Thursday, 6 September 2012

Arab countries responsible for bloodshed in Syria: Egyptian president

Cairo, Sept. 5 (Xinhua-ANI): The Arab countries were responsible for the bloodshed in Syria,Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said Wednesday, calling on those countries to act quickly.
"The Syrian regime still has the chance to stop the violence... We should help the Syrians to avoid civil war and prevent foreign military intervention," Morsi added.
Morsi made the remarks at the opening session of the Arab League's (AL) 138th regular meeting of foreign ministers, which began early Wednesday at the AL headquarters in Egypt's capital of Cairo.
The Egyptian president promised that all Syrian students in Egypt will be treated the same as Egyptians rather than foreigners.
He added that the quartet of contact group for resolving Syrian crisis, initiated by the Egyptian side, will start its work and it welcomes anyone who wants to share the responsibility.
Morsi was the first Egyptian president delivering a speech in the opening session of the AL in recent years.
The meeting is set to discuss the latest developments of the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian bid for the UN membership.
Besides, the meeting will also tackle the situations in Sudan and Somali among others, in addition to searching ways for Arab common cooperation. (Xinhua-ANI)
Source: Xinhua-ANI

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