Tuesday, 1 February 2011

List of TPLF Companies Under EFFORT

List of TPLF Companies Under EFFORT
Companies with investment capital of < 20,000,000 Million Ethiopian Birr
Company Name Year Est.(EC) Capital HQ Board Chairman
Selam Transport 1995 10,000000 Birr Mekele Arkebe Ekubay
Segel Construction 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Araya Zerihun
Mega Net Corp 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Alemseged Gebreamlak
Hitech Park Axion Association 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Shimelis Kinde
Fana Democracy plc 1995 6,000,000 Birr Mekele Negash Sahle
Express Transit 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele G/selassie Gidey
Ethio Rental Axion Association 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Atkilit Kiros
Dilate Brewery 1995 15,000,000 Birr Mekele Kahsay TewoldeTedla
Dessalegn Caterinary 1995 15,000,000 Birr Mekele Dr, Maru Erdaw
Addis Consultancy House 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Sibhat Nega
Birhane Building Construction 1995 10,000,000 Birr Mekele Bereket Mazengiya
Total Capital 116, 000,000 birr
Companies with investment capital between 20-49 Million Ethiopian Birr
Company Name Year Est (EC) Capital HQ Board Chairman
Sheba Tannery Factory Axion Assoc. 1995 40,000,000 Birr Wukro Abadi Zemu
Meskerem Investment 1995 40,000,000 Birr Axum Tewodros Ayes Tesfaye
Africa Insurance Axion Association 1995 30,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Yohannes Ekubay
Global Auto Sparepart 1995 26,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Teklebirhan Habtu
Experience Ethiopia Travel 1995 26,000,000 Birr Mekele Tony Hiki
Addis Engineering Consultancy 1995 25,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Arkebe Ekubay
Hiwot Agriculture Mechanization 1995 25,000,000 Birr Mekele Yohannes Kidane
Berhe Chemical Axion 1995 25,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Rahwa Yebegina Fiyel Export 1995 25,000,000 Birr Mekele Yassin Abdurahman
Star Pharmaceuticals 1995 25,000,000 Birr Mekele Arkebe Ekubay
Tesfa Livestock 1995 20,000,000 Birr Mekele Yohannes Kidane
Total Capital  307,000,000 Birr

Companies with a paid-up capital of >50.000.000  Million Ethiopian Birr 
Company Name Year Est.(EC) Capital HQ Board Chairman
Almedan Garment Factory 1995 660,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Mesfin Industrial Company 1995 500,000,000 Birr Mekele Arkebe Ekubay
Mesob Cement Factory 1995 240,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Almeda Textile Factory 1995 180,000,000 Birr Mekele Abadi Zemu
Sur Construction 1995 150,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Arkebe Ekubay
Trans Ethiopia 1995 100,000,000 Birr Mekele Shimelis Kinde
Dedebit Saving & Loan 1995   60,000,000 Birr Mekele Atkilit Kiros
Ezana Mining Development 1995   55,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Tewodros H. Berhe
Addis Pharmaceuticals Production 1995   53,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Abadi Zemu
Tana Trading House Axion Association 1995   50,000,000 Birr A.Ababa Sibhat Nega
Total Capital  1,868,000,000 Birr
Companies that did not make their paid-up capital public
Ambassel Commerce Dinsho Share Company Tigrai Tagai Association Brook Chemical Share Company
Dashen Beer Factory Express Ethio Travel Service Tigrai Development PLC Computer Networking Technology
Amhara Meleso MaquaQuam Berhan Building Construction Star Pharmaceutical Importers National Electromechanical
Saba Emnebered Guna Trade Services Biftu Dinsho Oromia Credit Bank
Adwa Flour Factory Wendo Trading Shala Advertisement National Geo-Textile
Trans Ethiopia Tikal Agri Tigrai Wegagen Bank Alage Forest Products
Sebhat Nega PLC Addis Transport Walta Industry Martha poultry
Dima Honey Processinf plant Zeleke Agricultural Mechanization PLC Tikur Abbay Transport Beruk Tesfa Plastic Factory
Aberdele Animal Export Company Maichew Particle Board

These 66 companies are owned and managed by ethnic Tigreans
*Some Board Chairmen might have moved within the parastatals
*The amount shown on the tables above are initial start up capitals. The total networth of the parastatals has quadrupled.



Anonymous said...

all those woyane organisations are established with money collected from either from donated to aid people starved or collected from the people of ethiopia particularly from amhara and oromia

we know that one day they will not scaped from justice like Benali of Tunisia or Mubark of egypt

g/ hiwot said...

long live to the people of ethiopia and death to woyane regime and its cadres who are eating the people!

amedo said...

it is a matter of time they will pay to the people what they have taken to the people!

Anonymous said...

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