Sunday, 27 September 2009

Somalia: Al-Shabaab pulls out from strategic town

KISMAYO (Mareeg)—Al-Shabaab fighters have reportedly pulled out from Kismayo, a strategic port about 500 km south of Mogadishu after other fighters from Hizbul Islam group reached in the town, witnesses said on Sunday.

fighters armed with battle wagons led by Sheik Ahmed Madoobe former Kismayo governor under the Islamic Court Union reached in Kismayo and were deployed bases in the town.

Residents in Kismayo said al Shabaab leaders left the town and Hizbul Islam forces took over the control of their positions.

There has been dispute between al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam recently about the control of Kismayo. Sheik Hassan Turki the deputy leader of Hizbul Islam criticized al Shabaab after they have unilaterally formed an administration in the town.

Al Shabaab administrators including Sheik Hassan Ya’kub the spokesman of the administration left Kismayo and reached in Jamame town in the region.

There is no word from al Shabaab about the fall of Kismayo to the hands of Hizbul Islam fighters and also there is no comment from Hizbul Islam about the issue.

There is power struggle between the two rebel groups and they don’t have one agenda.

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