South Africa's 'stolen staircase' mystery explained

  • 22 May 2015
  • From the sectionAfrica
residents using stepladder
Residents are using ladders to get home
South African officials have denied that an external staircase on a block of flats had been stolen, after a photo caused a stir on social media.
A widely-shared picture claimed the stairs had been stolen but it turns out they had been deliberately moved.
"The old staircase will be replaced with new stairs," councillor Peter Rafferty told local media.
He said residents of the now famous block in Eldorado Park south of Johannesburg, had been relocated.
But some residents told the BBC they had moved back because the work has taken so long, and they are resorting to using ladders to get into their homes.
Mr Rafferty said the renovations in Diamant Street were nearly finished.
A new staircase has already been installed in a nearby block, local media report.
Twitter grab
The "stolen staircase" photo was widely shared on social media


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