Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Somalia:Islamists dig big holes in Mogadishu key road

MOGADISHU (Mareeg) —Somalia’s Islamist rebels fighting against the Somali government and the African Union peace keepers has cut Warhadaha Street in Mogadishu by digging big holes inside the road, witnesses said on Tuesday.

Witnesses said the rebels cut the road near Jalle Siad Academy, a base of Burundian troops of the African Union peace keepers in Mogadishu.

The move comes after the African Union troops made reconnaissance missions in the rebel stronghold areas in the capital last month.

Residents said the rebels made trenches in the area and have also cut off the road that connects K4 area, abase of Ugandan soldiers and rebel held neighborhoods in Mogadishu.

Warshadaha is a key road that connects north and south of the capital. Most residents fled from the districts controlled by the rebels in fear of mortar shelling from the government and AU soldiers who fire back mortars to bases of the rebels when the rebels attack mortars to the presidential palace and other key areas held by the government.

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