Chelebei girl tells of illicit love affair with bodaboda rider

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– Earlier this month, a head mistress at a girls’ high school in Bungoma County revealed that 20 girls were pregnant by boda boda (motorcycle) riders
– went a step further and found out that male youth in the region had taken up initiatives to raise awareness among teenage girls on the consequences of early sex and pregnancies
– also spoke to a teenage who was once a victim to the seductions of the infamous public transport operators, here is her story
Earlier this month, a girls’ high school in Chelebei, Bungoma County revealed that 20 of its high school girls had been found to be pregnant after coming back to school from the holidays.
Following the reports, a young man by the name Bill Solomon Juma contacted to express his displeasure and embarrassment at how easily the young girls from his home town easily succumbed to seduction by boda boda riders.
They had been found to be the main culprits in these early pregnancy cases.
As a member of a male youth group that used sports to raise awareness about dangers of having sex too early and the disadvantages of early pregnancies, Juma then introduced us to a young teenage lady who had been a previous victim after being seduced by a motorcycle rider.
Here is her interview.
My names are Dorcas Chemei and I live in Chelebei. I met a boda boda driver who sweet talked me into a lot of things and I let him because he promised me a lot of goodies and that he would marry me as soon as he paid dowry for me.He however said I had to finish my education first and I had no problem with being in a relationship with him if that was the case.
He even promised that he would pay for my college education and I let him into my heart because here was a man promising me a good life considering the poor background I came from, and still do.
Unfortunately I got pregnant after I missed my periods and went to the clinic to confirm my suspicions. I told him about the pregnancy and he started avoiding me.
My parents eventually knew about us and the pregnancy but could not do anything to him even though he still operated his business in the area.
I sought him out constantly only for him to finally escape to Uganda because we are close to the border and we haven’t seen him since. It is normal here for Kenyans to commit crimes and then run to Uganda to avoid prosecution.
I even wanted to commit suicide but I couldn’t go through with it. I left school because of the shame I felt as well as the constant ridicule from teachers.
My parents got fed up with me and my situation, and then sent me away to live with my grandparents who readily accepted me.
They eventually calmed down and warmed up to the idea of me having a child. They brought me back home with them. I now run a small business to support my child as well as mu family.
I want to go back to school but there are no finances to pay for fees. There is still some disagreement in my family over who would pay for my education. My parents or the man who impregnated me.
So now, we have reported the man to the authorities and there is a man hunt going on to locate him so that he can take responsibility for us.
We hope the system will work for us as opposed to where culprits pay something small to be let off the hook for offenses they commit.
Bill Juma had previously told that nothing tends to be done against culprits who engage in sexual activities with young children, and that it was taboo for matter sex to be discussed in their community.
“The girl will in the end have two options open to her. She either drops out of school, have her baby and return to school or drop out permanently if her family and society turns against her. She will have to fend for herself,” explained Juma.
Image: Nation Media


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