4 robbers shot dead after kidnapping woman in Nairobi CBD

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4 robbers shot dead in Nairobi, see amount of money they had stolen from a victim

– A gang of four robbers who have been kidnapping city dwellers and demanding ransom from them and family members is killed by a special unit of the police force 
– Police say that an AK-47, a pistol and several rounds of ammunition are recovered after killing the four near Nyayo Stadium roundabout 
– The incident occurred soon after the thugs kidnapped a woman from the central business district, confiscated her ATM cards and withdrew cash using them 
– It is reported that the thugs had contacted her family, demanding KSh 100,000 as ransom
Police officers drawn from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit (SCPU) on Sunday morning, May 22, 2016 killed four suspected robbers after trailing them from the city centre.
According to the city police boss, Japheth Koome, the criminals had earlier on Saturday kidnapped a woman within the central business district and demanded KSh 100,000 ransom from her family.
They confiscated her bank ATM cards, and had already withdrawn a part of the ransom from the accounts and released the woman, by the time they were slain near Nyayo Stadium around midnight on Saturday.
According to Koome, SCPU officers swung into action soon after getting reports of the kidnapped woman from the family members.
It is said that the criminals had kidnapped other victims from the city centre, reportedly people who were leaving an ATM machine before robbing them.
“Every victim who came to report of being kidnapped gave out descriptions that matched the slain men. They had even taken hostage a woman and withdrew cash from her account through an automated teller machine,” said Koome as reported by the Standard.
There were at least six such cases reported.


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