Friday, 27 May 2016

Boda boda rider murdered by passengers avenged

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– A couple was killed after being found with a weapon that had killed aboda boda operator in Meru town
– The two were flushed out as they tried escaping to Nanyuki and lynched by an angry mob
– The two had also stolen the deceased’s motorcycle
A couple was lynched by boda boda operators in Meru County after they were suspected of killing a boda boda rider who transported them.
According to Citizen news, the couple were believed to be part of a three man gang that killed Denis Mukuna and made away with his motorcycle on the night of Tuesday, May 24, 2016.
Mukuna’s body had deep cuts on the back on his head that matched a weapon the dead couple had been caught with.
“The two men were flushed out of a public service vehicle heading to Nanyuki town and drugged to Gakoromone Market where they were beaten and their bodies set on fire,” published Edaily on Friday, May 27.
Wison Kirimi, the chairman of boda boda riders in the town said the lynching of the couple should serve as a warning to motorcycle thieves.
The police however cautioned the public to be vigilant and report robbery cases without taking the law into their hands.
Lynching has always been the go to punishment for thieves caught in the act by the public.
Mobs have been known to target anyone who goes against the fray.
Earlier this month, Kirinyaga governor Joseph Ndathi escaped by a whisker after an irate public turned on him for slowing down development in the county.
Other victims have included pastors who have been caught with people’s wives, petty thieves in the street and sometimes, organization leaders who stop people from fighting for their rights as was in the case of the matatu association chairman during the recent strikes.

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