Thursday, 27 February 2014

Syria – US Vs Assad for Retaliations on SNC Delegates

Syria – US Vs Assad for Retaliations on SNC Delegates:  The US State Department issued a note (27.02.2014 – Washington) blaming the Syrian Government for retaliating against representatives of the Syrian National Coalition who took part to the recent Geneva 2 Peace Conference. According to the sources available, the Syrian police have put under arrest a number of family members of the SNC delegates in Geneva, while other sources suggest the Syrian authorities have seized assets of those negotiating at the peace-talks in Switzerland. As no date for the continuation of the peace-talks is established, the Syrian authorities continue in their effort to eradicate terrorism, and claim they have successfully killed today 175 militants associated with the Al-Nusra Front (in western media, often named simply “Al-Qaeda”); the militias that were taken by the regular forces, were attempting to open a channel to access the besieged eastern side of Damascus (video with dead bodies of Al-Nusra fighters?).

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