Sunday, 17 November 2013

Police get a 999 call from a cat, literally

Police get a 999 call from a cat, literally
Police reacted quickly when there was silence on a 999 call.
But after battering down the front door of the house from where the call was made, officers realised who was to blame – a cat named Bruce.
The kitten was home alone while his owners were at work, and probably wanted some attention.
While pawing at the house phone, he somehow managed to contact the emergency services. Once police arrived at the London flat, their fears were heightened by the sound of shrieking from inside. It turned out to be Bruce, fighting with his feline flatmate Audrey.
After solving the mystery, police waited for James Cocksedge to come home so they could explain what happened.
The 33-year-old said: ‘Since we had the landline installed Bruce always rushes to answer the phone when it rings. He’s also fascinated by the buttons, which he loves to press.

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