Police to reveal which of two weapons killed Jacob Juma

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– Police have found the weapon that killed city billionaire Jacob Juma
– This was after the examination of the bullets found in his car where one was found to match a weapon ceased from a recent criminal bust
– The police continue their investigations after 28 people recorded their statements
Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet has said the weapon that was used to kill city billionaire Jacob Juma has been found.
According to a statement released to the media, examinations into the bullet shell casings from an AK-47 rifle later found in his vehicle were found to have been from a weapon they have in their possession.
“Examinations of two similar weapons recovered during recent encounters with criminals indicate one of them could be the murder weapon. This could therefore lead to the arrest of the murder(s) of the late Jacob Juma,” read the statement.
The police also confirmed that they had taken statements from 28 people so far, up from the initial 20 who had been lined up.
They included his widow, Miriam Wairimu, a number of girlfriends, the owner of the tow-truck vehicle that removed the deceased’s car from the crime scene and Karen police station officers.
Jacob Juma was killed on Thursday, May 5, 2016 on his way home in Karen from a bar in Westlands.
His death was touted to be controversial because he had been exposing government scandals on his social media sites on Facebook and Twitter.
He exposed scandals on the Eurobond, National Youth Service Scandal and  the National Cereals and Produce Board scandal among so many others.
The opposition coalition, CORD, said he was murdered because he was vocal on exposing corruption in the government and was about to blow the lid off on the KSh 250 billion Eurobond Scandal.
It was also claimed that he had been killed elsewhere and his murder scene staged. Police however denied links to the murder after their mishandling of his body and evidence of the crime came to light in the media.
Image: Facebook/Jacob Juma


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