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Hillary Clinton’s lack of motherhood instinct [Opinion] 8 Aug 8, 2009 - 6:41:24 AM

By Abdikarim H. Abdi Buh

Today’s meeting between the US foreign secretary and Sharif Ahmed at the American Embassy in Nairobi is just another slap in the face of the innocent Somalis who are sacrificed at the altar by the daily bombardment of AMISOM troops and the defeated TFG militia who are jointly bankrolled by America in furthering its insane policy of terrorism containment. It was not a meeting between a head of a state and a Secretary of a state but a briefing of an operative by his handlers. This was a prearranged public relations exercise intended to shore up the unfavorable image of American policy in the Horn that went wrong and made American policy a laughing stock – for reasons unknown to Somalis and the people of the Horn the Americans just become intellectually bankrupt when addressing the Somali question in particular and the horn in general.

The war in Somalia at this juncture seems superficially to the unseasoned eye like the previous civil wars initiated by the love of the international community to impose a foreign TFG on Somalis and propagated by the uncompromising international community’s blind love to win no matter how expensive is the human cost, black man’s blood has no value, but this time there is a healthy, national, native and disciplined resistance groups who are out there to reclaim what is their right – to break the cycle of civil wars, to save the country and its people once and for all from cheap, short - term, selfish and often destructive foreign interventions.
The wisdom of Hillary” medicine of fire is more fire”:- 80 more tons will just be right

The current defeated TFG can’t control even few blocks in Mogadishu without the help of AMISON occupation forces whose mandate is only known to the US that lets them go away unpunished with their daily indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas. These genocidal and terrorist forces have made a habit to distribute artillery barrage to the most densely populated districts of Mogadishu with the intent to murder the maximum number of innocent civilians when the Islamists forces are right at their faces – if this is not the worst terrorism act in history then I fail to understand the meaning of the word according to the newspeak/double standard of modern American politics.

Despite the generous funneling of weapons through Ethiopia and Uganda on top of the $150 million earmarked for AMISOM, Sheikh Sharif’s TFG stands to have no constituents inside the country and is seen to be losing the artificial credibility ,which it never hard at home, at a very fast rate. The mid June shipment of 40 tons from the US ended at the weapons and ammunitions market in Mogadishu as there are no willing soldiers to fight for the TFG and the coming 80 tons for sure won’t change an iota of the reality on the ground because the TFG really doesn’t exist beyond paper.

It is sad to learn that a mother who represents a country that prides itself as being the leader of the free world blatantly colludes in arming and financing notorious TFG militia who are famed for rape of women and children, killing of civilians, blocking food aid from displaced people and etc. The three Kilometers the TFG Militia operate in Mogadishu is where exclusively the most horrendous human rights violations take place and unfortunately the women bear the brunt of the wicked deeds of the men the US secretary of state is rewarding – rapists and social misfits should not be rewarded. It should be clear to every concerned individual, human rights organization in particular, that despite a lot of warning from within and without the continuation of this faceless unconditional American policy of support to the TFG is nothing more than a mass slaughter of the Somali civilians in a broad day light.
Let my people go: - give them the chance to mend their broken nation in their own way

Clinton said that the U.S. is concerned that "al-Shabab not only uses foreign fighters and foreign money but foreign ideas in its attack on the people of Somalia." Is the secretary confused TFG with al-shabab? I guess so! because the TFG is the one that uses foreign fighters, 6000 well armed AMISOM contingent and countless Ethiopian troops, gets foreign money of which the Brussels donation was the latest, always trained by AMISON and the American forces in Djibouti, in the latest foreign ideas of collective punishment and genocide cover up – a barbaric technique practiced and perfected in Mogadishu with impunity.

The negative propaganda churned out by the US media regarding Eretria is just an insult to the intelligence of the Somalis and the people of the region. It is the USA and Ethiopia who are militarily involved in Somalia since 1992 and it is a weird irony that they accuse Eretria in meddling in the Somali affairs. It is high time for America to realize that the time has come for it to wash her hands off Somali affairs because its policy failures is needlessly killing so many innocent children, women and elderly people at a rate not seen before unless America is on revenge mission of their humiliating withdrawal in 1993 "Black Hawk Down" incident in which two U.S. helicopters were downed and 18 servicemen killed.

