SOMALIA: AMISOM shelling kills religious clerics in Mogadishu

By; Abdalle Ahmed
Mogadishu (RBC) Well known religious cleric died while other four people were wounded after AMISOM shelling targeted big mosque in north of Somalia capital, Mogadishu.
The shelling started on Saturday evening after Al-Shabab fighters attacked bases of the African Union troops [AMISOM] in Huriwa and Karan districts.
Witnesses told RBC Radio that fighters of Al-Shabab came towards AMISOM bases and begun firing which resulted heavy artillery shelling.
The overnight shelling targeted Alhidaya mosque, the largest centre for Tablik group in Mogadishu.
“We were at the mosque at 7.PM we heard heavy shelling from AMISOM bases. Unfortunately we missed one of our beloved friends called sheikh Andirahman Tabaru.” Sheikh Hussein Yare a member of the chairing committee of Alhidaya mosque told RBC Radio.
Two young students attending the mosque’s education centre were also wounded in the bombardment.
“We could not confirm whether the mosque was the exact target of AMISOM.” Sheikh Hussein added.
There are no comments from both AMISOM commanders and Somali government officials in Mogadishu yet.
Many of Mogadishu residents remember in 2008, when Ethiopian forces in Somalia stormed and slaughtered 80 civilians including the Imam of the mosque.
RBC Radio


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