Ethiopia - Internal Revolt

The action of few can seem as the yearning of many. However, given the proper scrutiny one will soon discover the lone perpetrator conspiring against region five of Ethiopia.  It is not the act of Ogaden but the violation of a lone wolf in search of spoils in the desert. We must not view this breach of human consideration as the wishes and endeavor of tribal conquest. Our follow Somalis are as much of a victim of this erratic behavior as all of us. It is within our collective voices and common interest lies our strength and victory. It would be highly unlikely to believe that the deliberate and intentional action of MR. Abdi Mohamud Omar will not have long term adverse consequences in Ethiopia. The people of Ethiopia must understand that no man is an island and therefore if region five sneezes Ethiopia will surly catch the flue of mismanagement and abuse of power. To simply ignore the majority of the population and side step the constitution as well as traditional customary etiquette is simply unacceptable. Power grapping and redistricting as means of consolidating power is nothing new in Africa. It has not worked before and I can assure it will not work now.
  I am certain by now MR. Abdi have heard the voices of the people regarding his political miscalculation and I would add nothing new to the discussion except a repetitive narrative of past events. However, it would be remiss of me if I did not attempt to add my perspective to the current catastrophe.  The identity crisis of the region is a direct result of a political policy that has marginalized the people of region five since the era of emperor Menelik’s time.  Every ethnic group in Ethiopia thinks and strongly believes that they have inalienable rights to play an integral part in the future of Ethiopia given the opportunity. On the other hand Somalis in region five have this sense of indifference toward greater Ethiopia of course to no fault of their own, with the exception of Mr Abdi and Mahamoud Dirir. To truly understand Mr. Abdi action one must step back, take a deep breath and try to figure out what motivates this gentleman and how he formulates his political thoughts. One also must revisit past events that has taken place in other regions of Ethiopia in order to make sense of this transgression. It is what the great Somali thinker Hareed Obsiye calls “RESIDUAL RISK” the consequences of power vacuum, which is far more dangerous then dictatorship. The regional leaders for years deprived people with skills and common sense from participating in the effort to build a durable regional government. We have been bestowed upon by virtue of their political suffocation MR. Abdi Mohamud Omar and his Monkey sees Monkey do policies.  
The preservation of harmony and justice should be the utmost concern of the great gentlemen and the followers of his misfortunate should not assume that they will benefit from his injustice acts. The peril of his act and the encouragement of his allies will not suffice nor can act as counterbalance to justice and democracy. The source of many in the region great discompfort does not come from the belligerent act of MR. Abdi but the explicit sanctioning of his political decree by the federal government.   Under the continuance of these antagonistic deeds the federal government remains silent.
Internal Revolt
Eastern Europe had the orange revolution; North Africa has the Arab uprising in progress. We the people of region five are seeking, demanding and yearning for our own revolution. We are NOT seeking for a revolt of the masses fueled by years of neglect, deprivation and of intrusive abuse. We are asking for a revolution that comes from the internal souls of our leaders fueled by consciousness of the mind, awaking by justice and peace through the vehicle of liberty and guided by democracy.  We pray to God that they are awaken by the bright lights of justice from their deep dark subconscious of dictatorship. For they shall be embraced for their noble act of repentance and welcomed deep into the bosom of the people, for they love the sinner and reject their sin. I hereby declare the name of our revolution as the act of virtue.  We can only emancipate the ailing hearts diseased by intolerance and ignorance through the science of love, that great maternal love evident in the acts of the morbid mind of a child.  It is the unmitigated love which does not travel through the channels of reasons to cleanse its self of objectivity, the love that carries virtues of customs, tradition and humanity, immune to the ills of society and is immeasurable in results.  We pray to God to direct his Son to the path of righteousness and humanity.
Oh our fearless leader, do not mistaken our love for the acceptance of your error ways and tolerance for your misdeeds. The love which we show is a natural love that bonds a mother to her child. It is natural reaction of the anorexic mind to view the pain and suffering from your misguided policy as an unconditioned love, for all that which is in human. Bear in mind our son the separation of love and hate is but few vowels of adjective and minor transgression apart. The delicate balance of the two shall determine the harvest of prosperity and the famine of the starved soul.
If there is lack of immediate reversal of your unwise policies so shall the people process the delivery of their love through the channels of reasons and justice. The metamorphosis soul of the human if fed unnatural emotions can unfold the blind eyes of justice to all that is evil and destructive.
We ask that you abandoned your errors ways and adversarial thoughts in your conscious. Let it be cleansed by the love for your people and embrace this opportunity to reconnect with the wishes and the aspiration of your love ones.  We ask for the beginning of your internal revolt against that of which is evil and uncustomary to the laws of God. We pray for the guiding lights of our ancestor to show you the path to fairness and justice.
Allow your people to rest under the tree of your accomplishment which the bears the fruits of peace, justice and blown by the winds of heaven are the leaves of democracy grown by compromise and compassion.

Peace and Milk
Diriye H. Abdilahi


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