Ukraine – President Yanukovych Arrest Warrant & Escape Route:

Ukraine – President Yanukovych Arrest Warrant & Escape Route:  The Ukrainian Interior Ministry issued (24.02.2014 – Kiev) an arrest warrant (link - Ukrainian News Agency) for President Yanukovych. According to the sources available, on February 22 President Yanukovych left Kiev for the city of Kharkiv, intending to attend a party meeting there, but then left the location for the Donetsk international airport, where he, his staff and bodyguards boarded two private Falcon jets; he was stopped by the local border police, who did not allow the airplanes to leave the airport. President Yanukovich then left Donetsk and moved to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, spending the night in a private sanatorium – where he was given the news on the appointment of Oleksandr Turchynov (22.02.2014), President of the Ukrainian Parliament, as Interim President – he therefore left Crimea to reach the Belbek airport, where the Acting Interior Minister Avakov and the head of Ukrainian Security Services, Nalyvaichenko, were awaiting his arrival – Former President Yanukovich then left the airport area and reached a private residence in Balaklava, before moving forward to an unknown location (follow President’s Y escape route on this map). Speculations suggest Yanukovich may have reached Russia.


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