Uganda – “Anti-Gay” Laws Impact Turn International

Uganda – “Anti-Gay” Laws Impact Turn International:  Media and official sources confirm (27.02.214) that Denmark, Norway and Sweden are considering the cancellation of any state aid to Uganda in view of the adoption, in Kampala, of the so-called “Anti-Gay” Laws (signed on 24.02.2014), with the possibility for other international donors to follow. Virgin Group Ltd is also considering a business boycott against Uganda. The US Secretary of State, Kerry,  issued a note  (27.02.2014 – Washington) comparing Uganda’s legislation on homosexuality to anti-semitic laws in Nazi Germany or Apartheid in South Africa. The full text of the law is available here (mindful: very strong language). The South African Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a note (26.02.2014) specifying it will be seeking clarification,n through the existing diplomatic channels, on the developments from many capitals around the world regarding the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexual and intersex persons worldwide.


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