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The case for public uprising against TPLF rule in Ethiopia

The case for public uprising against TPLF rule in Ethiopia

By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji - “TPLF cannot be reformed”: For quite a while this statement was posted on the page of an opposition website. Since the wave of revolutions hit the Arab world, several despot regimes have been reforming their policies and changing their political discourse. Like the rest of them, the TPLF was given an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and reform itself and its destructive policies. Unfortunately, the above statement hold its own truth- now it is certain that the TPLF cannot be reformed and the regime change has to come through the wave of public protest.
On February 23, 2011, Al Jazeera reported that the captured mercenaries in Libya came from South Africa loaded by Air Bus. Among the mercenaries captured are Ethiopian passport holders. There is no proof, so far, that the Ethiopian government supplied these Ethiopian mercenaries. We probably will never find out if Mr. Zenawi’s hand is in this mess. This could be the Ethiopian version of “Black Ops.” The regime could send its mercenaries to Libya and could deny any involvement and any knowledge if the mercenaries are captured. There are circumstantial evidence and a clear motive for the Zenawi regime to support the crack down in Libya. If the revolution in Libya succeeds, this would be another example indicating that once the people over come their fears, they will go the extra mile to succeed. It would be in the interest of Mr. Zenawi to continue to instill fear in the hearts of the Ethiopian people; and to convey a clear message that the public uprising could be stopped by brut actions.
Gaddafi and Zenawi were close allies during TPLF’s rebellion period; and their friendship continued after the TPLF took power in Ethiopia. When the whole world is condemning Gaddafi for his brutal act against his own people, Meles hasn’t said a word so far. Like Gaddafi, Meles is counting on our ethnic division. Gaddafi’s son made it clear that there are no political parties in Libya and the country is divided by tribe. He vowed that there would be blood shade and civil war among the tribes in Libya. Fortunately for Libya, the people have wised up and have chosen to unite as Libyans.
On February 21, 2011, CNN’s Anderson Copper conducted a very interesting interview with a man named Mustafa. Mustafa said “before I was ashamed to say I am Libyan, my tribe came first; today, I am proud to be a Libyan.” He further stated that “when you talk to people in Benghazi, people say, I am Mohammed, the Libyan, Abdela the Libyan, and so on.” Today in Libya, the nation came before any tribe. To the dismay of Gaddafi and his brutal children, the people of Libya are united and they are showing their pride and determination as Libyans. The other interesting development is the level of defection not only by the Libyan military but also high level Libyan government officials. Libya’s ambassador to the United States, Libya’s deputy representative to the United Nations; Libya’s ambassador to Kuwait, and Libya’s Interior Minster resigned and joined their people to oust Gaddafi and his cohorts from the back of the Libyan people.
It is no secret that Zenawi and his apologists are counting in our ethnic division and hoping that we will never unite. Even the European diplomats have told Routers news agency that the Ethiopian opposition is too divided and too weak to galvanize any street protest. As we have seen time and again, the Westerners are more interested in keeping their puppet in power than any serious concern to the ordinary people. If any thing, the revolution in North Africa has proved to the world how the Westerners are out of touch with the ordinary people; it is clear that they care more about the cheap oil they get than any human dignity. For years, the US and its allies knowingly and willfully allowed the suffering of ordinary people simply to protect their own selfish interest. We need to count on our own people if we want a regime change. This revolution must be coordinated and every effort must be made from in and out side of the country to make it peaceful and nonviolent.
There are reports that this writer has received indicating that SMNE is working at a grass root level in Ethiopia. Let us work with SMNE and provide the necessary support. A movement also has begun on Face book to coordinate the revolution in Ethiopia. All the movements have to be coordinated so we can have an effective uprising that would bring the desired change in our nation. Although there is no evidence, we know deep in our heart that Meles is supporting Gaddafi by supplying him mercenaries. If Meles is capable of such horrendous crime, we know that he will unleash everything he has got on our people to sustain his despotic rule; thus, we must plan everything carefully. I will live the coordination inside the country to SMNE.
What could the rest of us do? Our first task should be to engage in letter writing campaign asking Diplomats and stuffs working for the Ethiopian embassies and consulates offices all over the world to submit mass resignation and disassociate themselves from this brut regime. Next, we should write letters to all foreign embassies and head of States demanding that they severe diplomatic ties with the Ethiopian regime. In the letters we should list the crime committed by the regime and the allegation that Mr. Zenawi is supplying mercenaries to Gaddafi. We should also make a coordinated effort to inform the General US and European population the support their regimes are giving to sustain a brutal regime despotic rule in Ethiopia.
We should also write letters to UN Human Rights Commission demanding an investigation regarding the allegation of Zenawi’s support to Gaddafi. Should the Commission find any evidence, we demand that Zenawi and his associates be charged for crime against humanity. We should stop excluding the military from this movement; we should ask that the military take side with the people. After all, their comrades did not die to crown Mr. Meles to be “a King of Ethiopia.” Their comrades gave their lives for freedom, justice and democracy. We should convey a clear message that their fate is with the rest of Ethiopians. We should also condemn any attempt to lament Tigryans with the regime. We need to recognize that the people of Tigray are also victims of this brutal regime. This is not Tigre V. the rest of us; this is Ethiopians V. Tyranny. We don’t need exclusionist elements in this movement. We have one thing in common, above anything, we all are Ethiopians and act accordingly. We should all respect our religious and ethnic differences and come together as Ethiopians to get rid of the tyrants that are leading us towards destruction.
I would like to ask, all Ethiopian civil servants, particularly diplomats and staff members of Ethiopian embassies and consulates to stand with your people. Begin the revolution by submitting your resignation. Be brave, your country is calling you and your people need you to stand with us. For whatever reason, you have served this evil regime for too long. Before the 11th hour gets here, I respectfully ask you to make history and to say we will no longer serve a brutal regime. I ask you not to continue to stand with mercenaries who have suffocated our people for too long. Make history by saying no and by demanding that the regime in Ethiopia respect human rights and the rights of our people to be governed by their consent. It is time to shift the paradigm and give power to the people. Ladies and gentlemen, the lingering question is, are you with us or with the tyrants? Ask yourselves if you should continue to serve a government that allegedly providing support to a brutal regime that bombs its own people. Ask yourselves if you should continue to serve a regime that is killing our people slow and painful death. Ask yourselves, if you should continue to serve a regime that denied the Ethiopian people their God given rights. Ask yourselves if you should continue to serve a regime that mercilessly massacred, burned, and uprooted its own people. Ask yourselves, when the time comes, if you should stand at the side of the fence with Meles and company or the rest of the Ethiopian people. Ask yourselves, if you should continue to serve a regime that has vowed to “cut the fingers” of its own people. Ladies and gentlemen, the time to vacillate is over, the time to decide in now. RESIGN YOUR POSITION NOW AND BEGIN THE REVOLUTION! Join your people. Enough is Enough!

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