Dubai - Man sneaks into villa, tries to rape housemaid

Marie Nammour/Dubai
Filed on May 9, 2016 | Last updated on May 9, 2016 at 06.26 am

He pretended to be the newly-employed gardener to the maid.

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A Pakistani man allegedly molested a housemaid and tried to rape her after intruding into her sponsor's villa, the Court of First Instance heard on Sunday.
The 35-year-old man is believed to have pretended to be the newly-employed gardener to the Sri Lankan maid.
The latter, who believed his claims, let him inside and was about to give him the work tools when he allegedly attacked her.
The incident allegedly took place on January 20, last year when the defendant sneaked into the villa where the maid worked in Al Barsha. The defendant, who is believed to have infiltrated into the country, pleaded guilty in court to charges of attempted rape and trespass.
The 25-year-old maid said it was the first time she ever saw the accused on that day. "He was in the backyard and he claimed he was the new gardener. I let him work and as I went inside he followed me and asked for a broom."
In her statement during the investigation, she added that the man then followed her to the kitchen outside and locked the door. There he forcibly took down her trousers and molested her. But he could not rape her as she put up a struggle.
A policeman quoted the accused as saying that he went to the kitchen to have a glass of water and there he only hugged the maid.-


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