DUBAI - Football coach molests boy, threatens to post nude pics

Marie Nammour (Senior Reporter)/Dubai
Filed on April 28, 2016 | Last updated on April 28, 2016 at 06.34 am

Defendant's mobile phone was found to contain inappropriate photos of teenagers

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A football coach, who allegedly molested a 15-year-old schoolboy in the back seat of his car after threatening to post his nude pictures on a social networking site, has been charged in court.
The 35-year-old Indian man, who is a salesman, is believed to have sexually assaulted the boy, also Indian, and forced him to perform a sexual act on him.
He is also accused of seducing the boy by sending him inappropriate photos. 
The defendant's mobile phone was found to contain inappropriate photos of teenagers which he would allegedly take and then use to blackmail the boys. 
He denied in the Court of First Instance charges including sexual assault, blackmail, inciting a teenager to commit an immoral act by sending him inappropriate material using the Internet and keeping inappropriate photos of teenagers to use in blackmail.
"No, I did not do that. Nothing of all of this happened," the defendant claimed in court. He claimed the seized phone, in which the nude photos were found, was not his. 
The case was reported at Al Qusais police station on October 22 last year.
The boy said he met the defendant on Facebook about four months prior to the incident. The defendant used to train the boy and his friends on playing football. "He would drive us and then drop us back," said the boy.
He said the incident took place when the defendant dropped his friends and he was left alone with him.
The accused forced the boy to take off his clothes, said the boy. In the back seat of his car, the coach made the boy perform a sexual act on him and then sexually assaulted him after threatening to circulate his photos on Facebook.
The boy could not leave the locked car and he "felt very scared".
Once done, the coach told him to put his clothes on. He then threatened to post the boy's nude photos online if the boy informed anyone.
The salesman reportedly willingly admitted to the police to having molested the boy and other teenagers as well. "He would seize the opportunity to molest the last boy to stay with him after dropping the others. He admitted he would use the boys' nude photos to blackmail them," said a police lieutenant during the investigation.
The officer said the defendant's mobile phone contained many indecent photos of the children he coached.


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