Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Draft Constitution will deepen Somalia’s crisis

While the persistent political squabbles among the leaders of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) are the hallmark of dysfunctional and corrupt regime,  the ongoing dispute over the Draft  Constitution deserves  attention, scrutiny and comment. The externally-driven Constitution-Making Process will deepen the Somali crisis, will perpetuate the chaos and massacre in South Central Somalia and finally will obliterate Somalia as a country.
This controversy is continuation of the political crisis that started when former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, successfully usurped the position of Parliamentary Speaker. At that time, I contended that the purpose of the move might be related to future passage of questionable legislative acts like the Constitution in dispute and other legal acts that would compromise Somalia’s sovereignty, reconciliation and stability. It looks as the situation evolves to the predicted direction. Read More

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