Foods that will boost a man's erection

Ramenya Gibendi 1 day ago 43503
– Its arguably every man’s wish to have and maintain a longer and stronger erection during intercourse but for some reason, many fail at this crucial moment
– For many men, the prospect of ‘going soft’ is a real concern yet there are few things that are as shameful as ‘going soft’ in the middle of the road.
– According to researchers thus, there are foods that are strongly recommended, perhaps some are already known but here is the list.

1. Coffee

The caffeine boost in a cup of Coffee no doubt boosts your metabolism rate. It also gets the heart pumping faster and harder, which is exactly what a man needs for adequate sexual performance. It will make you achieve and sustain an erection for long.
The caffeine in Coffee also increases endurance by releasing fatty stores, according to studies, which gives a man energy to last an entire night when the going gets tough.

2. Pork

To have your member upstanding and pointing in the right direction for longer, your neurons need to be well co-ordinated.
What else other than vitamin B1 found in Pork? If you deslike Pork that much but still want to achieve the same result, Vitamin B1 is also found in Beans and wholemeal bread.

3. Wine

Yes, wine, especially red wine has been found in studies to be a great source of antioxidants that help open up the arteries by producing nitric oxide.
Like Viagra, nitric oxide makes one’s arteries to expand considerably only that the blue pill results in the expansion of smaller blood vessels around a man’s genital area.
Wine thus has the effect of expanding both the arteries and smaller blood vessels resulting in longer and harder erection. The trick is to however stick to a few glasses as too much of wine will have a negative effect.

4. Porridge

Now very few like it but porridge from wholemeal grain has fiber which help to mop up cholesterol from one’s blood stream.
This keeps the blood stream smooth and stretchy ready to handle the usually high pressure blood flow around the genital area during sex.
Porridge is thus good for men who want to avoid going soft when the road gets tough and they need to adjust

5. Bananas

Besides Vitamin B which gives one energy and reduce stress, Bananas also contain hormone serotonin,potassium responsible for production of sex hormones and bromelain, a libido boosting enzyme which also improves blood circulation. This according to medical journals.
Most men have an erection problem every now and then depending on what they ate before sex or what constitutes their diet or better still, one’s health status.
It is however most common among older men as, according to studies, they are usually suffering from other health problems which impact on their reproductive systems.


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