Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Workers Found Vandalizing Check-In Devices Face Law

‘Elderly Care Draft Law Nears Completion’

KUWAIT CITY, June 2: Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs and Director of Investigation Department at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Abdulatif Al-Sanan has urged the employees of the ministry to refrain from damaging the fingerprint machines which are considered as public properties, reports Al-Rai daily.
In a press statement, he said the ministry trusts its employees, and that any employee who has an issue with the fingerprint machines must check with the Administrative Affairs Department.
Dr Al-Sanan stressed that the ministry will not show leniency towards anyone who damages public properties, adding that he hopes all employees will refrain from doing so in order to avoid legal penalties. Meanwhile, confirming recent report about the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor completing a new draft law for the elderly, which also contains a proposal to establish a public authority for elderly affairs, the ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Dr Zaki Al-Suleimi said four new draft laws relating to social care for the elderly and mechanism of regulating the activities of NGOs, charitable organizations and volunteer works is near completion, reports Al- Nahar daily. Al-Suleimi added the draft law for the elderly includes punitive texts up to imprisonment term against those violating the rights of the category.
He explained the Fatwa and Legislation Department has concluded reviewing the draft law for charitable activities, and the bill organizes the mechanism of operation by charitable foundations, licenses, activities of NGOs inside or outside of Kuwait, and the collection of donations. He explained the bill bars interference in politics or sectarian and tribal conflicts that harm the national unity. It also bans meddling in the affairs of other countries.

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