General election 2017: Polls and latest odds tracker

Ashley Kirk
UK general election polls and odds tracker
Labour continue to narrow the gap on the Conservatives with one YouGov poll putting them within five points of Theresa May's party.
The closing stages of the election have been rocked by the terror attack at Manchester Arena that killed 22 people on the evening of May 22.
Political campaigning restarted on Friday after being suspended in the wake of the attack. Prior to the attack Labour had been gaining on the Conservatives, albeit with a healthy deficit still left to overcome.
UK General Election 2017 polling
Some early polls had the Tories at almost double the vote share of the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, indicating that the most likely outcome would be a landslide victory that would increase her party’s current working majority of 17 in the House of Commons.
Theresa May's lead has dropped from 17.8 points to 10.5 since she called the election on April 18.
While the pollsters still give the Tories a clear lead, the apparent impact of early campaigning will be a concern to party headquarters, and a boost to their rivals.
Some experts had estimated that the Tories would take as many as 56 seats from Labour, leaving them with a 200-seat lead over the official opposition party, aided by Ukip's apparent collapse in popular support over recent weeks.
Conservative polling lead
A healthy Tory majority is still on the cards, but Labour now look set to win more of the vote than they did under Ed Miliband in 2015. Theresa May won't be worried yet, but alarm bells will ring if her lead continues to narrow.
Follow how the race is shaping up with The Telegraph's poll tracker, which looks at national voting intention from individual polls.
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