On the contrary the Al- Shabab and the other Islamists in the opposition run and control most of southern regions including Mogadishu, with the exception of three Kilometers, with consent and produced efficiently the most after sought commodity – peace and tranquility- at a locally affordable and sustainable price. They managed to tame the war profiteers who used to make money out of expired medications and food stuffs by burning such products and fining the perpetrators heavily which served as a good deterrence against socially irresponsible business transactions – the burning of a shipload of expired flour last week in Mogadishu is the latest penalty. Al- Shabab is secretive organization for genuine reason but is continuously changing and revamping itself – the new white flag which signifies peace and their road rebuilding and street cleaning campaign in Mogadishu is just the first step. Robbery and killing of civilians by marauding gangs was stopped in its tracks with in no time after the gangs realized they have to pay a high price if caught – amputations of limps or death. Residents of Mogadishu and its vicinity have no worries about the drug stoned young gangs anymore and are quite happy to taste the fruits of the Islamist Sharia courts in practice. Civilians flee from TFG areas in their thousands to Al-Shabab and Islamists controlled areas which is in a stark contrast to what the American media is preaches.

Where the doomsday whistle blowers were when the gangs were raping and killing innocent civilians by their hundreds at will daily for eighteen years? Since when the infamous gang’s worthless life turned in to human rights abuse at the expense of their victims? Since when enforcing law and order in a lawless society at community level is labeled as extremism?

Thanks to Al-Shabab and the other Islamists the internally displaced people in and around Mogadishu are well looked after and no case of rape, robbery or killing was reported because no one, other than Islamist soldiers, dares to carry a fire arms in the area under their jurisdiction. The foot soldiers of the Islamists are people who have principles and conviction that can’t be corrupted or tempted by any material worldly gains and as such a paper tiger, America, can’t intimidate them – they are men with a noble mission who are prepared to sacrifice their life for the wellbeing of their country and religion.

The war of re- liberation of Somalia started in the Christmas of 2006 when the President Bush’s hired gun, Ethiopia, was given the green light to invade Somalia as their charismas present. When the Americans were bombarding from the air and sea and the Ethiopian troops chasing them on the ground those young Muslims who responded to Somalia’s hour of need were handful of volunteers equipped with no more than an AK47 and as such only contributed moral support as their number never exceeded at the height of the war more than three hundred fighters. To accuse AL- Shabab and the Islamists of using foreign fighters is completely misplaced, misleading and utterly irrational because most of the young foreign fighters are married to Somali women and as such can’t be called foreign unless America is resorting back to its racist history to coin a new abusive word to create segregation among the Somali people.
Conclusion and recommendations

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, welcomed Clinton's meeting with Ahmed, saying, "The Somali people are sick and tired of violence which has destroyed their lives."

Yes! The Somalis are sick and tired of violence but can the two Ahmed’s who fan and sponsor the fires of unwinnable war stay away from Somalia?

TFG is already defeated and confined only to the installations of AMISON troops but there is a chance to avoid unnecessary further bloodshed if Ugandan and Burundian regimes put their brothers and sisters interest at the top of their agenda instead of entertaining the interest of America in the competence of mercenary. The war which is about to start, as Sheikh Rage , the spokesman of the Islamists stated, will be aimed only at AMISOM troops, who are seen to have chosen sides– TFG over the opposition. AMISOM troops are in Mogadishu without clear mandate and as things stand they appear to be the major factor behind the ongoing burning of Mogadishu and as such are increasingly becoming a legitimate target in the eyes of the opposition.

The only way forward is for America to come up with a policy change and leave for the Somalis to sort out their country’s problem as military intervention and foreign sponsored TFG governments failed over the best part of the last two decades.

Abdikarim Haji Abdi Buh
Email: abdikarimbuh@yahoo.com

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