Tuesday, 25 February 2014

USA – Military Budget To Shrink

USA – Military Budget To Shrink:  The US Secretary of State for Defence outlined (24.02.2014 – Washington) the Government plans for a reduction in the US Defence Budget for the FY2015. According to the proposals made, the US Army may be reduced to its smallest size in 74 years (Washington Post & Video). President Barak Obama is due to present the official plans to the US Congress next week; according to the sources available, the rationale of the cuts is that the US Armed Forces will no longer be sized to conduct large and protracted ground wars like Afghanistan and Iraq. The US Defence Secretary, Hagel, specified that the low-budget scenario allows the deployment of well-trained troops, but may not allow commitments to multiple conflicts. The US Congress will ultimately be responsible for the implementation of the President proposals, and therefore the details of the budget cuts will be finalized in the coming months (See Reuters).

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