A Preacher Man Muted by Witches in Eastern Uganda Regains His Power of Speech Miraculously

In the Eastern Ugandan District of Soroti, residents are still soul searching over a case in which witches muted a Preacher man for almost 3 years. The 28-year-old firebrand Preacher man had been touching the lives of many young people with his sermons and evangelism. By the time he went suddenly mute one Sunday in 2007 after a church service, he had built a large following of very committed Christians who would faithfully flock in his makeshift Pentecostal Church. He had the anointing for healing and many people were receiving their healing at his church.
The woes of this young preacher man started when the witches discovered that their clients were no longer visiting their shrines for treatment and divine consultation. Their wraths were further provoked when they learnt that this young Preacher man was always talking and praying against witches operating their shrines in the area. Their alarm grew when some witches started converting to Christianity and burning down their own shrines.
It was at this point that the most powerful witches in the area issued a serious ultimatum to the preacher man to stop interfering in the activities of witches or he would be punished. These pronouncements instead engineered a spiritual duel between the preacher man and the witches. To the amazement of Christians and the entire population in the area, the Preacher man just went mute one day after returning home from his Church. He could not talk but had perfect hearing and all attempts to consult medical doctors and speech specialists were fruitless.
Boasting about their powers to the Christians, the witches went further state that they would restore the speech ability of the preacher man if he accepted to disband his church and/or remove all Christian activities altogether from the area. The preacher man would not agree to these conditions so he preferred to use prayer to deal with the spell of witchcraft that muted him. Luckily for the Preacher man, a renowned Evangelist, Pastor Robert Kayanja visited Eastern Uganda in a healing crusade last week and he was able to restore the speech of the Preacher man once again.
He was able to speak for the first time in 3 years and everybody seemed happy to hear him speak again. The only people who may not be happy about this miraculous healing are the witches themselves. We hope, they will this time, leave the youthful preacher man in peace.


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