Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Dubai Municipality scotches plastic rice rumours

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Filed on May 30, 2017

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Call on 800900 and 8000555 (Abu Dhabi) to dispel doubts

In response to a rumor circulating in the social media channels regarding plastic rice being sold in Dubai markets, Dubai Municipality has clarified that there is nothing in the market known as plastic rice and it is only a figment of imagination.
Iman Al Bastaki, Director of Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality pointed out that the report lacks credibility and it is insignificant. 

"Reports like these are issued from time to time to question the safety of food available in the emirate's markets. All types of rice available in Dubai markets are natural. Though high or low quality types of rice are available; they are within the approved specifications," she said.

"There is no plastic rice in our markets. If it is there, it is easy to detect by sensing it or during cooking or adding any materials such as butter or oil, which will easily turn into a plastic mass by heat. The Municipality therefore urges consumers not to spread misleading and unrealistic rumors," added Al Bastaki.
She said the municipality devoted a large force of observers and inspectors in all areas concerning the protection of public health and food.
The official clarification comes within the "Confirmed News" initiative launched by Dubai Municipality, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumors that are spread through the means of social media and to correct false news and malicious rumors and address them quickly.

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