Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Bomb scare forces Malaysian Airlines plane to turn back to Melbourne

Bomb scare forces Malaysian Airlines plane to turn back to Melbourne
A Malaysia Airlines flight en route from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur has been diverted back to its point of departure, after a “disruptive” passenger tried to enter the cockpit.
The plane turned back after its captain “was alerted by a cabin crew [member] of a passenger attempting to enter the cockpit,” Malaysia Airlines said in a statement
According to some media reports citing passengers, the man in question was holding an “electronic frequency” device or claimed he had explosives.
The Flight MH128 then successfully landed at Melbourne Airport. Malaysia Airlines said the disruptive passenger was detained by airport security.
The airport was placed on lockdown and all flights were suspended while the flight waited for security assistance, local media reported.
The man who tried to enter the cockpit was reportedly subdued by other passengers, according to social media reports.
In an air traffic control audio recording obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, the pilot can allegedly be heard saying: "We have a passenger trying to enter the cockpit."
Some three minutes later, he said the passenger was "claiming to have an explosive device, tried to enter the cockpit, [and] has been overpowered by passengers."
"However, we'd like to land and have the device checked," the pilot added.

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