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EuroMillions lottery winner: UK ticket scoops £93m

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EuroMillions machine
A EuroMillions ticket bought in the UK has won a jackpot of £93,388,943, lottery operator Camelot has confirmed.
The prize - the biggest in the UK this year and the sixth-biggest ever in the country - has not yet been claimed.
A Camelot spokeswoman said: "We await a claim and, of course, have plenty of champagne on ice ready for our latest EuroMillions multi-millionaire."
The winning numbers in Friday's draw were 5, 8, 10, 11 and 37, with Lucky Stars numbers of 7 and 9.
The jackpot had not been won since 26 May.
Chris and Colin Weir
Chris and Colin Weir won the biggest ever UK lottery prize
EuroMillions began in 2004 and the biggest prize in UK history was £161m, won by a Scottish couple in 2011.
Chris and Colin Weir, from Largs in Ayrshire, said they were "tickled pink" when they realised they had won the record-breaking prize.
The couple gave large donations to several causes, including £1m to the SNP's campaign for Scottish independence.
There was also a Thunderball draw on Friday, but no one scooped the £500,000 top prize or the £5,000 second prize - and the biggest prize won was £250.

Top UK jackpot winners

  • £161,653,000 - Colin and Chris Weir from Scotland in 2011
  • £148,656,000 - Gillian and Adrian Bayford from Suffolk in 2012
  • £113,019,926 - anonymous, 2010
  • £107,932,603.20 - Neil Trotter from Surrey in 2014
  • £101,203,600.70 -Dave and Angela Dawes, Cambridgeshire in 2011
  • £84,451,320.60 - anonymous, 2010
  • £81,381,673.30 - anonymous, 2013
  • £73,205,659.50 - anonymous, 2014
  • £56,008,113.20 - Nigel Page, Gloucestershire, 2010
Tropical islands
The winners would be able to afford a tropical island in each one of the world's oceans
The unknown winners of the £93m are now in a position to buy everything from private islands to superstar footballers.
Here is a look at some of the luxuries on which the millionaire ticketholder could splash their considerable winnings.
  • Friday night's earnings could be put towards staging a mini Formula 1 race for the winner's enjoyment. The estimated cost of building an F1 car ranges from £6m to £9m, allowing them to host at least a 10-car race with some change left over.
  • Commercial space trips would also be within the financial orbit of the winner - 581 trips to space, to be exact. Virgin Galactic hopes to launch paying customers into the stratosphere in the next few years, charging £160,000 per ticket.
  • A private island on each of the world's oceans is another investment they could make. Options include a sandy paradise off the coast of the United Arab Emirates for a reported £11m and a 100-acre island near Fiji in the South Pacific for £2.8m.
  • A number of the world's most expensive jets would fit on to the shopping list, including a £41m Gulfstream G650 - currently one of the fastest private business jets on the market, which is equipped with a full kitchen and bar.
  • The services of Welsh footballer Gareth Bale were snapped up by Real Madrid for roughly £85m in 2013, meaning this lucky winner theoretically has the money to commission his talents.

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