Adopting Resolution 2232 (2015) - no extension

  1. Adopting Resolution 2232 (2015), Security Council Authorizes Ongoing African Union Deployment in Somalia, Extends Mandate for United Nations Assistance Mission
28 July 2015
“25.  Welcomes President Hassan Sheikh’s and the FGS’s commitment to an inclusive and credible electoral process in 2016, underlines the Council’s expectation that there should not be an extension of electoral process timelines for either the executive or legislative branches, and underlines the importance of implementing this commitment including through an inclusive process to agree on the model for the electoral process and ensuring that the National Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries and Federation Committee are operational without further delay, and emphasizes the importance of reconciliation across the country as the basis of any long term approach to stability;
“26.  Underlines the need to ensure progress in the constitutional review process without further delay in order to establish an effective federal political system and a comprehensive reconciliation process that brings about national cohesion and integration, and underlines in this regard the importance of supporting the peaceful and inclusive completion of the state formation process and providing effective mediation when necessary andencourages close dialogue between the Federal Government of Somalia, regional administrations, civil society and the Somali public in this regard;
“27.  Calls on all key actors and institutions in Somalia, including Parliament, to engage constructively to ensure progress on Vision 2016 before an electoral process in 2016;
“28.  Underlines the importance of governing in a spirit of national unity in an inclusive manner, in order to ensure no further delays in the political process;


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