away in 2004 and has since been actively participating all functions of the Somali elders at National level. He had worked with President Ali Mahdi when he was chairman of the reconciliation process in 2004 and is registered with the Ministry of interior.
Sultan Farah Gacal Guleed was among the first elders housed by the government as there was no other person contesting his position. Last week, The Sultan was removed from his room by soldiers and thrown out on the street. When the community enquired about the mistreatment of the elder the Director General of the Ministry of interior Gen. Bashir Goppe informed us that the instruction of his removal from the list came from the President’s Office.
The President’s action which is negative intervention peels off whatever legitimacy left on Garowe Principles, Galka’yo Agreement and the Road Map. Somalia is a country that is coming out of protracted war and the above said agreements and principals were nationally agreed to serve as the guiding principles and the ground work to rebuild Somalia but it is most unfortunate to learn that the president is putting his re – election campaign before the interest of the nation.
We members of the Tumaal tribe condemn in the strongest way the uncalled for illegal intervention of the President in the internal affairs of the tribe. We appeal to the signatures of Road Map and the international community to intervene and stop our power hungry President HE Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed before things falls apart.
Somalia Tumaal Community June 14, 2012

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